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This is my masterpiece, designed as a 40-man final boss fight of WoW at level 100.



This is a major battle for survival. If a single player dies anywhere during this fight, the rest of the (40-man) raid will likely follow suit due to buffs/attacks that mobs gain when a player is killed as well as the need of every last player to complete this fight.

If a player is killed by a legion mob, the legion mob will gain 50% of its total hp back (if 50% exceeds the amount of hp already lost, their overall hp goes up as well). This is lethal if the mob has an enrage timer. If a player is killed by a mind-controlled player, the mind-controlled player's mind control debuff will refresh, and gain an additional 100% damage. If a player is killed by Sargeras or one of his debuffs, Sargeras will cast Phantasmal Killer, dealing massive shadow damage to the raid, and killing most of it off.

  • Presence of Sargeras- stacking debuff at all times during the encounter. Deals 300 fire damage and increases fire damage taken by 5% per stack. Stacks faster the closer you are to Sargeras. If this reaches 100, will automatically kill you.
  • Gorribal's Blow- Instantly kills target player. Melee Range. Cast if Sargeras catches up to targeted player during phases 1 or 2.
  • Phantasmal Killer- PBAoE dealing extremely high shadow damage. Cast every time a player dies from one of Sargeras' spells. Will not cast if a player is killed by Phantasmal Killer.

Sargeras is immune to taunt and has no aggro table in phases 1, 3 and 4. In phase 2, however, though he is still immune to taunt, high aggro abilities still work. He is also immune to fire damage and all debuffs.

Phase 1Edit
  • Chase- targets a player and chases them. Player must run away immediately to avoid getting hit by Gorribal's Blow. Lasts 5 sec.
  • Summon Legion- Summons 20 legion mobs- 1 shivarra, 3 Mo'arg, 6 Doomguards, 10 Felguards- to attack the raid. 0.5 sec cast.
  • Mind control- Takes over a player's mind, increasing damage and health by 900%. (10 times reg.). Player is immune to crowd control (not including slow effects) while under this spell's influence.

Felguard: weakest mob, warrior-type. Can be off-tanked in groups. Abilities:

  • Ability warrior cleave  [Cleave]— Deals 200% weapon damage instantly to target and an adjacent enemy.
  • Ability rogue sprint  [Intercept] 8-25 yd range— Charges at the enemy, dealing damage and stunning it for 3 sec.

Shivarra: most dangerous mob, priest-type. Can be enslaved/banished. Abilities:

  • Spell holy heal  [Heal]— Heals friendly mob for a large amount of health.
  • Spell holy powerwordshield  [Power word: shield]— shields the target, absorbing a good amount of damage.
  • Spell shadow unholyfrenzy  [Frenzy]— increases attack and casting speed by 30%.

Doomguard: caster mob. Easy to avoid; doesn't move and channels rain of fire on random spots. Abilities:

  • Spell shadow rainoffire  [Rain of fire]— Summons a rain of flame on the targeted area, dealing fire damage to anyone hit.

Mo'arg: Only mob you should actually be fighting during this phase. Abilities:

  • Crush- Instant cast. Deals high damage, as well as knocking back the target and applying a stack of Pierced Armor, reducing armor by 30% per stack.
  • Heave- Deals twice the damage of Crush, knocking the target back and applying two stacks of pierced armor. 2 sec. cast. Cast if target isn't in melee range and likely killing him.
  • Mind control- Reg. mind control as seen in other bosses (polymorph them quick), Cast every 5 sec. after spawn.
Phase 2Edit
  • Mind Control- see above.
  • Power word: Stun- Stuns the current target for 10 seconds and reduces threat. Cast if a player has had aggro on Sargeras for 30 seconds or more without getting into melee range of him.
  • Energy Drain- Cast on a mana-user. Drains mana each second and heals Sargeras for the same amount (in hp).
  • Disintegrate- Deals 50% of player's health every 2 seconds for 6 seconds.
  • Flame Strike- Calls a pillar of flame down on a selected area, dealing fire damage to all enemies in this area.
  • Quickened telekinesis- 0.5 sec cast. Cast whenever Sargeras switches targets. Pulls player closer to Sargeras, dealing 1m physical damage.
  • Fireball- 2 sec cast. Deals high fire damage to target.
  • Summon Pit Lord- Instant cast. Summons 3 annihilan pit lords to attack enemies. Cast whenever there are no more Legion forces active.

