Mornarin is the leader of the annihilan, and the final boss of the second wing of the titan's siege halls. He is gifted with so much strength that his wings can actually lift his body, unlike the other Annihilan. He also has some arcane power, as seen in his air phase. His health is unimaginably high, but the raid only has to deal 10% of it to beat him.


Phase 1Edit

  • [Unimaginable Strength]—All physical damage dealt to enemies by Mornarin's abilities (not including melee swing) throw the target into the air, giving them control over mid-air horizontal movement, but nothing else.
  • [Tail swipe]—Hits all targets in a cone behind the caster.
  • [Wing Buffet]—Deals damage to the target.
  • [Thunderstomp]—Deals physical damage to everyone within 50 yards of Mornarin.

Phase 2Edit

  • [Drop Infernal]—Summons an Infernal on the ground.
  • [Tornado]—Summons a Tornado around Mornarin, stretching all the way to the ground. Deals nature damage every two seconds to all enemies, both on the ground and on Mornarin's back. If on the ground, summons a Wind Elemental when it deals damage to a player. If on Mornarin's back, will summon a Wind Elemental every 30 seconds.


During phase 1, Mornarin can be faced either from in front or from the side. When he deals non-melee swing damage, players hit will fly into the air, with control over horizontal (not up or down) movement. Before starting the fight, the raid should be divided into ground and air groups for phase 2. If you are in the air group in phase 2, land on Mornarin's back on your way down. You can dps/heal normally from on top of him, don't worry. If you are not on the air group, land on the ground. Phase 2 will start when 5% of Mornarin's hp is dropped.

In phase 2, Mornarin will take to the air. Five infernals will spawn on the ground, which must be picked up by the tank. Upon death, the infernals will use blast nova, dealing fire damage to everyone on the ground, then summon a fire elemental and an earth elemental in their place. The fire elemental has low hp and must be nuked in 5 seconds, or else it will complete a pyroblast cast and kill a player. The earth elemental should be tanked and killed normally.

Mornarin casts Tornado while in the air, and travels along with it. Players on Mornarin's back take nature damage very two seconds, and players on the ground take the same thing, but only if they are in the tornado's path. If on the ground and you take damage from tornado, you will spawn an air elemental that is more of an annoyance (it has a knockback that deals no damage) than a threat. On Mornarin's back, however, an air elemental will spawn every 30 seconds, and must be immediately nuked, or else it will knock players off of Mornarin's back, dealing over 200% health in fall damage.

Players on Mornarin's back must dps one of his wings, which will make him plummet to the ground, taking off 35% hp, and causing his wing buffet to deal half as much damage on the ground phase that follows. After another 5% hp, Phase 2 will start again, and once his second wing is destroyed, he will plummet to the ground again, then stun the raid and run away.

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