300 hundred years have passed since the events of WoW: MoP. You can not even imagine how the world has changed in these years. Burning Legion came. New leaders ruled the world, new plague killed people and comet hit the world of Azeroth.

Features Edit

  • New races - Naga for Great Ally, and Furbolgs for the Alliance
  • Level cap raised to 100
  • New faction - Great Ally
  • New continent - Zul'aman, Tolcarne (continent in the middle of Forbidding Sea)
  • New class - Necromancer
  • New monsters
  • New quests
  • New items
  • New spells
  • New recipes
  • New dungeons and raids
  • Better talent system
  • New interface
  • Bugs fixed
  • Create a World Tool
  • Change Azeroth! (You can become king, leader (for example Troll racial leader)etc.)
  • Create spells Tool
  • Purchasable properties
  • Blue Child (one of two Azeroth's Moons) is visible

Events Edit

30 years after the events of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Azeroth was taken by a new lich king - Ono'zarack. He created a spell that once will destroy Azeroth - he brought them a comet. 5 years later Broken evolved to healthy Draenei, so they created an empire that rules more than half of Kalimdor. When Velen' prophecy became truth he died. Soon after the creation of new empire comet failed on Pandaria. Lich King died. They conquered Northern and Central Kalimdor. Taurens moved to Southern Kalimdor, Orcs to an island in the middle of the Great Sea, but Trolls went where they could, Night elves went to [Northrend]]. Soon after comet fell on Pandaria Pandarens went to Northrend. Sky became dark and Worgen curse became more destructible. Worgen stoled New Plague elixir and attacked Undead, Gnomes and Dwarves, as they were almost in war in recent years. Goblins were weak and they were enslaved by humans. When Worgen distributed New Plague it affected everyone in Eastern Kingdoms. When Burning Legion saw how Azeroth is weak now they attacked it anddestroyed Draenei empire, with the help of of other races. When Burning Legion came they enslaved Undead. With the help of other races Burning Legion was destroyed once and for all, but demons still exists. Blood elves raised their technology into another level. They became addicted from blood. Soon everything again was normal.

Affected races Edit

Horde Edit

Blood elves Edit

Blood Elves lived peacefully, so they could make their empire strong and discovered new technologies. When Draenei destroyed most of Orcish, Tauren and Troll race they became superpower of the Horde. Quel'thalas is currently ruled by Yangnahod Anderlor. After Galen Trollbane dissapeared of the Well of Eternity it exploded once again. Though it was the source of their magic powers it was not a big disaster. They helped to make place for living to Forsaken and Goblins. Their magic addiction became uncontrollable and made a new wave of plague, but they found a new resource - Blood. Blood elves are masters of Blood magics. Though their new addiction High elves joined Blood elves. Now it is confirmed that they have green eyes and it is visible in game, also their skin became more paler.

Goblins Edit

In recent years Goblins created an empire. They controlled all trading routes, but now their empire failed. They fell under the power of Humans. Than most of them died in terrible plague, cause by comet. After it they went to seek help to Blood elves. They found it, and now they live somewhere in Tuff'margan.

Orcs Edit

Humans attacked Tauren, they helped to get back Mulgore and destroyed everything what humans had in Kalimdor. Than Orcs conquered Central Kalimdor. When Draenei became superpower of Alliance they fought against Draenei, but when Orgrimmar was lost they decided to left the Kalimdor, because their chance to live there was almost impossible. They founded a new city and resided in Popfon Isle, that is located in the Great Sea.

Taurens Edit

When Theramore was rebuild Humans conquered Southern Barrens they became able to attack Tauren. They destroyed most of Mulgore including Thunder Bluff. With the help of Orcs Humans were banished from Mulgore. 7 years later Theramore was again destroyed and never reconstructed. Though Jaina Proudmoore was founder of Theramore she joined the Horde and shared a friendship with Thrall. Tauren started to restore the land and the ballance between races and the land. They couldn't even restore the land when When Draenei attacked Tauren. Events was so fast that most of them couldn't even react. They went to Southern Kalimdor and created a beautiful landscape though comet destroyed most of it.

