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Well. I'm 15 years old teenager from Finland, and have played WoW for... what, 3-4 years now. Besides school and WoW, I usually do... um... well, eat and sleep. Usually I edit smaller articles, and I'm trying to update old ones. Overall, I'm a normal wowwiki user.
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My Great Wow Tactics

Found one day this ol' notebook. Appearantly i had written some ideas down. Here they are. Beware, i dont have any idea if they will work. Please put message on Discussion Page if they do/wont work.

  • No. 1 (Tagged Stealthrun)
  1. Druid gets in trouble.
  2. He uses Invisibility potion/Gnomish Cloacing Device/other that kind of item.
  3. Since he's out of combat now, he can use Swift Flight Form. It's instant cast so you have at least 3 seconds headstart to the enemy, since mounts have 3 seconds (soon 1,5) cast time. Probaply the enemy is so WTF'd so he wont notice you flying away.
  • No. 2. (Tagged Aggro Funnel.)
  1. For example, in 10-man raid there are 3 rogues. Rogue 1 uses Tricks Of Trade to Rogue 2.
  2. Rogue No. 2 uses it to Rogue no. 3
  3. Rogue 3 uses it on main tank.
  4. Now all Rogues and MT Should have the 15% damge boost.
  5. In addition, all aggro should transfer throught rogues to MT. Possibly. Maybe. Or not. Not likely. Suppossibly.
  • No. 3. (Tagged Digenscape)
  1. In PvP, hunter is getting Pwned, and tries to run.
  2. When the Rogue (For example) is on his tail, he uses Disengage.
  3. If skilled enough, he might be able to do 180 degree turn, use wing clip and maybe Swifness Potion/Nitro Boosts.
  4. Rogue is left WTF?'ing the missing hunter, who is running to the sunset with his good 'ol Busco. (okay okay, macro fails and rogue backstab's the hell out of the Hunter...)
  • No. 4. (tagged Boom-o-run)
  1. Hunter gets scrooged at WG. He hits Goblin Rocket Helmet he preared. (Nitro Boost's melfunction may also work.)
  2. While he's at his flight's highest point, he uses Diseengage.
  3. Becouse of the hight, disengage wil throw you far far away.
  4. Remember that parachute cloac or noggenfogger elixir may prevent you from splatting to the street from 100 yd height.

My contributions

WTF is contrbution?


My own macros

Mammoth form for Druids

    • +800% armor
    • Frost damage taken reduced by 60%
    • Immune to Stun, Disorient and Knockback effects and most of movement impairing effects
    • Movement speed reduced by 50%
    • Can carry 3 passangers

This is ment to be more like a "real life" (Or whatever...) Tank, used to transport people. It could also have couple mammoth spesific abilities like:

    • Stampede: Stuns all enemies around the caster for 2 seconds and deals minor damage. 20s CD
    • Tusk swing: Knocks all enemies in frontal cone of the caster 10 yards away. Deal minor damage. 2 min CD
    • Dash: Increases your movement speed by 70% for 10 seconds. 30 s CD

To prevent Druids from using this to escape in BG the mana cost could be 60%-80% of maximum mana.

Mankrik's Wife

When Cataclysm hits, Barrens will be ravaged. The question is, what will happen to Mankrik's wife? If they are going to remove her, they would also remove a great part of th World of Warcraft history. Marnkirk's wife is a legend. Almost as big as Barrens chat. My point is, that they could remove the body and create a rare spawn, Ghost of Mankirk's Wife. Like Time-Lost Proto Drake, it would spawn very rarely and for a very short time. If someone would be lucky enough to talk to her, the adventureer would recieve a great reward. Finally the phrase "Where is Mankirk's wife?" would not be just a joke.

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