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Character Name: Raogrimm

Level: 60

Class: Warrior

Talent points: 31/5/15 Hybrid Arm/Protect

Tank Set


See: Profiles

8499 Armor (AC) / 6383 Health (HP) / 392 Defense (Def)

Fire Resistance Set


+55 (Head) - Dark Iron Helm with +20 FR

+15 (Neck) - Drakefire Amulet

+15 (Shoulder) - Dark Iron Shoulders with +5 FR enchant

+23 (Back) - Onyxia Scale Cloak with +7 FR enchant

+19 (Chest) - Dark Iron Plate with +100 Health

+18 (Wrist) - Dark Iron Bracers with +9 Stamina

+28 (Hands) - Dark Iron Gauntlets with +7 Agility

+26 (Waist) - Lava Belt

+50 (Leggings) - Dark Iron Leggings with +20 FR

+12 (Feet) - Core Forge Greaves +7 Stamina

+15 (Ring1) - Ocean Breeze

+0 (Ring2) - Heavy Dark Iron Ring

+0 (Trinket 1) - Frostwolf Insignia Rank 6

+15 (Trinket 2) - Onyxia Blood Talisman

+0 (Main-Hand) - Bloodlord’s Defender with Crusader

+10 (Off-Hand) - Drillborer Disk

+0 (Ranged) - Gorewood Bow with Scope (+7 Damage)

TOTAL FR: 299 unbuffed - With Mark of the Wild I'm over 315

8332 Armor (AC) / 5175 Health (HP) / 331 Defense (Def)

Additional FR Items

+10 (Trinket) - Royal Seal of Eldre'Thalas

+15 (Trinket) - Blazing Emblem

+10 (Off-Hand) - Draconian Deflector with 7 Stamina

+19 (Ring) - Jasper Ring of Fire Resistance

Nature Resistance Set


+25 (Head) - Gyth's Skull of Nature Resistance with +10 NR

+0 (Neck) - Rage of Mugamba

+25 (Shoulders) - Acid-etched Pauldrons with +5 NR

+35 (Back) - Green Dragonskin Cloak with +15 NR

+30 (Chest) - Ironvine Breastplate with +100 Health

+15 (Bracers) - Noxxion's Shackles with 9 Stamina

+20 (Gauntlets) - Ironvine Gloves with 7 Agility

+15 (Waist) - Ironvine Belt

+35 (Leggings) - Cenarion Reservist's Legplates with +10 NR

+0 (Feet) - Boots of the Unwavering Will with 7 Stamina

+20 (Finger 1) - Malfurion's Signet Ring

+19 (Finger 2) - Band of Cenarius

+10 (Trinket 1) - Heart of Noxxion

+10 (Trinket 2) - Heart of Noxxion

+0 (Main-Hand) - Bloodlord’s Defender with Crusader

+15 (Off-Hand) - Husk of Nerub'enkan with +7 Stamina

+0 (Ranged) - Gorewood Bow with Scope (+7 Damage)

TOTAL NR: 284 unbuffed - With Mark of the Wild I'm 311

7034 Armor (AC) / 5102 Health (HP) / 363 Defense (Def)



Darkspear Trolls = Exalted

Orgrimmar = Exalted

Thunder Bluff = Exalted

Undercity = Exalted

Horde Forces

Frostwolf Clan = Exalted

The Defilers = Honored

Warsong Clan = Friendly

Steamwheedle Cartel

Booty Bay = Neutral

Everlook = Honored

Gadgetzan = Honored

Ratchet = Honored


Argent Dawn = Exalted

Bloodsail Buccaneers = Honored

Brood of Nozdormu = Hostile

Cenarion Circle = Exalted

Darkmoon Faire = Friendly

Gelkis Clan Centaur = Hated

Hydraxian Waterlords = Revered

Magram Clan Centaur = Revered

Ravenholdt = Friendly

Shen'dralar = Friendly

Syndicate = Hated

Thorium Brotherhood = Revered

Timbermaw Hold = Exalted

Zandalar Tribe = Exalted

Keys and Attunement

Drakefire Amulet (Onyxia's Lair Key): YES

Seal of Ascension (UBRS): YES

Key to the City (Undead Strat): YES

Crescent Key (Dire Maul): YES

Skeleton Key (Scholomance): YES

Mallet of Zul'Farrak (Ghaz'rilla): YES

Shadowforge Key (Blackrock Depths): YES

Scarlet Key (SM, Living Strat): YES

Scepter of Celebras (Maraudon): YES

Workshop Key (Gnomeregan): YES

Molten Core Attunement: YES

Blackwing Lair Attunement: YES

Naxx Attuned: YES


Armorsmith = 300

Mining = 300

First Aid = 300

Cooking = 300

Fishing = 300

Armorsmith Plans

Dark Iron Set (6/7)

