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Frozen Crown Expansion

Two New Playable Races


  • The small, light-green creatures join the Horde in the expansion. Their capital is Undermine.

Classes available: Warrior, Hunter, Rogue, Mage, Warlock


  • A faction of pandaren living on a secret island named Pandaria decide to actively aid the Alliance. Their Capital is Alestout.

Classes available: Warrior, Paladin, Hunter, Priest, Shaman, Mage

New Mounts

Goblin and Pandaren Mounts

New Zones


Horde 15Goblin starting zones

  • Isle of Kezan - Level 1-10
  • Ratchet/Booty Bay - Level 10-20

Alliance 15Pandaren starting zones

  • Pandaria - Level 1-10
  •  ?? - Level 10-20


Western Northrend (Horde preferable)

  • Coldarra - Level 40-50
  • Borean Tundra - Level 50-60
  • Sholazar Basin - Level 60-70

Eastern Northrend (Alliance preferable)

  • Howling Fjord - Level 40-50
  • Grizzly Hills - Level 50-60
  • Zul'Drak - Level 60-70
  • Storm Peaks - Level 70-75

Central Northrend

  • Dragonblight:
  • (southern part) - Level 60-70
  • (northern part) - Level 70-75
  • Azjol-Nerub:
  • Inner Kingdom - Level 70-75
  • Upper Kingdom - Level 75-80
  • Old Kingdom - Level 77-80
  • Crystalsong Forest - Level 70-80
  • Icecrown Glacier - Level 76-92

Access to Northrend:


Access to Undermine:

New Factions

Horde 15Goblin

Gnomeregan Exiles

Alliance 15Pandaren

Darkspear Trolls
Pandaren Empire
Silvermoon City
Thunder Bluff

Note: Since Pandarens and Goblins in WoW are neutral, they have the ability to become Exalted, Hated, Friendly, etc with opposite faction races. After you have spoken to an NPC of the faction, you will become Neutral with them. Otherwise, they treat you as an enemy and attack on sight.

ExaltedYou can receive quests from certain NPCs of the faction, and players will also be able to invite you to party. Capped at 999.1,000
ReveredYou can receive quests from certain NPCs of the faction, and players will be able to follow, trade, duel and whisper you.21,000
HonoredYou can interact with NPCs of the faction, and players will not be able to attack you.12,000
FriendlyYou can interact with NPCs of the faction, but players can still choose whether to attack you or not.6,000
NeutralNPCs will not attack on sight, but players can still choose whether to attack you or not.3,000
UnfriendlyNPCs will not attack on sight, but players can still choose whether to attack you or not.3,000
HostilePlayers and PvP NPCs will treat you as they normally do.3,000
HatedPlayers and PvP NPCs will treat you as they normally do.36,000

New Dungeons

New High-Level Dungeons

Riplash Ruins in western Borean Tundra
A naga stronghold in the Borean Tundra of Northrend.
The Nexus in Coldarra
An ancient ice fortress in the center of Coldarra is constantly assaulted by Lich King's Scourge. The Blue Dragonflight wants your help to get rid of the undead forces that overrun the home of Blue Dragon Aspect, Malygos.
Ulduar in Storm Peaks
Third ancient vault of the Titans, controlled by storm giants, and their crystal golem minions.
Temple of Storms in Storm Peaks
A mysterious temple located in The Storm Peaks of Northrend.
Drak'Tharon Keep in Grizzly Hills
An ancient Ice Troll keep located in the Grizzly Hills of Northrend that was claimed by the Scourge.

New Raid Instances

Throne of the Nerub
Lying in the Upper Kingdom, area dominated by the Scourge's forces, is the throne chamber of Anub'arak, ancient king of the Nerubians. Face him and vanquish the right hand of the Lich King
Lair of the Forgotten One
Everyone was told that there were five Old Gods in Azeroth... They didn't know about one more, the Forgotten One. He rules in the deep Old Kingdom, whehe he commands hordes of Faceless Ones. Weakened by the fight against Arthas and Anub'arak, he is still powerful enough to be a dangerous adversary. Use his temporary weakness to crush him once and for all!

New Outdoor Events

Scourge Frontline
The Lich King sends his Scourge army to burn to the ground the outposts of those who oppose him. Help both your faction forces as well as neutral faction town your faction is allied with and defend it against the undead minions!

  • Icemist Village (Horde town)
  • Grizzlemaw (Alliance town)
  • Bloodmar Village (Bloodmar Magnataur faction town)
  • Gundrak (Drakkari Trolls faction town)
Scripted battles of combined player characters and computer-controlled NPCs! Stand arm to arm with your brethren, the mighthy magnataur or cunning trolls and don't allow the waves of undead warriors to break through!

New Boss Arthas Menethil

On his Frozen Throne, sits the Lich King Arthas
He awaits you. Well, a raid group of you.
Arthas would be a level ???? Elite Boss. It would require a raid party of at least 2 full groups of level 70s.
If killed, you would see the body of Arthas collapse, and the spirit of the Lich King evaportate. Then for 30 minutes, all Scourge monsters would become stunned and Neutral. After the 30 minutes is up, Arthas is resurrected by the Lich King's unholy magics, and become one again, and all Scourge revert to their evil, hostile state.

Possible Loot

Band of Icy Depths
Dark Iron Leggings
Helm of Domination
High Warlord's Tome of Destruction
Icebane Breastplate
Necro-Knight's Garb



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