Trolls Edit

Trolls didn't want to lose their home, so they helped the Draenei. They banished Orcs from their home, but get banished from Echo Isles by Draenei. Trolls now are banished from the Horde, they now have created their own faction - Great Ally. Trolls created many empires, but only one is still left - Agonian Kingdom. It is located in Zul'aman.

Undead Edit

Undead are a race, who suffered the most in these times. Undead lose their members, by plague, though they are undead, it affected them too. Than they were killed by Worgen and enslaved by Burning Legion. They became weak. Blood Elves helped them to found new lands in plaguelands. Now it's their home.

Alliance Edit

Draenei Edit

After devastating plague, which was brought by humans who wanted to escape from it by moving to Kalimdor Velen's prophecy became true - Broken have raised. With their help they made an enormous empire, which controlled Northern and Central Kalimdor. Though the price was high they became superpower of the Alliance. When Burning Legion last time returned to Azeroth they attacked directly Draenei. Many races helped Burning Legion to destroy them. After disastrous genocide Draenei was close to extinction. Velen saw that he can not help his own people and therefore made a suicide. Now ruins of their once glorious empire can be found across most of Kalimdor.

Dwarves Edit

Dwarves lived peacefully in their home Dun Morogh, but when Worgen attacked them their home was destroyed. Than all still alive Dwarves went to their new home - Tolcarne.

Gnomes Edit

Also Gnomes were affected by the Plague. As they were related to Dwarves they also were affected when Worgen attacked them. Only 10% of them are still alive. They lost their technologic wonders and were enslaved by Burning Legion, when they became free they joined Great Ally.

Humans Edit

Stormwind was so powerful as it never was, but when plague fell on humanity Stormwind was destroyed. Than a war vaged between humans and the Burning legion, though they destroyed it humanity again was on the threshold of extinction. Stormwind separated into 3 different empires: Nation's Kingdom of Redridge (joined the Horde), Kingdom of Westfall (Neutral) and Stormwind. After a major battle Stormwind lost half of it's members and Duskwood to Demons. Half of remaining ones went to restored kingdom of Arathor. Galen Trollbane joined the Horde (Alliance didn't know about it) to create a powerful empire with the help of Alliance' members, who must join Horde, because their king is member of it. When inhabbitants of new founded nation of Arathor understood Galen's plans they throw him in to Well of Eternity to never return. Currently only Humans of Arathor are playable.

Night Elves Edit

Night Elves suffered from Draenei. They lost their home, the Nordrassil and Teldrassil. After these events they went to Northrend and joined Great Ally and restored their immortality.

Worgen Edit

When comet fell on Azeroth, Worgen had a brilliant plan. They stoled New Plague elixir and created Plague. They attacked Dwarves, Gnomes and Undead. They said that Gnomes and Dwarves were distributors of plague. As Humans were superpower and they believed Worgen these two races were doomed.

Neutral races Edit

Pandaren Edit

As comet fell on Pandaria most of Pandarens died. They went to Northrend and now they live there. They have joined Great Ally.

Affected regions Edit

New regions Edit

Zul'aman Edit

Sel'abim Forest Edit

Sel'abim Forest is a part of Zul'aman. It is located at the eastern coast of Lake Abassi. It is believed that this forest is enchanted by the Trolls to protect their lands of further invasion. This territory was invisible. Forest is very shadowy and dark. In Trolls mythology it has appeared as home of God of destruction.

Tuff'margan Edit

This is a very mountainous place. It is located on northeastern part of the Zul'aman. Currently it is home of Goblins.

Deathspear gorge Edit

This is a small region located south of Tuff'margan. It is a giant gorge that separates Tuff'margan from Lordonor. There is one bridge which makes both territories (in the south and in the north) reachable. It leads to the Thunderhill (raid) that is home of God of destruction. Currently it is mostly populated by naga. Some people think that naga soon may attack Blood Elves.

