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Sanskrit Pridewalker: Resto Druid and Master of Common... kinda.

The Basics

Full Name Sanskrit Pridewalker
Common Nicknames San
Gender Male
Age Adult. Exact age unknown; he looks young enough, though.
Race Shu'halo
Class Druid
Professions Skinning / Tribal Leatherworking
Physical Description Sanskrit stood a head or so taller than many Tauren men, but could not match any of them in muscle bulk or strength. In fact, by tauren standards, he may be considered scrawny (though, to any other race, he was still quite large). This, paired with laughing golden eyes and an expressive face, made him quite easy to pick out in a crowd.
Personality Description Shy might be the proper word to describe Sanskrit. He often finds himself at a loss for the right words, thereby causing him to either ramble on or stay painfully silent. When he finds himself in a situation where he must speak to strangers, he often takes on a professional air -- which may or may not be mistaken for haughtiness at times.


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