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My ideas for expansions and racesEdit


This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Still under development, all I wish to see in future expansion packs

Into the MaelstromEdit

Naga and Makrura began war to control all of the great sea, but both sides seeks for help, in Alliance or Horde

  • Great Sea added as a new continent, to explore, for ground-based races- using the diving machines (constructed by Makrura or Naga, depending on faction), sea-based races don't need any machines
  • Naga as new Horde race. They joined the Horde, because of need to cooperate with the Blood Elves
  • Second new race for the Horde- tortoise-based Naga's ally, completely new race
  • Makrura as new Alliance race. Joined simply because of Naga joining the Horde
  • Murlocs as another Alliance race, joined to defend themselves better from Naga

Aquatic races, to balance them with non-aquatic, need special machines to live high above the oceans.

War of the LightsEdit

Why do I think Ethereals will join Alliance? The Void could search for new allies. As aggressive, evil-like race, The Void might join the Horde. And so, Ethereals trying to retake their home world joins the Alliance
See also: Xarthat Xio

Fall of the LegionEdit

With the Legion once again failed to conquer Azeroth, some of its commanders are trying to awake Sargeras, the Dark Titan. With trials to bringing him back to life, Aman'Thul knows that he is only one able to stop him.

  • Argus added as new world, main base of the Burning Legion, which was pushed out of Azeroth finally
  • Eredar as new Horde race, for these Eredars that foreseen the Legion's fall and joined forces with mortals, but still hostile to the Draenei
  • New heroic class, Demon Hunter
  • Uncorrupted Nathrezim as new Alliance race- few Nathrezim that escaped from their burnt out homeworld using magic and now wishes to take revenge on the demonic legion, seeing uncorrupted Draenei as their nearest ally

How could uncorrupted Nathrezim look like? Look on Illidan- he has horns, wings, hooves... as an average Nathrezim. Now remember how Illidan looked before his transformation. Nathrezim are possible to be uncorrupted long ago.
Another idea- how to enter Argus? I was previously thinking over an Ethereal-powered travel through Twisting Nether but I realized that the portal which Kel'Thuzad used to summon Archimonde is still opened! This portal, along with opening of Dalaran City, might allow players to travel to Argus, probable location of Archimonde before his invasion to Azeroth. Xoroth added, but not as a complete world, just as a dungeon, with a Nathrezim Head of State as final boss, accessible through one of Draenor's portals.

Hordes of PandariaEdit

When the Orcs had discovered an island far east beyond Eastern Kingdoms, they encountered also horde-based Drakonids that said they want to raid and conquer a Pandarian Empire

  • Pandaria as new continent, large island far east beyond Eastern Kingdoms, inhabited by many new (still unplayable) races.
  • Pandaren as new Alliance race, joined Alliance in need to protect their selves from the hostile Hordes of Drakonids and the literal Horde itself
  • Drakonid as new Horde race, reason- mentioned above. They have no mount, but instead have Plainsrunning (used for Tauren in beta)
  • New character class: Brewmaster possible for Pandaren

Emerald DestinyEdit

With the growing danger from the Old Gods, slowly regaining their power after fall of Burning Legion, Emerald Nightmare is still expanding, proving a threat even to the Eye of Ysera. Druids called their powers to destroy the Old God entrapped in Emerald Dream. This god is now dreaming his own greatest dream, but this dream is to mortal races an Emerald Nightmare... Horde seems to be overrun by the corruption from the Old Gods

  • Emerald Dream as alternative Azeroth without any civilization, possible to enter using powers of World Tree
  • Children of Cenarius as Alliance race, protectors of the order on the whole World
  • Satyrs as a Horde race, once again wants to fight with the Night Elves to save Emerald Nightmare
  • Warden added as new heroic class

Clash of the ElementsEdit

With the last Old Gods finally defeated, last vestige of clearly evil power stands beneath Elemental Plane, where the Elemental Lords learned how to escape from their prison. Now, all races' aims are to defeat those evil beings.

  • Mo'arg, slowly regaining their consciousness from the Burning Legion, joined the Horde, rewarding so the Orcs for granting them new homeland, on an island near Kalimdor
  • Worgen, also regaining their mind, willing to free themselves from the curse, settled in former human city, wanting to defeat the Elemental Lords
  • Elemental Plane as new land to explore

Azeroth World WarEdit

With a little provocation, giant multi-world war erupted between Alliance and the Horde, now both sides are trying to completely eliminate another. There could be only one result... Death or Victory.

  • Several new worlds added, as finally resurrected from the ashes of the Burning Legion
  • Vrykul join the Horde to take a part in the War they were searching for so long
  • Tuskarr joined the Horde to help their Orcish allies (actually, I wish to see them in WotLK, but Blizz' said there would be no new playable races in it)
  • Goblins were forced to join one or other side of war, and when they were still helping the Orcs, Alliance refused to take help from the Goblins and by doing so, they were forced to join Horde again.
  • Faction of Arrakoa joined Alliance, to pay a revenge on the Orcs
  • Ogri'la as a faction of Ogres who joined Alliance to fight with the Orcs
  • Barkskin Furbolgs joined the Alliance to help the Night Elves

This idea might become, however, Warcraft IV.

Completely new racesEdit

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