I like creating stories, boss fights, and other WoW-related things, all of which I give a lot of thought into. I usually spend more time making these than actually playing WoW. That, coupled with the fact that I'm an alt-aholic, is why I have only now got a char to 80, even after 3 years. Any advice/constructive criticism is encouraged.

Boss fightsEdit

As I said before, one of my favourite things is making boss fights that are extremely hard to beat, yet possible with extreme care. If you are wondering why none of them have numbers such as hp, damage, etc., it's because, since I have never reached level cap, I don't know what these values should be. If you see a mini-section called extension, this means that Ive expanded on the fight more, adding other fights in the dungeon, etc.


This is my masterpiece, designed as a 40-man final boss fight of WoW at level 100.


Sargeras is in the fifth and final wing of a raid called the Titan's Siege Halls. The wing is called the titan's vault. The other four wings are (in order, from first to last) The Titan's Forge, the Titan's Armory, the Great Blacksmith, and the Magic Halls, which have all been invaded by Sargeras' forces in order to collect weapons to use against Aman'Thul.

After Kil'jaeden's fall earlier on, Sargeras knew that no one could rise to Kil'Jaeden's power quickly enough, so he brought over a brilliant eredar named Foren to help him create power within his most powerful servants. Foren came up with the idea of taking the smallest portion of Sargeras' power, and inserting it into the servants. As a reward, Sargeras not only made Foren leader of the eredar, but also gifted him with a portion of sargeras' power of flame. Foren leads an attack against the titan's forge, where he is the final boss of the wing.

Sargeras gifted three others with power; the leader of the annihilan, Mornarin, was gifted with a portion of Sargeras' strength and uses it to attack the armory, the leader of the nathrezim, Mephistroth, was given a balance of Sargeras' shadow, strength and flames and uses the power to attack the blacksmith, and a rogue naaru willing to serve Sargeras, Ra'sha was given Sargeras' power of darkness, and uses it to attack the magic halls.

Each of the four has servants, whom they summon when they sense your presence. Foren will summon his doomguard minion, Ragor (a gear check fight and the first boss of the Siege Halls), Mornarin will summon a group of elementals infused with his blood (for even elementals have blood) named The Demon Elements (a tough pvp-like fight with some co-ordination gravely needed), Mephistroth will summon a subdued aesir titan named Iseer (another gear check, with more emphasis on DPS and not as much on survivability like Ragor), and Ra'sha will summon a void god named Vexor, for even void gods must bow down to Ra'sha's power.

The entire raid is of such a difficulty that only the more famous and more skilled guilds could even defeat a single boss. Also, there is a quest chain for this raid in which you must kill the final boss of each of the wings to unlock the next wing and get a very large and worthwhile reward (the first 3 wings award 1 of the three pieces of a set that divides all damage taken from Sargeras by 100, the fourth wing unlocks a vendor that sells the best enchants and gems in the game, the fifth unlocks a vendor that sells 'extras'). Also, the final boss of each wing rewards one piece of each of the sets shown in the sargeras loot table, the sixth and final piece being sold by the vendor unlocked after defeating Sargeras.

Juggernaut fight (deadmines heroic boss)Edit

kk you know how deadmines gets a heroic version in cata? Since they announced that I've been thinking... what could possibly make it hard? then it came to me. The juggernaut being completed (you know, their giant ship? its a warship that they're repairing). Here's how I see the juggernaut fight.


I tried to make a unique boss fight. This is the best I could come up with.

Highlord Darion MograineEdit

A battle for survival against the great Highlord Darion Mograine, weilding once more the purified ashbringer.


This is actually an entire dungeon, small though it may be. This is actually Ebon Hold, relocated and renamed. When you enter, you see a cutscene where Kil'jaeden fights Highlord Darion Mograine. After Mograine wounds Kil'Jaeden badly, Kil'Jaeden enslaves all of the Ebon Knights there. Suddenly, Mograine senses your presence and orders the knights to attack. Though there are many trash mobs and two boss encounters, the dungeon is only two rooms; one where you fight the trash, and one where both boss encounters take place.

First boss fight: Ebon Council

This is a council encounter where you face off against the three trainers in the Ebon Hold.

Second: see title.


I tried my best, but I'm not sure how it turned out. I think I made him a little too dependent on adds, and he's the master of earth, not fire. Either way, enjoy.

Men'an the MastermindEdit

A character of my own creation. I was looking through some fights (namely Noth the Plaguebringer), and decided that all of these bosses are way more powerful than any raid could ever withstand, but they are idiots, and don't use their powers to maximize efficiency. For example, passively entering adds aren't half as dangerous as a huge wave of adds. Therefore, I decided to create a boss fight against a tactician, who couldn't possibly use his powers and armies better than he already is. The background developed on its own as I went along.


I made up a fight against an Old God. This is supposed to be the one that made the naga.


A female black-twilight dragon-mage. (half black dragon half twilight dragon). Healing intensive battle for survival with some pvp skills needed.

The Twin WardensEdit

In this fight, you face two twin Wardens, that guard treasures of magical potential. It is these treasures that makes them powerful.


the raid will only be unlocked once you have completed the 5-man dungeon. In the 5-man, the wardens are captured, and you must free them. In gratitude, they 'let you live... for now.' 5-man version

after you beat them in the raid, before you can get possession of their treasures, the man who previously captured the Wardens comes in and takes them. He combines them and summons an elemental of great power, which the raid must defeat. Elemental fight

After the raid has defeated the elemental, they face off against the man himself, who is the final boss of the raid. After he is killed, the raid gets possession of the treasures.Final boss

Pantheon CouncilEdit

I know, cheesy name since the Pantheon are literally a council that rule over the Titans, but this is a battle for survival different from others that I have made, where you have to manage several different raid and tank damage effects while maintaining high dps. The encounter consists of a naaru, an aesir and a vanir titan, and they only fight you to test your skill in battle.


Den of the defiasEdit

The first in my trilogy of fanfics, named Invisible, this will be subject to major changes in the future as much of the content is unclear, as well as that I need more plot and less battle in this story.

Arthas' BaneEdit

The second in the Invisible Trilogy, this features Rog'uk trying to escape the Lich King's cold grasp. This will be subject to editing as well but not nearly as much as DoD.

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