Annihilan Pit Lord: As powerful as a mini-boss. Abilities:

  • Thrust spear- Thrusts a spear at the target, dealing high damage. Cast if target is out of melee range.
  • Tail swipe- Hits all targets in a cone behind the caster for reg. melee damage.
  • Enrage- Increases damage dealt by 200%. Cast after 30 seconds.
Phase 3Edit
  • Summon unstable Dimension Gate- Summons an unstable dimension gate, which is untargetable and casts instant cast knockbacks every couple of seconds (see below).
  • Titan's Heal- Attempts to reform Sargeras' leg. 30 sec. cast.

Unstable Dimension gate: Abilities:

  • Summon Gate guardian- Summons a Gate Guardian that either attacks with melee or a basic spell (such as wrath or lightning bolt). 3sec cast. Cast between knockbacks. 4 will be summoned in all.
  • Destabilize- Deal damage to all players in front of caster, knocking them back. Cast every 3 seconds, but is cast less and less as more guardians are killed.
Phase 4Edit

Aggramar appears, behind him 30 titans (15 vanir and 15 aesir). Sargeras summons all 5 types of mobs mentioned earlier (all buffed, and a lot (100 felguards, 10 shivarra, 10 Mo'arg, 50 doomguard, 1 pit lord). While the 30 titans assist you, Aggramar attacks the weakened Sargeras and fights him in the background. Aggramar and Sargeras exchange blows, and every once in a while one stuns the other and casts a spell then returns to battle. This phase has a maximum time limit of 5 minutes before Sargeras kills Aggramar and uses his spirit for a phantasmal killer so powerful that it kills everyone there (except him).

  • Banish- banishes the target, preventing all movement and preventing it from all damage. Lasts 30 sec.
  • Mind control- see above.
  • Minor Stun- Stuns Aggramar for 3 seconds.

Aggramar: Abilities:

  • Minor Stun- Stuns Sargeras for 3 seconds.
  • Storm, earth and fire- an aggressive stance, increasing attack speed but decreasing all defenses. Cast ast the beginning of phase 4, canceled by avatar.
  • Avatar- A defensive stance, reducing attack speed but increasing all defenses. Cast after 2.5 minutes of phase 4.

Vanir: Extra tanks for the fight. Unhealable. Abilities:

  • Thunder clap- Deals damage to all enemies around the caster and generates threat.
  • Challenging shout- Taunts all nearby enemies to attack the caster.
  • Shockwave- Deals damage to all nearby enemies, stunning them.

Aesir: Caster mobs with high dps needed for fight. Abilities:

  • Chain Lightning- Shoots a bolt of lightning at the target, dealing nature damage and jumping to other nearby targets.
  • Hurricane- Creates a violent storm over targeted area, dealing damage to enemies under the storm cloud. Channeled, 30 seconds.


Phase 1Edit

Players being chased by Sargeras must run away from him, and everyone close to the targeted player needs to run too, but in a different direction than the player being chased, so that he can lead Sargeras as far away from the raid as possible. Though any mistake at any point in the encounter could be fatal, standing too close for Sargeras is the most common and fatal mistakes possible. The fight will be long, and as the Presence of Sargeras carries over all phases and will wipe the raid if any player reaches 100 stacks, it is a very important and memorable aspect of the fight.

Around Sargeras, in a large (yet still comparatively small) circle, will spawn the adds mentioned before: the 6 ignorable doomguards, the 3 powerful Mo'args, the 10 offtankable felguards, and the MC-able shivarra. Before the first 30 seconds of the phase have passed, you will have spare players to deal with the Mo'arg, but later you will likely have to blow a dps cooldown or two to kill the Mo'arg in time. The fight is long, so hopefully it will be up before you need the cooldown again.

A full group of paladins should be assigned as Felguard tanks, tanking all 10 felguards, and a full group of warlocks should be on Shivarra duty, enslaving the Shivarra and going with the felguard tank in order to use the shivarra to heal the tank. The warlock should use rain of fire while the paladin tanks normally (consec. etc.) After 30 seconds, the felguards should all be dead, and the shivarra will be useless now that frenzy is inactive again. With the few seconds left until the next wave, kill the shivarra, then get ready to deal with the next wave. It may be good to move towards Sargeras slightly when only one or two felguards are up so you can pick up the next group immediately.

Doomguards are easy to avoid. Just stay out of rain of fire. This is very important, though, as Rain Of Fire deals heavy damage and is easy to miss if there are warlocks using Rain of Fire. With the increasing fire damage vulnerability caused by Presence of Sargeras, this becomes even more dangerous as the fight continues.

