This fight is a battle for survival, as players must deal with Mograine's attacks in seconds, lest they be killed almost instantly.


Phase 1 (corruption phase)Edit

  • Death and Decay- Corrupts the ground targeted by Mograine, causing Shadow damage every sec that targets remain in the area. The area corrupted becomes smaller the longer no one stands in it, and eventually (10 seconds if no one stands in it at any point) disappears, a dark beacon taking its place. Dark beacons grant Corrupted Strength to the first person standing in them, then disappear.
    • Corrupted Strength- 300% increased armor. Adds 150 to all resistances. Attack speed is decreased by 75%, casting time increased by 75%.
  • Black Aura- An aura surrounds the caster, dealing high shadow damage to all players within 10 yards and reducing the caster's movement speed by 90%. Does not stack with other movement decreasing effects. Lasts 30 seconds. No other spells can be cast while this is active, and Black Aura starts a 5 second cooldown on all abilities upon ending.
  • Charge- Charges the target, dealing high damage, knocking them back and stunning them. Minimum 6 yard range, no max.

Phase 2 (purified phase)Edit

Phase 2 starts when Mograine reaches 10%. He is considered defeated when he reaches < 2% hp.

  • Consecration- Consecrates the land beneath Mograine, doing Holy damage over 8 sec to enemies who enter the area and knocking them back.
  • Charge- Charges the target, dealing high damage, knocking them back and stunning them. Minimum 6 yard range, no max.
  • Ashbringer's Strike- Deals extremely high holyfire damage to the target, knocking them back, stunning them and reducing their threat to 0.
  • Retribution Aura- Causes Holy damage to any player that attacks the caster equal to 5 times the damage done. Lasts 10 sec.


Phase 1Edit

Stay close to Mograine so that you won't get hit by charge. It is strong enough to instantly kill any non-tank character. Hunters can still attack with ranged weapons; the minimum range for ranged attacks is 5 yd, while the minimum range for charge is 6.

Everyone must watch out for Death and Decay and Black Aura and immediately run away. During the 30 seconds of Black Aura, Mograine is untankable, and should be kited. When Black aura ends, run back to mograine fast, because though it starts a cooldown of 5 seconds on charge upon ending, 5 seconds still isn't a lot.

Corrupted Strength is a very important beneficial debuff to phase 2; leave the beacons up until a moment before Phase 2 starts, then use them, because beacons will disappear when Phase 2 starts and his damage increases drastically during phase 2, making Corrupted Strength a must for tanking him.

Phase 2Edit

Mograine tries to fight Kil'Jaeden's corruption, and re-purifies both himself and Ashbringer, but fails in breaking free of Kil'Jaeden, and comes back stronger than ever to fight the raid.

Phase 2 gives him a monster DPS increase, and he will kill a well-geared tank in seconds. Beacons disappear, and tactics from phase 1 continue, though he is much tougher during this phase.

Consecration is very dangerous, as it will knock people out of the 6 yard safe zone. Fortunately, it doesn't do one big knockback, but instead a small knockback every second, knocking players out of range after 3 seconds. The tank must pull Mograine out of consecration quickly.

Ashbringer's Strike's power creates the need for multiple tanks during this phase. Its three side effects (aggro wipe, knockback, stun) make it unlikely that the tank will even come back after that, unless a second tank quickly picks up Mograine and pulls him towards the stunned tank.

When Retribution Aura activates, all DPS must stop, and only the tank should still attack Mograine. He still uses his other attacks, so stay close to him.

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