About me:

  • A guy from Finland, a place in northern Europe.

I enjoy roleplaying and PvP, PvE I regard mainly as something to do before one can thoroughly enjoy either of the forementioned; Endgame raiding I find quite dull but then again there are some very neat props/costumes available from raids, dungeons and quests. One can call it contradicting that I enjoy PvP - when it's concentual and maybe foremost respectful and not engaged just to be an ass (a lvl 70 killing a level 25 in Hillsbrad just because they can). I have tried a RP-PvP realm but it didn't suit my tastes with near constant ganking and making life difficult for the lowbies.

As of now my favourite realm - because it houses most of my RL friends as well, is the Sha'tar, an European RP server. Not yet as notorius as the Moonglade, but I've found the people in Sha'tar to be very mature in general, especially on the Horde side. And there have been some very interesting RP events I've participated in there, such as Amani Troll attack on Silvermoon and Death Knights appearing throughout Azeroth.. Since they haven't been yet implemented they were actually Paladins with - as essential in RP - dash of imagination and character depth thrown in.

I have been stuck somehow with the races introduced in the Burning Crusade, the blood elves and the Draenei, although as an exception I do own a Troll Hunter (due to obvious racial bonuses for the class) and a Night Elf Druid. Also I generally play female models - which in all honesty can be a pain in RP situations - and it's merely for the aesthetics value, I do inform my guild mates or any other person needing to know that I'm not a girl IRL if they get the impression. I generally refuse and feel awkward about getting gifts from other characters. IMHO in general female models don't look as retarded as male models usually do. You might find this weird or even funny, and hey, you're entitled to your opinion.

What else.. Ah yes, this relates very much to my interest in roleplaying - I've read tens if not hundreds of pages about Lore in WoWwiki, and well, that's all I can usually do. I rarely if ever have information that's not yet here. But I try to soak up information like a sponge, since it helps me to develop my characters and makes me look less stupid in my chosen Realm.. :D

So, about how I roll.. (do drop me a note if I get too carried away with these.. :P )

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Sha'tar Tabard This user plays on the European The Sha'tar server.
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Spell magic lesserinvisibilty This user has too many alternate characters.
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This user plays both factions and isn't ashamed to admit it.
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