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Darlah is a Forsaken Warlock on the Horde Faction of Steamwheedle Cartel US.

Darlah Nore Edit

  • Affiliation: Horde, Void-Spawns.
  • Gender: Female.
  • Race: Forsaken.
  • Age: Roughly 26 in Human standards.
  • Height: Roughly 5' 6.
  • Relatives: Darvina (Sister).
  • Employment History: Voidmistress of Andorhal, specialized destruction magus.
  • Nickname: Darl, Dar.

Darvina Nore Edit

Physical Description Edit

Darlah Nore Edit

Darlah is possibly the most pathetic sight one could ever see. Even seeing a beaten kitten corpse could not stack up to how pathetic this raggedy corpse is. She often wears black or red, though she has no real reason for it. She often has some very sharp swords and knives hidden in the ripping flesh that balances carefully on the brink of falling off at any time. Her eyes are bright yellow, magically lit, giving her sight. She always has a smile on. It is also common knowledge among the people she has met that she has no feet. They were tragically consumed by a fellow forsaken when said forsaken asked to eat them politely. Darlah was unable to say no. The lack of feet does not bother her, though, as she will often rip them off of someone else's corpse and shove her ripped stumps into them.

Darvina Nore Edit

Darvina is most clearly inhuman. Her feet are easily visible hooves, she has dark purple wings flapping out from her backside and two extremely sharp horns jutting from her forehead. She is very much a succubus, but has a bit more self-respect. Instead of the suggestive leather bodice, she has on dark purple robe, not unlike that of a Scryer. She does carry the normal black-whip of the succubi, but that is "for practicality only" as she has stated. Darvina looks much like Darlah in some respects, though her demonic mutation has formed her to become much less of a sister, and more of a servant.

Affiliation/History Edit

Darlah and Darvina were sisters in the city of Andorhal for many, many years. They grew up together in the Academy of the Flame, a small school for aspiring magi. Darlah and Darvina both excelled in their studies, but Darlah was the one to go on further in the path of the magus. Darvina left the school not too long after joining, and became the apprentice of an Andorhal warlock. Darlah frowned up Darvina's studies, and a wedge was beginning to be sledged into their relationship. Eventually Darvina became a Voidmistress, one of few in the underground shadow societies of the human kingdoms. With Darvina's help, Darlah also was admitted, though very barely.

They prospered for a long time, as being in control of society was surprisingly prosperous. The voidmistresses controlled and divided to society whenever it fit their needs, using the darkest of mind-tricks against foolish masses. Eventually, though, the mistresses raised the ire of the Scourge - the Cult of the Damned in particular - and Andorhal was razed. During the fires, Darlah and Darvina were seperated. Darvina, in the heat of the moment and on the brink of death, teleported herself to an unknown legion plane, and was not seen for many, many years. Darlah, on the other hand, was abruptly killed by some savage ghouls. That is the very day the hawk owl appeared.

After the razing, all of the voidmistresses were no more. Darlah's corpse was dragged off to a rickety grave and buried alongside her other family. In front of her grave that year, a tree grew. And since then, every day, a black as night hawk owl would watch her grave. This, for some reason, kept necromancers away. Whether it killed the ones that did approach or hid the graveyard from view somehow is unknown, but the Nore Graveyard was never pillaged.

Eventually, as the Dark Lady's power spread, Darlah was summoned. Surely she would recall at least some of her dark wizardry and follow the Lady's forces to fight back the Scourge? No. Just no. Though awakened, she retained little, and even forgot about Darvina for a time. Even odder still, she believes everything is a dream.

One night, in Brill, her soul was abruptly stolen. Darlah was extremely passive about this, and allowed Konibavka, the void-druidess, to take it. In turn, Darlah was made into one of the void-spawns, a sister to few. She made friends with most of the void-siblings, but not all.

She has recently remembered about Darvina, and summoned her back to this world. Darvina, though, was freakishly mutated during her visit to Legion-land. She will not speak of it, and is quite infuriated whenever someone banishes her, or calls her a demon.

Darvina now seeks but one thing - retribution against the Legion. Darlah, on the other hand, only wants to wake up and continue being a fire magus.

Her Methods Edit

Darlah Nore Edit

Darlah nearly always tries to keep out of combat, but if her "kitty" (Konibavka) is in danger, she will do anything to stop the pursuit. It usually comes to throwing knives, burning people's hair and making the sky rain fire and magma, but it is still help. Sometimes.

Darvina Nore Edit

Darvina, on the other hand, does much more actual combat. Her whip is razor-sharp and agile, and her nails are extremely viable to be used as daggers. Even her tail could knock someone out if used correctly, and her horns are a good defensive tool. Unfortunately, Darvina is quite a coward, and would sooner fly to Teldrassil before she would take a second hit. It works well, usually, though. Darlah distracts and Darvina trips people.

Out of Character Information Edit

Due to me being hung up with other things, I've retired Darlah. Might return eventually, but for now, no.

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