Lordonor Edit

Lordonor is southern territory of Zul'aman. On it's north-western edge Zul'aman City is located.

Zul'aman City Edit

Zul'aman City was former and present Trolls capital city. City is very large. It has many squares and a district for each class. In the middle of the city is a giant tower. It is called tower of eternity. It is so high that it reach the sky. It is believed that it is a portal which Malfurion Stormrage used to go to the Emerald Dream.

Tolcarne Edit

Forlondor Lake Edit

Forlondor Lake is a lake with many small islands. It is located in the middle of the continent. In the region all plants of Azeroth (world) are found in. Lake is very deep, but swimming in it won't result fatigue. In the middle of the lake is a giant tree. Tree makes area shadowy creating place very mystic. It has many night elven wisps. Under the tree is a sanctuary for Aviana and players can meet her there. It is believed that this tree is G'hanir. Near the tree also live many druids. Night elves have restored their immortality. It is not on the highest peak, because Tolcarne is a giant volcano and recently it failed hardly damaging the tree. This means that tree might standed higher than Nordrassil now.

Plains of Shira Edit

Shira is a giant flat grassland region. On it' western side are giant mountains. This zone often suffers from avalanches.

Tegel Edit

Tegel is highest mount in the continent of Tolcarne. On it's eastern side is Shira, western - Denmori. Mountain still has many roots of th tree as it failes into the lake. These branches are home to the furbolgs. These furbolgs have joined Alliance. Before this expansion they lived peacefully. Also here Furbolg capital Thinigran is located.

Thinigran Edit

Thinigran is capital of furbolgs. It is also furbolgs starting area. City is masterpiece of wooding, though it is located in a branch. City has 7 levels, but the Central Hall is located on each level.

Denmori Edit

Denmori is a small coastal area west of Tegel. Territory is heavily corrupted by the demons. It is believed that events of Wow:TBC led to catastrophic destruction of Tolcarne volcano and damaging the tree. Their attack to the tree was unsucessful, so they corrupted this region to destroy the tree, when they will return someday again.

Blossom Dawn Edit

Blossom Dawn is a valley, between Tegel and Trombonor. It has a river, which flows through it, from Forlondor Lake to the Forbidding Sea. Trees here are in blossom. Territory is very friendly. Near the embochure of the river is a human city with 5,000 inhabbitants.

Trombonor Edit

Trombonor is a high mountain creek. On the top of it there are desert. Territory has one Goblin village. There are small amount of enemies but they're very strong.

Shlorc Stron Edit

Shlorc is coastal region located north of Trombonor. Territory is very cold and inhospitable. In titan language the name means that cold place.

Wurdory Edit

Flat region located north of Forlondor Lake, south - of Trombonor. Territory has grasslands. There lives bison-like animals. There are many farms and geysers.

Eldermal Edit

Eldermal is a bay, east of Trombonor. It has many islands and flying mountains over it.

Felin Edit

Felin is a region south of Eldermal. Around the area there are mountains. Territory is inhabbited by Night elves. In the middle of territory is a beautiful shrine. In ancient chronicles it is written that Alexstrasza is born here. In the middle of the shrine is a lake, which is believed to be the first Well of Eternity, which Titans used to create world of Azeroth.

Slimblinaar Edit

Sliblinaar is a region populated by goblins. In this area is eternal spring. Zone has a variety of animal and plant life and everywhere there are flowers. In area there are many dungeons.

Tremengar Edit

Tremengar is a mountainous area south of Felin. Territory is very cold and only strongest animals can live in this climat.

Vale of Emerald Edit

Vale of Emerald is a valley between Tremengar and Shangh. Valley is described as the most beautiful place in the world. It is place where druid power is the strongest. It is believed that spirit world - Emerald Dream meats the Azeroth here. One of portals to Emerald Dream is located here.