Mo'args need to be taken down within 5 seconds or they will mind control players. They are the main target of the phase, and should be tanked each separately but close to each other (so that aoes can hit all). This means that tanks cannot use aoe attacks for risk of pulling aggro from another tank. The Pierce Armor Stack means, even though Mo'args should only live for 5 seconds, increasing damage on the tank. The Moa'rgs have a 1.0 speed melee, and replace melee with Crush every 2-3 blows. Tanks should keep an eye on where Sargeras is moving, and slowly move towards there, so that they can immediately pick up the Mo'args when they spawn and let as much time as possible for nuking.

A complication to this is Mind Control, which can grab a tank off a pack of felguards or a Mo'arg. To stop this, there must be at least 5 off-tanks for the battle, at least two of them being ranged tanks, and at least two more being paladin tanks. This is because Sargeras can put out of the battle two people at a time during phase 1, one from chase and one from mind control (more if you failed at controlling the mind-controlled player), who can both be tanks by coincidence. If this happens, off-tanks must fill in within a second's notice, and whoever is assigned to prevent mind-controlled players from killing other players must react as well.

If the person mind controlled is a melee, a frost mage must keep a slow effect on him, but keep dpsing the mo'arg, as you need all the possible dps for them. It is good for the frost mage to put the MCed player under a focus, so that they can see when the slow runs out, and place another on them. If it is a caster, which includes healers, have one or two people (again, dpsing or healing as usual but putting the MC target as a focus) interrupt the casts, so that no damage or healing will come from them.

Phase 1 ends after 1 minute or until 100 mobs have been killed. Since Mo'args are killed at a rate of 3 per 5 seconds, felguards (after 30 seconds) die at a rate of 10 per 5 seconds, and shivarra (again after 30 seconds) die at a rate of 1 per 5 seconds, you should have reached about 100 mobs by the time phase 1 ends, potentially avoiding the final wave. This is even more plausible because of felguards actually dying over time, and not all at the same time.

Phase 2Edit

As phase two starts, two ranged tanks must immediately separate from the rest of the raid to tank Sargeras. They should spread out in a line which has about 60 yards between the two, and another 20 behind each one. This should be as close to the edge of the stage as possible while still having room for this 100 yard line. The two tanks build constant threat, so that they are very close on threat always. When Sargeras chases one, that tank should forget about attacking and run away, while the other continues to attack and naturally overaggro the other tank in seconds. This switch should keep on going for the whole of phase 2.

As DPS come to dps Sargeras, they should be at his sides, preferably at the side pointing inwards and not outwards, so that they never need to move. One thing to note is that the only part of Sargeras that is attackable is his leg, injured by broxigar the red. Off-tanks in case of mind control should set up in a kind of diagonal, so that they don't have to move much when Sargeras switches targets but they can get in fast if he MCs a ranged tank.


Positioning for phase 2

When the Mo'args die, everyone should move to the felguards, then doomguards. You should have accumulated quite a few by now. Tank and kill them normally, but be sure to move everyone to the side of the stage opposite the one Sargeras' 100 yard tanking line is. Once all felguards, Mo'args, shivarra and doomguards are dead, Sargeras will summon three Pit Lords on three random players. The players must slowly kite the annihilan towards the tanks, and the Mo'arg tanks from phase 1 should proceed towards the annihilans as well. Once the tanks are in melee range of the annihilans, they taunt them, then tank them normally. They must be killed within 30 seconds of spawning, and everyone must stay away from their tails to avoid damage. If things go badly, they are stunnable. They should only be attacked by melee and warlocks, who both can't hurt Sargeras much.

If disintegrate hits, healers must focus to make sure that the player doesn't die from it. Energy drain requires interruptions so that casters/ healers won't go oom (and heal Sargeras in the process), and Fireball, his most hard-hitting attack, is recommended for interruptions too. It is good to have 2 or 3 interruptors ready, which you would already have for control over mind-controlled casters in phase 1. This threat still exists, though, so there will be times when the interruptors will not be able to interrupt Sargeras. Tanks must save cooldowns for this. When Flamestrike hits, all players must run out of the Flamestrike area.

Phase 3Edit

Phase 3 begins when Sargeras' leg reaches 0 hp. This should be when only one Pit Lord is up, and near death, so that it can be finished off fast and there will not be a new wave of them. Everyone within 40 yards of Sargeras get knocked back, and after everyone is away from him a dimension gate spawns. This dimension gate has a knockback and summons four Gate Guardians throughout the phase. The first one spawns with the dimension gate. At this point the gate will tick a knockback every 3 seconds, making it hard to dps and heal. The guardian has a basic melee, as well as a Wrath spell that it will chain cast if no one is in melee range. This can and should be interrupted. It also has a moonfire spell that it casts on the tank, which must simply be healed through.

