Vexor is a void god under the control of Ra'sha, for even void gods like Vexor must bow down to Ra'sha's power. The fight is a quite unique fight with control needed above all else.


  • [Summon Voidwraiths]—Summons 10 Voidwraiths that cast frost bolt and shadowbolt. Instant. Cast at increasing intervals throughout the fight.
  • [Absorbtion]—Absorbs all damage. Passive, active throughout fight. every once in a while, will unleash the damage absorbed in either of the five spells listed below.
    • [Void Lightning]—Deals shadowfrost damage to everyone in the raid who's holy or fire damage got absorbed by Vexor.
    • [Burning Pillar]—Calls a pillar of holy flames down on all raid members who's shadow or frost damage got absorbed by Vexor.
    • [Throw Boulder]—Deals naturestrike damage to all raid members who's arcane damage got absorbed by Vexor.
    • [Arcane Discharge]—Deals arcane damage to all raid members who's physical or nature damage got absorbed by Vexor.
    • [Instability]—Releases all unreleased energy from the caster, dealing half the damage to Vexor and splitting the other half of the damage equally between everyone in the raid. Cast at decreasing intervals throughout the fight.


This fight is very different from any encounter seen so far. All damage done to Vexor is absorbed, then turned back at the raid through various means. The first is that every 15 seconds, Vexor will use, in a specific order, the four first discharging spells on his ability list. This means that each person should take damage only every 60 seconds, or at least from these spells. Since you anyways can't go all out in this fight, It is good to stick with only one specific damage type, and not use any attacks of another type. The second way of releasing the energy is Instability, cast at decreasing intervals throughout the fight. This is also the only way to damage him.

Instability deals high damage to the entire raid, and as the fight goes along, is harder to stand because of both decreasing intervals at which the spell was cast and the fact that as more players die, less players will be there to soak the damage from Instability. The only thing that gets easier in the fight as you progress is the voidwraith adds spawning at increasing intervals, until none spawn at all.

Voidwraiths cast either shadowbolt or frostbolt, both of which are relatively weak. Still, to avoid excess damage to the raid, an off-tank or two should pick up the voidwraiths and, with a group of predesignated DPS, kill them.

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