Shangh Edit

Shangh is a mountainous area west of Vale of Emerald. Shangh is described as a place where the rage is born. Pandaren name Sha is taken from name of this place. Sha came to Pandaria from this place. This is also the starting area of the naga.

Others Edit

Gulf of Traelin Edit

Gulf of Traelin is a zone located North of Stormwind and south of Dun Morogh. Gulf is a big bay, which has many towns at the coast. Also it has many islands, rovers, waterfalls. From all sides it is surrounded by mountains. It has a strait that connects the gulf with the Great Sea and a tunnel, which connects zone with Stormwind. Zone is lush-jungle forested area. It is inhabbitet by the Trolls, Dwarves and Humans. Though there're more Alliance NPCs it's a contested zone.

Northern Lordaeron Edit
Popfon Isle Edit

Popfon Isle is an isle near Maelstrom. Isle is populated by the Orcs. Isle is desert-like, much like Durotar, but plants grows only at the coast. Current orc capital city is Tjor.

Tjor Edit

Tjor is current Orcish capital city located in the middle of Popfon Isle.

Regions that have changed Edit

Northrend Edit

Crystalsong Forest Edit

When Dalaran failed it destroyed The Great Tree and the shock wave desroyed all the crystal trees in the area.

Dalaran Edit

When Burning Legion attacked Dalaren it falled on the ground resulting completely destruction of the city.

Howling Fjord Edit

Valgarde is destroyed by a landslide. Westguard Keep failed into the sea. Skorn has been remodeled and became bigger. Town currently is a neutral town, this means that Alliance and Horde players can be there, but they can not attack each other in this town. Currently it is

Borean Tundra Edit

Recently many areas has been flooded, by the geysers, because volcano may soon eruot here. Tuskarrs have built a town between Coldarra and the region.

Dragonblight Edit

Area around Wyrmrest Temple has some trees now and it is taken by the Horde. From the sea zone is attacked by the Alliance. Tuskarrs started to use dragon bones in construction of their villages.

Grizzly Hills Edit

Island on which Venture Bay is located started to sink. As furbolgs were Pandaren enemies pandarens burned down Grizzlemaw. Currently this is Pandaren starting area. Some new zones has been added.

Zul'Drak Edit

Road to Gundrak has been shattered resulting panic.

Sholazar Basin Edit

The Avalanche started to melt resulting flood in eastern part of the zone.

The Storm Peaks Edit

Part of Ulduar has been remodeled. Thunderfall became a swirling vortex slowly destroying Camp Tunka'lo.

Wintergrasp Edit

Currently it is the starting area of Night elves. Zone is heavily remodeled.

Icecrown Edit

Icecrown Citadel has been failed, when lich king died. After the event dead dragons started to fly all over the zone.

Kalimdor Edit

Ashenvale Edit

Astranaar is destroyed. Forests are chopped down. Lakes are dry. Stardust Spire failed. Currently zone is controlled by naga.

Azshara Edit

Ravencrest Monument is rebuilt. Ruins of Eldarath has been destroyed and Night elves started to build there a new city. Arcane Pinnacle has been remodeled.

Azuremyst Isle and The Exodar Edit

The Exodar has been remodeled. Many new zones and old ones are remodeled.

Bloodmyst Isle Edit

Island now has many Night elves and Blood elves that want to conquer this island. Wyrmscar Island is sunken.

Darkshore Edit

Darkshore is corrupted by demons. New islandhas appeared in the Veiled Sea

Teldrassil and Darnassus Edit

Completely burned down. Undead want to conquer this land, while Night elves wants to save this sacred place as their own.

Felwood Edit

New zones.

Mount Hyjal Edit

Nordrassil is destroyed by the Burning Legion. Firelands are expanded. All trees are burned.

Moonglade Edit

Moonglade is expanded. Through caves night elven druids founded many new subzones. It is untouched by this expansion.

Winterspring Edit

Area is corrupted by demons. New Everlook is located by the sea. It is reachable by elevator.