Dark Iron Helm

Dark Iron Bracers

Dark Iron Gauntlets

Dark Iron Plate (This item is BoP so I can’t make this item outside of myself)

Dark Iron Leggings

Dark Iron Shoulders

Missing plans to Dark Iron Boots as I’m only revered

Imperial Plate Set (8/8)

Imperial Plate Helm

Imperial Plate Bracers

Imperial Plate Gauntlets

Imperial Plate Chest

Imperial Plate Leggings

Imperial Plate Shoulders

Imperial Plate Boots

Imperial Plate Belt

Darkrune Set (3/3)

Darkrune Breastplate

Darkrune Helm

Darkrune Gauntlets

Enchanted Thorium Set (3/3)

Enchanted Thorium Breastplate

Enchanted Thorium Helm

Enchanted Thorium Leggings

Runic Plate Set (1/5)

Runic Leggings

Missing Runic Breastplate – Drops off Strashaz Myrmidon

Missing Runic Helm – Drops off Strashaz Warrior

Missing Runic Shoulders – Drops off Strashaz Serpent Guard

Missing Runic Boots – Drops off Scarlet Cavalier

Dark Iron Based FR Mail Gear (3/3)

Dark Iron Mail

Fiery Chain Girdle

Fiery Chain Shoulders

World Epic Drops (3/4)

Stronghold Gauntlets

Invulnerable Mail

Titanic Leggings

Missing Lionheart Helm plans as its "very" rare

World Rare Drops (6/6)

Helm of the Great Chief

Storm Gauntlets

Whitesoul Helm

Runed Mithril Hammer

Mithril Scale Shoulders

Mithril Shield Spike

Radiant Set (6/6)

Radiant Circlet

Radiant Breastplate

Radiant Gloves

Radiant Leggings

Radiant Belt

Radiant Boots

Thorium Set (6/6)

Thorium Armor

Thorium Belt

Thorium Boots

Thorium Bracers

Thorium Helm

Thorium Leggings

Molten Core Plans (1/2)

Elemental Sharpening Stone

Missing Sulfuron Hammer – Requires Sulfuron Ingot off Golemagg

AQ (2/2)

Black Grasp of the Destroyer

Thick Obsidian Breastplate

Cenarion Circle Plans (7/7)

Heavy Obsidian Belt

Light Obsidian Belt

Ironvine Belt

Ironvine Gloves

Ironvine Breastplate

Jagged Obsidian Shield

Obsidian Mail Tunic

Timbermaw Hold (2/2)

Heavy Timbermaw Belt

Heavy Timbermaw Boots

Argent Dawn Plans (2/5)

Girdle of the Dawn

Gloves of the Dawn

Missing Icebane Bracers – Require Book from Omarion

Missing Icebane Gauntlets - Require Book from Omarion

Missing Icebane Breastplate - Require Book from Omarion

Zandalar Tribe (6/6)

Darksoul Shoulders

Darksoul Leggings

Darksoul Breastplate

Bloodsoul Shoulders

Bloodsoul Gauntlets

Bloodsoul Breastplate


Ghemp - LVL 41 Rogue

Rashidi - LVL 30 Warlock (For soulstones)

Ponono - LVL 21 Hunter (Currently use to Scout World Bosses)

Misc Information

- I have all 3 AQ20 quest item rewards

- I have all 3 AQ20 books

- I have the trinket from the STV fishing contest grand prize

- I have all 3 ZG quest items, minus the trinket

- I have 300 skill for all weapons including throwing.

- I have a lot of stuff in my bank to keep saying "I have"

- Also I own 10, 18 slot bags giving me MAX storage.



KLH Threat Meter


Team Speak

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