This is a fight against two Wardens, guarding powerful treasures called the Rune of Flame and the Rune of Frost. The wardens, the Fire Warden and the Frost Warden, get their powers from their respective runes.


Both wardens have 130% movement speed, are immune to CC and movement impairing effects, have a melee swing of 3.0, and are immune to their own type of damage.

Fire wardenEdit

  • [Power of the Flame Rune]—Physical damage dealt deals 100% of the physical damage as fire damage, fire damage done heals caster for 100% of damage, and flame spin has a chance of making the target catch on fire. passive, active during all of the encounter.
    • [On Fire]—Fire damage dealt every 3 seconds to you and allies within 5 yards of you. Allies who get damage dealt from this ability gain this debuff as well.
  • [Flame Spin]—Deals damage to all enemies within 40 yards. 10 sec. channeled. Can only be avoided if within 1 yard of him or further than 40 yards away from him.

Frost WardenEdit

  • [Power of the Frost Rune]—Deals Frost Damage each second to enemies within 40 yards. Melee swings create a Frost Patch on the floor. passive, active during whole fight.
    • [Frost Patch]—Deals Frost damage and adds a stack of Growing Cold to players standing inside every second.
      • [Growing Cold]—Deals Frost damage every 3 seconds and reduces movement speed by 10% per stack. stacks to 10. Lasts 20 sec. Refreshed by any Frost Damage taken. If it reaches 10, triggers...
        • [Frozen]—Unable to perform any action. Deals Frost damage to you and allies within 5 yards of you each second. broken by dpsing it. When broken, reduces Growing Cold stacks by 5.


Despite On Fire and Growing Cold dealing increasing damage to the raid, this damage can be avoided, and so it is a battle for survival, not a DPS race. This is very healing intensive, and needs two healers per group of 5. The wardens use the same tactics throughout the fight.

For the Flame Warden, it is a tank and spank with heavy damage and slight self-healing until the first Fire Spin. That's when things get tougher. Melee must move right on top of the Flame Warden to avoid damage, and ranged must move out of range (max range for typical ranged spells is 40 yards). If you get the On Fire debuff while running out, don't run towards anybody, even if that means taking the full blow of Fire Spin. The healers can heal a single player inside the Fire Spin, but they can't handle a whole handful of people having the On Fire DoT.

The Frost Warden technically casts no spells. He has a passive buff on him that triggers a spell that triggers a debuff etc., so its all a chain reaction. The Tank must be constantly moving around to avoid Growing Cold, because once a player gets it, that's when the fight gets ugly. If everything goes well and no-one gets even a single stack of Growing Cold, this fight is simply a tank-and-spank with raid healing needed.

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