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Life Facts

Name: Searif Dar'mor

Title: Drake Rider

Age: physically 20 years of age.

Home Server: Server:Steamwheedle Cartel US

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Paladin / Blood Knight

Profession: Engineer/Miner

Guild: Darkmoon Legion

Physical Description

Searif is a fairly tall person at 6'2, His body is covered in scars and clad in heavy armor which is in itself scarred and battered, yet kept clean. His eyes glow a bright yellow due to his holy powers being constantly applied to his body, which in turn feeds his magic addiction.


Very friendly to all he meets despite hatreds he may have for them, he is a believer in the hordes ways and will fight for the horde despite the risks involved, He holds a great pride for the horde, his guild and his friends. He lives by the Paladin code of honour set out by the humans despite the fact that he fights for the horde.

Past Life

Searif's past life was a... troubling one. He had lived in a small village that had a forced alliance between orcs and humans(at the time he was living with humans) In the village he met a Orc boy by the name of Archien who was the son of a body guard named Galaran who was hired to protect him. Searif trained at the church with his father as a priest and on the side was trained by Galaran in the ways of a warrior, learning all types of weaponry from him.

One day Searif had a dream, in the dream he was in the village all alone, wondering where everyone was he looked and looked. Opening the door to the church he studied at he saw his mother and father, killed right infront of his eyes. At the time he did not know this dream had any importance, but he soon learned that it was to come true. His mother, father and Galaran were killed defending the village from the attacking scourge, him and Archien managed to escape, in different manners but they still escaped.

Searif had went with a ground of fleeing Blood Elves, eventually he had a choice, go with Keal'thas to Outland or go with the other Blood Elves to rebuild Quel'Thalas. Going with the Blood Elves to rebuild Quel'Thalas he had chosen to take a oath with the infamous Blood Knights, even though he based the way he operates off his teachings as a priest.

A couple of years later in the Barrens, Searif was delighted to meet his old friend, Archien. Even though he goes by the name of Reenink now Searif is still delighted to see his old friend still alive and kicking.

Current Life

Searif is currently living in Silvermoon city when he isn't going from there to Orgrimmar and Thunderbluff for various reasons, although he finds the fighting has died down since the death of the lich king, he still often finds himself in combat with bandits and various others, including assassins.


Friends and Foes




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