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A Description of Selizu

Name: Selizu Snake-Herder Race: Troll Age: 27 Home Server: Server:Steamwheedle Cartel (US)

Class: Hunter, rather a Snake-Herder. (Beast spec.) Occupation: Shady "Business" dealer, contract giver, and tavern owner.

Professions: Archeologist (miner.) and an engineer.

Guild:Serpent Mother and Matriarch of the guild, "Order of the Scale"

Mental Description: Fairly smart for a Troll, though she might appear to be more dumb than a normal troll. She acts much like a mother, offering advice and helping out; as much as a Troll can do. She is very primal and instinctual, and will follow her gut feelings, it is unlikely she will follow the "logic" of others. Sometimes though, she will snap out of what might call a free willing Troll, to a cold, logical, and calculating machine.

Physical Description: Around 6'3", and around 177 lbs, with movement very fluidic, her strides and steps like a single dance to each, and her hip bobs from one side to the other like the movements of a snake's head, going side to side. Her face, is dappled with brown freckles, adding a darker look to her face, which is an ashen green, like the rest of her flesh. Her eyes, are either red or brown, and they are surrounded by darkened flesh, slightly lighter than an oaken brown. Her lips are turqoise, with fang like tusks jutting out that are bright white. Selizu's hair is a long mane, which is also green and filled with shiney objects and other little decorations, giving them an appearance like snake scales. She has two large earings in each ear, with little designs on them that make them appear like snakes. Her hands, like any normal troll has three fingers, and they are covered with little bands of hooked string, adding grip to anything she holds, such as her gun and swords.

A Short History

Selizu, was born into a Troll village built upon many caverns in Stranglethorn Vale, the whole village was thought to be hidden very well, behind many mountains, old ruins, and a thick jungle. Her family were the temple workers, but they did a sole task, and that was to herd snakes. What is a snake herder and what did they do? Well, her family would raise snakes for the temple, the snakes are worshipped as the children of Ula-tek and are often bought as pets or left in the temple to live their lives. After her 26th birthday (A year ago) her village was raided by Night Elves, in particular, the Cenarion Circle which she managed to live and salvage a single egg from the temple ruins, she then came here to the Horde as a refugee nursing for this egg and created a shady business, which is made so she can fund a new village and her religion can be rebuilt, "Order of the Scale." They have a tavern front that is run on every Friday at 7:00 pm. (Game time.)

She currently lives on the Barrens side of the Southfury, at a small hut with her various Troll-items, like her drums and cages and bounty skulls.

She was initiated into the Viperian by Kodar.

Was inducted into the Zerrai plan by Kodar.

Was there when Kodar was captured, also when Ghis died from the sudden toxification of the venom in her blood.

Comments of Selizu! (Place your interactions with her here!)

Ghis Age: 35 Class: Hunter/Poacher Relation to Selizu: Ghis joined up with Selizu just as she was beginning her training as a hunter, and she continues to travel with her. Ghis feels a strong friendship with Selizu, and no matter Selizu's ideals or ambitions, Ghis will always support her.

Ghis' History: Not much is known of Ghis and nor would she let anyone know of her history. She has been a poacher most of her life and loves to collect rare things. Her hair is grey, not from age but maybe of stress or a troublesome past, but she does not speak of it. Ghis' ever present companion is Fanphraam, a hyena that is also her lifelong friend.

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