After 20 seconds, the next one will appear. You will probably not have killed the first guardian yet, so off-tank the second one until the first is dead. At this point, the gate will knock back the raid every 5 seconds. This guardian has a basic melee as well, but also a fireball. This is the most dangerous one, because of the fire resistance reduction caused by Presence of Sargeras. Fireball also has a small DoT component that must be healed through.

After 15 seconds, the next guardian will appear. If you have not managed to kill the last guardian yet, off-tank this guardian until you kill him. This will reduce the knockback to every 7 seconds. This guardian has a shadowbolt and uses corruption on the tank, which is a dispellable magic DoT.

After 10 seconds, the last guardian will appear. He has a lightning bolt and a flame shock, again very dangerous because of the reduced fire resistance. At this point, you may want to use a cooldown or two, because you have to take down both guardians before another 15 seconds have past. If you don't, Sargeras will have cast Titan's Heal twice, restoring his leg and resetting the fight.

Phase 4Edit

At the beginning of phase 4 there is a small dialogue. During this time you are considered out of combat. When the dialogue ends, 100 felguards, 10 Mo'args, 50 domguards, 10 shivarra, and a wingless Mornarin will appear, as well as 15 vanir titans (extra tanks for the fight), 15 aesir titans (extra dps for the fight), and Aggramar, who battles Sargeras in the background.

The vanir tank/dps the extra mobs, giving the players time to deal with any adds that the titans haven't picked up. The titans, though having more hp than any tank and having the dps of a whole group of DPS, cannot be healed, and therefore will die faster than a tank despite their advantages. They do deal a fair bit of damage to adds and hold the hundreds of excess adds, though. They do not pick up mobs who have enough threat on a player. In other words, they will not steal mobs from tanks.

The aesir have better DPS than any player, and are crucial to beating the enrage timers of any mobs during phase 4. Their spells can be controlled, as they have an AI with chain lightning to cast it where it can chain the most, and you can simply move under their Whirlwind.

The vanir have an AI that tell them their maximum capacity of mobs they can take (which is the same as a player tank), as well as how to not take more than their limit. Aesir have an AI with their chain lightning, casting it on where it can chain the most. Vanir will pick up Mornarin, but he will overpower each and every one of the Vanir, until none are left, at which point he goes after players. By then, all other mobs must be dead.

Shivarra must be immediately enslaved by warlocks. Those who aren't enslaved should be banished. Felguard tanks pick up 10 felguards each, and leave the others to the vanir. The felguards have increased health now, though, and to kill them in time you must travel around the stage in order to find and use a whirlwind from the aesir to help kill them. Once the 30 seconds of Frenzy are over, kill the shivarra and grab a new, now unbanished, shivarra. At this time the felguards should be dead too, and the vanir who picked up the other 50 will also be dead. Pick up those felguards, quickly nuke down their remaining hp, and move on to help the others.

3 Mo'arg should be picked up by the mo'arg tanks. The rest will be picked up by the vanir. Mo'arg can be tanked close to each other, the vanir-tanked mo'arg, and the doomguards, so that chain lightning will chain. The Mo'args no longer have their previous Mind control, so you do not have to kill them in 5 seconds. Again, Tanks cannot use aoe.

Soon, Mornarin will have killed all of the vanir. By this point he will be at ~40% hp. Mornarin has all of his attacks from his fight in the Armory, except for his air phase attacks and wing buffet. It is crucial that all adds are killed by the time the Vanir all die. The whole raid then focuses on him. though in his fight in the armory Mornarin has incredibly high health, the raid now has the aesir titans to help them destroy Mornarin in time.

While Sargeras CC's players during aggrammar being stunned, Aggramar one-shots a random mob (other than Mornarin) when Sargeras is stunned. This means that there are less players to fight, but also less needed because of the random one-shot by Aggramar. Both are unpredictable, and cannot be depended on. Off-tanks need to be ready to fill in for tanks should they be crowd controlled by Sargeras.

Raid formationEdit

  • 1 group felguard tanks (paladin)
  • 1 group shivarra handlers (warlock)
  • 1 group MT/ranged tanks (shaman for ranged, any tank for MT)
  • 1 group off-tanks
  • 1 group healers
  • 3 groups dps (only, ya ik not a lot)



Legendary (Set) Gear


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