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General Information Edit

Name: Edrea du Lume

Race: Human

Home Server: Steamwheedle Cartel US

Age: 24

Class: Priest

Level: 33

Professions: Skinning and Tailoring

Guild: Shadowgate Sentinels

RP Info: Edrea was born in the Tirisfal Glades, and left as a baby on the steps of an orphanage near the City of Lordaeron. She spent the entirety of her childhood in this orphanage, and in later years was seen as sort of a "big sister" to the other children there.

When the Scourge began their assault, the wiser minds of Lordaeron decided to evacuate as many of the children as would leave. The march toward Khaz Modan was long, and especially harsh considering that all involved were very young. Edrea, a young teenager at this time, saw the spirits of her fellow orphans slipping, and worked to keep their spirits up. It was a hurculean task, however, and as the war with the scourge carried on, even the adults' hearts began to fall. In the end, she had to watch nearly everyone she loved become cold and distant, victims to a harsh reality. Edrea would still not give up.

The year she became an adult, Edrea left the orphanage to immediately join the Church of Holy Light. She felt that her works there would perhaps bring a light of hope back to humanity. Upon being ordained, Edrea set out into the world with the nebulous goal of "making it a better place." On her travels she encountered Serathiel of the Shadowgate Sentinels. Serathiel saw in Edrea something that the Sentinels could certainly use; a person they could each talk to knowing that they would not be judged. She performs this function to this day--a caring heart to keep the darkness at bay.

Personality Info: Edrea is genuinely warm and caring. She has love in her heart for every living thing in the world. She has no pity or mercy, however, for the undead. Edrea sees the existence of the Scourge, and by extension the Forsaken, as an abomination to life. She also considers them to be directly responsible for the death of spirit that has overtaken the free peoples of Azeroth. While she does not specifically hate the other member races of the Horde, their alliance with the Forsaken has made her distrustful of them.

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