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  • Race: Dwarf
  • Class: Warrior
  • Affiliation: Stormpike Guard
  • Gender: Male
In his youth, Setomori had always looked up with reverance to the might Mountain Kings that had ruled the Bronzebeard Dwarves for centuries. He himself had always dreamed of becoming such a Dwarf, riding into battle with an axe in one hand, a mace in the other. The mighty Warriors were a terrific sight, and upon reaching adulthood, Setomori vowed to become a Mountain King.

But he didn't. He began his training in Ironforge, under the eyes of Kelv Sternhammer, but before long he chose to visit Stormwind. While he had marvelled at the Mountain Kings and their... savagery, Setomori had also looked up to the honourable way that the Humans fought during the Great Wars. And so, he also began training under Ander Germaine. But he soon forgot his dreams of becoming a Mountain King, and learnt the ways of the two handed weapons - claymores, warhammers, battleaxes, halberds and the like. He ignored the ways of a Fury Warrior, and chose the path of an Arms Warrior.

When Setomori returned to Ironforge after training for many months in Stormwind, he remember that while he had loyalty to the Alliance and the Humans, his heritage was that of the Dwarves, and that he must put their wellbeing first. The oppurtunity to continue helping his people arose almost immediately - the Stormpike Guard, which was searching for relics of the Titans in the far off northern mountains of Alterac, in the Alterac Valley, had come under the attack of the Frostwolf Clan. Setomori knew that this was the perfect time to prove himself and help his people at the same time, and so he took up arms and moved north, to help the Stormpike Guard in its mission.

Over time, Setomori grew more prominent among the Guard, using his skills as a Warrior time and again on the frozen battlefields. He found himself capable of mimicking both an Arms and Fury Warrior, rather able to dual wield weapons effectively, but nonetheless he was much stronger with a two handed weapon. Setomori learnt more and more about the Valley, and found its shortcuts, its hideaways, its nooks and crannies that could all be used to counter the Frostwolf Clan's tactics, for they had resided in the Valley since time forgot, and knew where they could get their advantages. Setomori began relaying various plans and tactics to the Commanders and before he knew it, he was coming up with tactics that were told to Vanndar Stormpike himself. In commemoration of his achievements, he was awarded The Unstoppable Force.

To this day, Setomori remains in the Alterac Valley, consulting with the Commanders, Marshals and Vanndar Stormpike. While he has been offered a place within the General's room, he prefers to live on the forefront, shouting orders to the troops, and swinging his mace, bringing victory to the Stormpike Guard.
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