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kk you know how deadmines gets a heroic version in cata? Since they announced that I've been thinking... what could possibly make it hard? then it came to me. The juggernaut being completed (you know, their giant ship? its a warship that they're repairing). Here's how I see the juggernaut fight:

There are phases and mini-phases. Phases are what boss is currently fighting you (there are going to be multiple bosses back to back), and mini-phases are the bosses' phases.

Note: this is designed as a 10-man heroic (yes I know it's going to be a 5 man heroic)

Phase 1Edit

Mr. Smite

In each of mini-phase 2,3, and 4, Smite has a one-minute enrage timer, and the enrage lasts until the next mini-phase, but the effect of the enrage is more and more powerful with each mini-phase. Also, assign one group to attack the ship's cannons. There are 5 cannons, which become active in phase 2 if not destroyed (phase 2 not mini-phase 2). When a cannon is destroyed, repairmen will spawn and try to bring the cannon back up. These must be AoE'd down, and can be done by a single player as they are non-elite and don't attack you.

Mini-phase 1Edit

Mr.Smite brings adds from the ship to fight you. after 5 waves, mini-phase 2 begins.

Mini-phase 2Edit

Mr. Smite attacks. Wielding his two-handed sword, he acts like an arms warrior, with mortal strike and cleave. If not brought down to 66% in 1 minute, will enrage, placing Rend on tank, using heroic strike (increase in damage), and hitting an additional nearby target with each blow. At 66%, will shockwave the group and go get his axes.

Mini-phase 3Edit

Mr.Smite dual-wields axes, acting like an enh shaman. Windfuries tank, has lightning shield, and summons two feral spirits. These spirits are the focus of the mini-phase and must be burned down quickly before returning to Smite, because they will enrage in one of two scenarios: 1. mini-phase last 1 min. 2. Smite gets to 33%. If either one happens, their damage output will increase by 200% (3 times as much damage), and will battle shout, stacking an extra 100% damage bonus (twice, since there are two) on themselves and Mr.Smite. The mini-phase ends when Smite gets to 33%, when he will instant-cast Smite's Stomp on the raid and get his hammer.

Mini-phase 4Edit

Mr.Smite wields his hammer, acting like a ret pally. Will stun tank and use crusader strike. Enrage is a divine storm cast, hitting whole raid with holy damage and healing Mr.Smite (and wolves, if still active) for 20% hp. Will not send Mr.Smite back to a previous phase, even if surpassing 33% hp.

Phase 2Edit

Cookie /greenskin/ juggernaut

In this phase, all undestroyed cannons will become active, as well as defias bowman spawning on top of the ship. Among them, captain greenskin fights, throwing poison spears at random locations.Cookie will fight you on the ground, but is unkillable until greenskin is dead.

Mini-phase 1Edit

Cookie will poison the water, then charge at you. When he charges, all cannons are activated and greenskin and the bowman come up on the top of the ship. Cookie doesn't have much hp, but deals rapid, strong blows and poisons the main tank. Greenskin shoots poison-tipped spears at random lcations, dealing physical damage to people in the area and infecting those hit with a highly potent poison. Cannons will fire AoE knockback attacks at random spots, likely blasting players into the infected water (and one-shotting them).

The group that was attacking the ship before continues attacking, but cannons are immune to damage and repairmen despawn. Instead, the group attacks the bowmen and captain greenskin.

If cookie reaches 10% before Captain greenskin is dead, he will spam heal himself, likely bringing him back to full (and making him virtually impossible to kill)

Mini-phase 2Edit

Once either captain greenskin or cookie reaches 50% hp, mini-phase 2 starts, and cookie will cast a 3 second spell called Knocking Charge. All players must take these three seconds and either get behind Cookie or off of the wooden platform, or get knocked into the infected water (one-shotting you). The fight then returns to phase 1 until the other boss reaches 50%, when phase 2 is activated again, then returns to phase 1.

Phase 3Edit


Vancleef takes matters into his own hands, fully activating the juggernaut. He destroys the platform, so everyone must get off of the platform and onto the shore fast, or get one-shotted by the infected water. He activates two hidden cannons up front, and turns in the water, shooting into the water and creating a wave that will kill anyone that gets caught in it. He also has a ballista, that he operates, attacking the main tank (highest aggro). Last but not least, a catapult hits random spots on the shore, dealing fire damage and knocking them into the water, again one-shotting them.

The ship has 5 weak points, where the cannons used to be, but with the ship constantly turning, it is hard to reach these places. Destroy all 5 weak points to finally sink the juggernaut, drowning vancleef in the infected water.

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