Hey & thx for visiting my user page!

Im a danish kid born in '92 thats heavily interrested in lore, unfortunately i'm not the most proficient at editing articles, though im doing what i can to aid the community, both in the talk pages and by editing the articles with what i can. Most of my work so far has been put into Troll Wars so check it out if u wanna see my work. (try to enter history and compare the article before my first edit, and now :P)

I've been interrested in Warcraft since i bought WCII: Battle.Net Edition and played it through. By now i have played WCII, WCIII(both with expansions), and I recently stopped playing WoW. Although I miss Twisted Serenity of Dragonblight and The Flaming/Phoenix Blade of Moonglade, I doubt I'll return as I can't afford more than a single MMO at the time and WAR is definately going to steal some time and money..

Aside from that i've read Lord of the Clans, WotA Arcive, Rise of the Horde, The Last Guardian, Tides of Darkness and Day of the Dragon

My favorite race is Forest Trolls, followed by High Elves and on a third we got Humans, Zul'Jin is the greatest lore character and Stromgarde is the best of the Seven Kingdoms.

There's only one fantasy universe with better lore than Warcraft, and that one is... WarHammer!! So Yes, I will play WarHammer Online: The Age of Reckoning when it's out, infact I already pre-ordered the Collectors Edition! Drop a message on my talk page if you wanna play with a lore geek once it's out :P

I do use [1] and try to do my best to expand it, but most of my Warhammer knowledge is of the Storm of Chaos, wich is unfortunately not among the canon lore in the game S=

When I'm not gaming or wiki'ing, I usually sit around with my friends playing WFRP or listening to all kinds of Hard Rock and Metal(and sometimes a bit of Bob Marley sneaks in), so I'm Gonna Rock This Wiki Like A Hurricane!!

Well i guess this is it for now, thx for taking the time to read this ;)

I'll expand this soon


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