Vortaire Adralus Gnarus is a nefarious hero of the Alliance. Known for his brutal tactics in warfare and his cold, outward emotionless when dealing with anyone. It is said that Vortaire would sooner see all the soldiers of the Alliance die before an orc set foot in Stormwind.


Vortaire was born in a time of strife in the Southern lands of Azeroth. As the Old Horde death machine marched upon Stormwind, and the great city toppled to the ground. His home was faced with the juggernaut that was the orcs. Lines would have broken if it were not for the arrival of the paladins, as well as the Lion of Azeroth himself. Vortaire did not participate in this war, his mother taking he and his sister to Dalaran to hide them from the Horde. For the great bastion of mages could never be breached by such beasts. After the orcs were broken by Turalyon and Lothar, he and his family remained in Dalaran.

As his father fought alongside the men of Lordaeron and the newly rebuilt Stormwind, Dalaran found peace in the lull of the war. Until ebon wings filled the sky, and the cries of dying mages blossomed in the night as Deathwing's brood aided the orcs in securing a device of immense power, though many paniced, the mages maintained an air of calmness. Vortaire's father never returned from Southern Azeroth, almost none of the men had. Reporting he and others had gone through to stop the orcs, once and for all, when the portal was destroyed.

Vortaire found himself a student of the arcane in Dalaran, learning to become a mage from Archmage Modera. He was of age by the time of the Third War, and was amongst the mages contributed to the defense of Lordaeron. He sent his mother and sister, though she wanted to fight alongside her brother, down to Stormwind, having taken over the mantle his father left for him. He would soon join them, Arthas' betrayal, and the fall of Dalaran had him fleeing into Hillsbrad, and into Southshore where he took a refugee boat to Stormwind. Lordaeron had withstood countless inner wars from the Kings, and remained whole. A war with furious green demons, and remained whole. The great kingdom finally fell through patricide. By Arthas Menethil "Kin(g)slayer".

Vortaire lived with his family in Stormwind for a time before journeying off on his own, primarily after his mother's death and his sister joining a group known as the Argent Dawn to become a great paladin. He would receive news later that his sister had apparenly died when trying to negotiate a peace treaty with the Forest Trolls of the and Plaguelands Quel'thalas. Trying to secure greater aid in the war against the Lich King. Though this only came from the words of a Forest Troll messenger saying "she would neva be seen again."

Vortaire would later join with a band of friends, surprisingly three of them being Horde; an orc, tauren and blood elf. As well as a dwarf. They went on adventures and even faced down a fearsome Dreadlord named Eriticus, who sought to bring about his own Scourge. A relationship soon evolved between Vortaire and the blood elf, Li'rael. The band would soon part ways, though the dwarf, Burin, and the tauren, Lunura, were apparently spending their time in Booty Bay. And the orc, Ogrun, spent his own time in Outlands, apparently in Nagrand.

Vortaire and Li'rael would have two children, Ren'dal and Ne'endal, a son and daughter, and Vortaire would take on an apparentice, at the age of thirty-nine, named Van'nal, another blood elf.

Though his life came to an end when a Horde raiding party struck his home in southern Elwynn. Van'nal and Li'rael were lost in the fight, he was struck unconcious, and he has presumed his children dead. The raiding party was apparently a rogue group, through he didn't know this. He just knew that the Horde had brought him great pain already, and even greater pain now.

His adventures in Northrend would further the rift. Though he watched the battle of Angrathar the Wrathgate, and saw the fall of Horde and Alliance. He assumed it was a failure on the Horde's part to realize these plague bombs were effective against the living as well as the dead. He was not near enough to hear Putress' words of triumph. Only staring in horror and sorrow as Bolvar fell. Journeying to Varian with the news, was hard for he and those who accompanied him. All rode on mount, heads downcast and eyes filled with sorrow, rimmed red with tears as they gave the report of the Highlord's fall.

Only the proclamation of revenge, stirred the hearts of he and the others. The battle for the Undercity was the first step. The destruction of Putress sated much anger, finding Thrall and Sylvanas topped it. Just as the battle was about to be joined, though, Jaina arrived. Ripping away he, the king, and all the others who wanted a chance to rip Thrall and Sylvanas to pieces.

Now that the battle has escalated, Vortaire has become a High-General in the Alliance. Some refer to him as the "Iron General", for his garb and the outward emotionless he treats everyone with when not in battle, and the hositility that takes him over when fighting. Just like a sword, when not being used it is peaceful, harmless. When in the heat of the battle it is a slashing, quick, devilish implement.

Truly Dead?

Though he had adventures in Outlands, he never found his father there. Though he heard of hints from some men that many veterans were allowed to return home to find their families. Which might mean that Maxwell does still live and is searching for his family.

Vortaire's sister, Amanda, is thought to be dead like his father, though the words the Forest Troll gave seem to indicate that she might yet live and is amongst the Forest Trolls. As prisoner or guest, no one can guess.

His children are also presumed to be dead, though their bodies were not amongst the dead when Vortaire awoke. Which could mean they are out there.

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The possibility exists that all four of his presumed dead family members are in fact alive. He has heard of an old veteran living in Dalaran who is looking for his lost family. Though this could be any soldier from any of the wars. He has also heard of organized Forest Troll attacks against the Scourge infesting the Ghostlands and the Plaguelands, seemingly wielding the Light against the fearsome undead.

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