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Concept art of the Emerald Dream from the official Warcraft Encyclopedia


Long ago, the titans of old created the Emerald Dream, an etheral realm existing opposite from the waking world, yet also interwoven within it at the same time. It was ruled over by Ysera the Dreamer, the green Dragon Aspect. Since that time, Ysera's brood has stood guard over the Dream, with only the dragons and Druids only having ever known what lies within.

However, as of late, corruption has found it's way to the Dream. After the Cataclysm, an evil known as "the Nightmare" appeared in the Dream. Five dragons, four of them being Ysera's four top lieutenants, Ysondre, Lethon, Emeriss, and Taerar, have been turned to evil, and the fifth being Eranikus, former consort of Ysera and among the greatest of the green dragonflight.

It is unknown what evil gives speed to these creatures, but rumor has it that a being of great and terrible power, fallen from grace long ago is behind it, waiting for his oppertunity to strike Azeroth where it is most vulnerable.....


New anttagonistsEdit

    • Ner'zhul - Will be a final Raid Boss. (Rescent events on Azeroth revealed that Xavius was the mastermind of the Nightmare, masquerading as "The Nightmare Lord". However, the storyline here will be that Ner'zhul has overthrown Xavius to become the new Nightmare Lord.)

      Ner'zhul will make his World of Warcraft debut in Awakening of The Emerald Nightmare"

      • Xavius will remain as one of Ner'zhul's lieutenants, possibly under some form of magical mind control. Gul'dan and Yogg-Saron will also be two of Ner'zhul's lieutenants. Deathwing, or at least a Shade of Deathwing, might be a possibility, too.
    • The Brood of Eranikus - Corrupted dragons of the Green dragonflight, led by Eranikus
    • Council of Nightmare - Corrupted druids/warlocks who want to gain control of The Dream.
    • Nightmare Dragonflight - Dragonkin hybrids of demons and green dragons created by Ner'zhul.
    • Black Tooth Grin clan of Orcs - Ner'zhul's "army of nightmare" consists primarily of these orcs.

New playable racesEdit

New regionsEdit

    • The Emerald Dream (new world region, such as Azeroth and Outland) - Contains the continent known as "Old Kalimdor". Below are descriptions of the induvidual regions within Old Kalimdor:
      • The Dream-Gate cities - Forest Grove, Shadow Grove, Dream Grove, Twilight Grove, Crystal Grove. (These are not induvidual regions; they are villages in all of the following regions; where specifically, i don't know yet.)
      • Shadowsong Forest - Named after Maiev Shadowsong, this region in in the location of where Darkshore, Ashenvale, and part of Felwood are currently located. It is one of the most hotly contested regions in Old Kalimdor between Ysera's forces and Ner'zhul's forces. A portion of The Watchers have taken residence here at Shadowsong Keep.
      • Deadwood Bog - An area of the Emerald Dream that is completely destroyed by the Nightmare. Located north of what is presently the Maelstrom. Once a beautiful and verdant place, it was destroyed soon after the Nightmare appeared. The wildlife was corrupted, and the wisps and druids that were here were corrupted, and now attack anything on sight.
      • Ley Fields - An area of the Emerald Dream where Durotar, the Barrens, and Mulgore. would be today. It is a sprawling zone of verdant fields bristling with magical energy, thus called the Ley Fields. Many wisps inhabit these fields. In the northern area, the Nightmare is beginning to spread, and adventurers come here to try and stop it. The druids have an outpost at Staghelm Village, and travelers go there to help fight the Nightmare. In addition, the Shamans of the Darkspear and Shadowtooth troll tribes have established the village of Zul'Jakkash here.
      • Stormrage Mountains - The Stormrage Mountains, named after Malfurion Stormrage, are a great mountain range that encompasses what would now be called the Redridge Mountains, as well as most of Khaz Modan. The Night Elf town of Malfuros lies in its high peaks.
      • Iceshadow Fields - The Iceshadow Fields are located where much of Northrend would be. This area has been corrupted by the Nightmare, and it was once called the Icechill Fields.
      • Darkened Woods - The Darkened Wood is where the Nightmare first originated from, and it is the area where Tirisfal Glades, the Plaguelands, Gilneas, Silverpine Forest, Quel'Thalas, and the northern section of Hillsbrad would be in Azeroth.
      • Gnarlpine Coast - The Gnarlpine Coast is where the Azuremyst Isles, Moonglade, and Teldrassil are located in the waking world. However, they have recently been ruined by the Nightmare, which corrupted the Druids in the Dream here, as well as the Gnarlpine Furbolgs.
      • Emerald Paradise - The Emerald Paradise is a vision of the world as a verdant natural paradise. Tranquil forests stretch away in every direction, and rolling hills and majestic mountains mimic Azeroth's landscape. It is what in the waking world would be called almost all of Northern Kalimdor and the North Seas. It is also where Cenarion Keep, the temporary stronghold of Ysera of Dreamer, is located.
      • Arathor - An echo of the dominion of the humans before they split into the seven kingdoms. It located in, what would be in Azeroth, Elwynn Forest, Westfall, and Duskwood. The spirit of King Thoradin resides in the city of Strom, assisting players against the Nightmare, whose corruption has begun creeping into the region.
      • Whisperwind Plains - A lush region that has fallen to the corruption of the Nightmare. It is a large region made up of all of Southern Kalimdor in the waking world, and also being apart of Desolace, Dustwallow Marsh, and the Stonetalon Mountains in Central Kalimdor. It also takes up all of the South Seas and Stranglethorn Vale. It is by far the largest zone in Old Kalimdor. It is named after Tyrande Whisperwind. It is home the Illidari Council who have been sent by Illidan to ally with Ner'zhul, and also to the Night elf metropolis of Eldre'Thalas (now known as Dire Maul), where the demigod Cenarius leads a portion of the Cenarion Circle against the Nightmare.
    • Zin-Azshari - Capital city of the Horde's naga
    • Nazjatar - Primary starting region of the Naga.
    • Quel'Thanar - Primary starting region of the High Elves; located in the area currently known as Northern Lordaeron.
    • Northeron - Capital city of the High elves.

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