Northern Barrens Edit

Ratchet has been destroyed. Massive fire started to burn savannas.

Southern Barrens Edit

Part of The Overgrowth failed into Great Divide. Northwatch Hold has been corrupted by the demons. Fort Triumph has been destroyed. Giant Draenei castle stands in the middle of the zone.

Desolace Edit

It seems that a huge battle is happened in the Desolace. Part of the zone is flooded, another part is burned. It has not any plant. Zone is heavily revamped.

Durotar Edit

Nothing of infrastructure is left. Zone is currently conquered by beasts and demons.

Dustwallow Marsh Edit

Theramore Isle is currently bigger. It is overrun by the Ogres that have built their own city here, destroying the old one. It seems that they want to create their own kingdom. They are most likely to join Horde.

Mulgore Edit

Land is dry and arid. Draenei came and destroyed everything. They burned every plant and than scattered acid and salt everywhere.

Stonetalon Mountains Edit

Stonetalon Mountains was the only zone that escaped from Draenei. Here lives many refugees from Draenei, Night elven, Tauren, Orc and Troll race. They have founded a new faction - Desolation. Faction is unplayable and rules only this zone. Zone is heavily revamped.

Feralas Edit

Feralas is one of the zones that are changed heavily. Currently it is home for Tauren. Zone has nothing that was seen in the expansion Wow: MoP.

Silithus Edit

Currently zone is flooded. It has many isles, which are forested.

Tanaris Edit

Tanaris is currently a lush-jungle. Area has many lakes and new buildings and subzones. It is populated by the Taurens.

Uldum Edit

Most of Uldum is destroyed and flooded by the tidal wave that came after the meteorite fell on Pandaria. Isles that are left hae forests. Each of the Isles have a dungeon. Sunken area is still left and visible, while you are in what is left of zone (even underwater) you will not have fatigue. Zone is ruled by Naga.

Un'Goro Crater Edit

Currently this zone is a bay, continuation of Silithus. Bay has many Isles and it is populated by the Tauren.

Eastern Kingdoms Edit

Blasted Lands Edit

Nethergarde Keep is seen to be reconstructed and getting bigger, but than it failed. A ruins of a city, that are partially flooded can be found south of the keep. What is left of The Dark Portal is destroyed with the help of the Blood elves. Goblins have a city there. The Red Reaches are currently lush-forested area. Surwich is completely destroyed. The Tainted Scar is healed. Zone currently belongs to Horde and there are 20,000 inhabbitants.

Duskwood Edit

Duskwood now is corrupted. It is home for demons and hostile Undead, which attack Humans often. Zone is something like Plaguelands. They want to use the power of the World Tree to destroy Humanity.

Elwynn Forest and Stormwind Edit

Elwynn Forest is now burned in the south and still alive in the north. Northshire Abbey has been overrun by the blackrock orcs and Light's Hope Chapel is destroyed. Stormwind also is destroyed by the Burning Legion, though city still is populated it remains only a shell of it's former power. Kingdom of Stormwind now controls only this zone.

Redridge Mountains Edit

Redridge Mountains has developed to another level. They have founded Nation's Kingdom of Redridge that has joined the Horde, though they're Humans. They have attacked Kingdom of Stormwind. This kingdom currently controls this zone and Swamp of Sorrows. Redridge Mountains are changed heavily, but in the good side. Area of he zone is much bigger, zone is much more beautiful and it has more subzones. The Forbidding Sea is accesible from this zone. Redridge Highway is now on a high bridge.

Stranglethorn Vale Edit

Booty Bay is remodeled. Area is attacked by the Naga. Goblins of Bilgewater Cartel have joined a peace treaty with Naga, to don't attack Booty Bay. Northern Stranglethorn is heavily remodeled. Statue of Baron Revilgaz is now controlled by the Naga.

Swamp of Sorrows Edit

Zone is now controlled by Nation's Kingdom of Redridge. Temple of Atal'Hakkar has been remodeled and now it is shown that a major Night Elven city was located here and only ruins are now left. Water level has been raised in the area.

