This is a healing intensive battle for survival. As with all of my fights, you need high situational awareness and raid co-ordination to succeed. Melathia is a half black dragon half twilight dragon mage.

During the fight, an agent of the green dragonflight helps you overcome the plague, by creating mind portals (transporting the player into his/her own mind to fight off the plague), buffing people who survived the plague (Plague Veteran), and saving people who are killed by players after succumbing to the plague (Purified Spirit).


  • [Willbending Plague]—Spreads a plague to a random raid member that takes over their mind if not stopped. If successful, will jump to the two nearest players. If unsuccessful, will jump to the nearest player. Successfully bending the target's mind gives Melathia 10 shadow power. two players infected on 25-man mode. Must use mind portals to stop.
  • ((abilities|Arcane Barrage|Barrages the target with arcane bolts, dealing large damage every 0.33 seconds. Lasts 1 second.|notes= Cast constantly during phase 1 and phase 3. Does not use in phase 2.}}
  • [Arcane Bomb]—Bombs the target area where an enemy is standing with a bomb that deals large damage to anyone in the area. cast during phase 2. 4 sec cast, avoidable if you run away from your location for two secs.
  • [Shadowflame]—Targets in a cone in front of the caster take Shadow damage immediately and Fire damage over 8 sec. channeled, 10 sec. uninterruptible, unlike the warlock one which is instant. Used during phase transitions.


Phase 1Edit

Melathia just stands in the middle and blasts people. Four channelers are around her, channeling a buff on her that makes her invincible (25% less damage for every channeler in room). Pull these and attack them. Though they are as powerful as a regular meleeing trash mob and aren't very difficult, the true problem is dealing with the Plague.

If you acquire the plague, you must run to a mind portal and click on it. This will send an avatar of you into your mind, where you face a Dark Consciousness, which is an equal-level elite of your race and class. It casts a basic spell from your class (e.g. Serpent sting, lightning bolt, etc.), and uses the three 51-point talents from each of your class' talent trees. It is a pvp fight, and if he defeats your avatar you get mind controlled until death, and if you win you gain the Plague Veteran buff and the plague goes away. If you are losing, you should announce this to the raid, so they can stand ready with two pvp skilled players, as well as people ready to blast you to death. If you are winning, you should announce this as well, as one pvp-skilled person should be close to you to get the plague.

Plague Veteran gives you 100% extra threat generated from spells and abilities, 50% additional crit chance, double health and double resistances. Purified Spirit makes spells and abilities instant and costing no mana/runes/energy/rage/RP. Though Purified Spirit makes you immune to the plague, Plague Veteran doesn't, but it does make it a lot easier to beat the dark consciousness.

Phase transitionsEdit

When all channelers have been defeated, 2 minutes have passed or Melathia reaches 66% hp, Phase 2 starts, but not before a phase transition, which is a shadowflame, releasing all Shadow energy gained. Melathia turns around while casting Shadowflame. Speed and damage based on shadow energy. Shadow energy is gained through two ways; taking damage and succeeding in bending someone's will with the Plague. 33% hp is worth 50 shadow energy, and each successful Plague is worth 10 shadow energy. To avoid Shadowflame, be behind Melathia when the phase transition starts, then move to where her front used to be once she starts moving.

This happens after 4 minutes of the beginning of the fight or 33% hp as well.

Phase 2Edit

Channelers spawn from the entrance, and increase in speed as the phase goes on. Melathia still stays in the middle, but now casts arcane bomb instead. It is impossible to know where she is going to hit with her bomb, so everyone should get used to moving back and forth every four seconds.

Phase 3Edit

Melathia joins the fight herself. No more adds spawn. She hits hard, and uses shadowflame whenever her shadow energy bar reaches full (which is more than in other phases, as now all effects granting shadow energy gives thrice as much energy). She must be tanked by a Plague Veteran, and switches between arcane barrage and a hard-hitting melee.

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