Satrine Starshot is a night elf huntress, and head of the Sisterhood of Azeroth.

A unique character in many respects, she is one of the rare breed of elven engineers that roam Azeroth, and is a card-carrying member of MEGA. Until venturing to Outland, she was known to carry a wide assortment of rifles with her, only recently having traded them in for an ironstar crossbow.

Her philosophies behind the use of so much technology stem from her intense distrust of the organized governments that currently control Darnassus. With Teldrassil having so swiftly fallen into disarray-- a whole village overrun by furbolg, a relatively slow response to the Draenei arrival, as well as other oversights-- she believes that the answer to her new homeland's ills may lie in technology rather than magic. After watching the druids of the Cenarion Circle argue with the priests of the Temple of the Moon endlessly, she came to the conclusion that the powerful magics, on both ends, seemed inadequate to cleanse the new World Tree of the ills within and without. If magic, then, could not heal Teldrassil, then perhaps technology could.

To this end, she continues to quest along with the many dedicated heroes of Azeroth, helping as many people as she can along the way. As she learns and grows, she also works to develop new technologies that could, some day, save Teldrassil.

Satrine heads an all-female guild known as the Sisterhood of Azeroth, which she founded with her lover Rosarith Nightshade and her best friend Calialith. There is a slight misandronus tone to their culture, but it tends to stem itself at the level of bias rather than outright hatred.

Satrine is a noted explorer, having visited not only the classified 'Ironforge Airport', but Newman's Landing as well as other 'hard to reach' areas. This hobby has made her Deepdive Helmet and Parachute Cloak among her most prized possessions.

She is betrothed to the priestess Rosarith Nightshade, her lifetime friend and lover of two years.

OOC Information

Satrine is a character on the Sentinels US Server.

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