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Summarized Info

Name: Razzik
Alias: Whatever you want, as long as he gets paid.
Race: Troll
Raising: Goblin
Class: Rogue
Profession: Mercenary
Current Home: Ratchet
Afilliation: Steamwheedle Cartel, in Particular Gazlowe.
Height: 7'3"
Weight: 230 Lbs
Age: 17
Motivations: Greed, Gazlowe

Physical Brief

Compact muscles frame his body, his tusks are barely prominent due to his youth. His scalp supports no hair, having long since been deliberately eradicated by one of his potions. When feeling threatened he stands taller, rather than the normal Troll instict to make themselves less of a target by crouching.


Official knowledge of Razzik is sparse, due to the fact that most of the Goblins who know him have been paid considerable sums of money to keep their mouths shut about him. And since they are the only ones who know much about him, the only semi-credible information is gathered from witnesses outside of the Cartel or Mercenaries no longer under their employ.

15 years ago, a small Jungle Troll village was deemed in the way of one of the Trade Princes exploits, and was destroyed. A Goblin dockworker took pity on one Troll infant, and adopted it as his own. Why the Goblin was so far from the docks is of yet unknown.

14 years ago, a Troll infant was discovered upon a ship docked in Ratchet. The crew claimed no knowledge of him, and mixed answers met questions purtaining to his carekeeper. One labourer less was present on the ship than there had been upon departure from the Undermine.
The infant was adopted by Gazlowe, who simply stated that he "Sensed and Opportunity". He gave Razzik his current name.

2 years ago, a business rival of Gazlowes (Along with any potential witnesses) was found dead in his home. Evidence suggested the assailant was considerably larger than a Goblin.
Gazlowe's profits increased substantially.

1 Year ago, Gazlowe (Shortly after several other convenient, if less signifigant, deaths) began hiring Razzik out as a Mercenary to the inhabitants of Ratchet. He runs a few succesful missions, mainly escorting Goblin Caravans through the Barrens.
Coincidently, the Venture Co. worker fatality rate spikes.

A few months ago, Razzik left Ratchet and has begun taking on missions with non-Goblins, although he has often been reported to go off and perform activities that do not match up with known quests, shortly followed by an increase in Gazlowe's profits.


There are many things on Razziks mind, but aparently discovering who his real parents were, or if they survived, is not one of them. The only person he shows any true respect to is Gazlowe, who he treats more as a boss than a father figure.

His list of interests are as follows:

1. Getting Money

2. Killing people

Perhaps the term 'Many things on his mind' was a slight exageration.

Though he has been raised as member of the Cartel and previously seeming to have no inclination to aid either the Horde or Alliance, recently he has been seen sporting the banner of the Four Winds and has stopped killing Horde. To fulfill his 'kill anything with a pulse' itch, he has doubled the number of Allies he slaughters.

Unofficial Reports

(Feel free to talk scheisse about him here.)

OOC Info

Server: Lightning Hoof
Style: Heavy RolePlayer
Attitude towards non-RPers: I will find you. I will capture you. And I will make you swear to whatever personification of nature you worship that you will GO TO A PVP SERVER ALREADY!

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