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Basic Information Edit

Name: Rikora Bloodsand

Age: 22

Height: 6'4

Weight 224lbs

Class: Warrior

Professions: Engineering(Gnome), Mining.

Current Titles: Ex-Seeker, Frostwolf Grunt, Warrior

Bloodline: Orc, Troll(undefined)

Rikora's build is not much different from that of any other Orc soldier. She is anything but thin, and petite, with her muscles keeping her build large. Despite being muscular, she is not disgustingly so, and some sort of a feminine build is visible. Her skin is blue due to one of her parents being a Troll, and her hair, which is always pulled back into a braid, is purple. Her voice is not feminine, but not quite exactly masculine, and when not in combat, she always speaks quietly. This quiet can quickly become shattered though if she ever decides to roar, or yell battle commands. Her eyes are blue, but are often bloodshot either from fatigue, or rage. She is almost never seen out of her plate armor, and always has at least her axe, and one other blade upon her person. Her skin is free from scars, but is often covered with either dirt, or blood depending on how the day went. She does bathe when she has off time, and unless she has been fighting, she has no particular odor.

Ailments Edit

Rikora has no physical health problems, and her body is in top shape. She does in fact though, suffer from several mental problems due to years of abuse as a child, or possibly because she was born half-blood. Such things range from various degrees of developmental disorders, personality disorders(Example of this would be her intense fear to do things that are "normal" such as eating a cake), conduct disorders, dysphoira, and depending on the trigger, complete temporary psychosis.

She is for the most part unaware of many of her problems, but does acknowledge her irrational fear of clothing, and all things "weak" and has recognized the triggers for her psychosis, which she tries to avoid.

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