Westfall Edit

Westfall is now again a rich agricultural center. Now it is ruled by Kingdom of Westfall. The Raging Chasm is stopped now and Sentinel Hill is heavily remodeled. Now it is the capital of new founded kingdom. Sentinel Hill is also the starting area for the humans of Westfall. New kingdom is now trying to conquer Duskwood and it is in war with Kingdom of Stormwind.

Badlands Edit

A new volcano has been raised in this zone. It mades this zone more dangerous.

Dun Morogh Edit

Gnomeregan has been retaken by Gnomes. Ironforge has been split in two (ground has been split asunder) - one of these parts has been conquered by Dark Iron clan and other one by Wildhammer clan. Many zones has been heavily remodeled and zone is currently in war.

Loch Modan Edit

Stonewrought Dam is made a city and it is rebuilt. The Loch is not full, because a new chasm is created in it's southern part. Valley of Kings has been remodeled. Goblins have created a digsite in former Loch Modan, because a very worthy ore can be found there.

Twilight Highlands Edit

The Great Ally has been conquered this zone.

Wetlands Edit

Zone is now bigger and Menethil Harbor has been remodeled. Zone now is needed bigger level to play. Now it has more subzones and it belongs to The Great Ally.

Alterac Mountains Edit

Ruins of Alterac is now a dungeon. It is part of Arathor.

Arathi Highlands Edit

Arathi Highlands has restored their mighty empire of Arathor. This zone is it's capital. Humans of Stromgarde are playable and their starting location is Hammerfall.

Eastern Plaguelands (now known as Trashier) Edit

Needed level to play here is lower now. It is the starting zone for Undead race. Stratholme is now destroyed and is current Forsaken capital, but the Scourge have went further, they want to destroy Northern Lordaeron. Area is changed heavily, it has also many Blood elves.

Scarlet Enclave Edit

Scarlet Enclave has been conquered by the Alliance. Scourge goes to Deathspeare gorge.

Gilneas Edit

House of Greymane has been destroyed after an assault on Greymane Manor. Horde has been attacked heavily after plague fell on Forsaken. This is the most devastated area in this expansion. Gilneas are changed, so noone knows the place. Though zone is member of Arathor it is currently in war.

Hillsbrad Foothills Edit

After devastating Forsaken assault area is dying. Land starts to fall. This is part of the Arathor.

Hinterlands Edit

Zone belongs to Horde. After heavy wars Trolls have saved this place as their own, because here're many sacred places for them. Aerie Peak is a city now.

Silverpine Forest Edit

Silverpine Forest failed after Forsaken went to Plaguelands. After this event area belongs to Alliance and it is part of Arathor. Shadowfang Keep is remodeled now and huge areas are discovered on it's shores. Zone is member of Arathor

Tirisfal Glades Edit

Tirisfal Glades are now major citadel of demons. Undercity is now their capital. Zone is bigger and it is playable only for level 50 - 55 players. Arathor started a battle in it's southern border for conquering the area.

Western Plaguelands Edit

Area is changed heavily, it is much more beautiful. I tis ruled by the Horde. Bulwark is now a major fortress to hold an assault of demons, as Chillwind Camp. Area is very secured for possible assault.

Eversong Woods, Silvermoon and Isle of Quel'Danas Edit

The Dead Scar is destroyed. Sunstrider Isle and Silvermoon are heavily remodeled. Silvermoon has it's own port and Ruined part of city is rebuilt. Under Isle a tunnel system is discovered.

Ghostlands Edit

Ghostlands are now made similar to Eversong Woods, but the zone still hides many secrets. Scourge has more power than ever before. Windrunner Spire is remodeled and is populated by members of Windrunner family.

Others Edit

Vashj'ir Edit

Vashj'ir was planned to be the starting area of the naga, but when Horde started an assault on it starting area was changed. It's now somewhere in the Tolcarne.

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