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Meneleas Eversong, Champion of the Bronze dragonflight and Ambassador of the Alliance, is a powerful night elf druid. Eversong was a close friend of the brothers Stormrage and their friend Tyrande Whisperwind, and was a student of Malfurion's in the art of druidism during the early years of the kaldorei civilization and was a combatant in the War of the Ancients. It was during this time that a prophecy was made about Meneleas, saying that was was one of three champions that would finally destroy the Burning Legion and the evil it caused (AKA, the Scourge, Deathwing's corruption and the devastation he caused, etc.) After the war ended, Meneleas descended into the Emerald Dream like his mentor Malfurion and like many other druids. Also, like Malfurion, Meneleas was awakened from this enchanted slumber 1000 years after he entered it during the Third War to defend the world from the Burning Legion for a second time as the Legion used an army of the living dead lead by Archimonde the Defiler to destroy the world tree Nordrassil. After this battle was won, Meneleas, like Malfurion, once again re-entered the Dream. However, an unseen evil with the Dream itself forcibly re-awakened Meneleas about 5 years later. Meneleas, now a soldier of the Grand Alliance, travels throughout the lands of Azeroth as he slowly comes to realize his destiny in fulfilling his prophecy.

Early YearsEdit

Meneleas was born on the supercontinent of Kalimdor in the year 12,225, in the city known as Suramar. The names of his parents have been lost to time. When he was very young, he met Malfurion Stormrage and his twin brother, Illidan. The three soon became great friends.

Much of Meneleas's childhood is unknown, but it is known that he, like Malfurion and many other night elves, was taken under the wing of the demigod Cenarius and began learning about druidism. Meneleas became strongly attuned to the Emerald Dream, the etheral realm of Ysera, the dragon aspect of nature, who watched over the waking world from the Dream, and thus became an exceptionally skilled druid. It was these abilities that led to Malfurion, who had overtime become recongnized as the Shan'do (greatest of) of all Druids, taking on Meneleas as his own student.

During this period he spent early on learning from Malfurion, Meneleas approached a council of kaldorei oracles who lived within a reclusive area of Kalimdor (which is now located in the areas known as The Oracle Glade, Wellspring Lake, and Wellspring River in present day Kalimdor.) The oracles prophecized that Meneleas would one day become a great champion and "a savior of nations".

As the years passed, Menelas, like his mentor Malfurion, the young priestess Tyrande Whisperwind, and Cenarius grew wary of the powers of the Well of Eternity, believing that Queen Azshara and her Highborne council's reckless use of the Well's magic was beginning to plague their minds with a growing corruption. Their warnings, however, fell on deaf ears. Unaware of the true terror that they would bring, only Malfurion, Cenarius, Tyrande, Meneleas, and many other night elves remained vigilant of what could happen.

The War of The AncientsEdit

Although he continued to remain wary, Meneleas contiued with his daily life. Meneleas eventually moved the city of Eldre'Thalas, a city primarily controlled by the Highborne. Although the Highborne dominated this city, Meneleas lived here and improved the abilities as a druid, become more powerful.

It was during his time in Eldre'Thalas that he trained in the art of combat. The mighty warrior Varo'then and his Blademasters of Eldre'Thalas trained Meneleas how to wield a sword and shield. When his training was complete, Varo'then and Cenarius forged a mighty warblade constructed from the fangs of each of the five Dragon aspects. Naming the sword "Jai'drator" (which, in Old Elvish, means "Noble blade of the Dragons"), he vowed he would use it to protect the lands of Kalimdor in the name of Elune should the time ever come.

And the time did eventually come. Azshara and her Highborne's reckless uses of the Well of Eternity's magics sent cosmic ripples spiraling into the farthest reaches of the Great Dark Beyond. These ripples eventually found their way to the ruined planet of Argus, deep within the shadowed recesses of the Twisting Nether, where Sargeras and his Burning Legion has taken up residence. The Destroyer of Worlds was consumed with an insatiable hunger; he vowed to lead his Burning Legion to Azeroth and claim it's magical energies for himself. Sargeras used a portion of his vast power to send a telepathical message to Queen Azshara herself, and the queen, who had been nearly driven to the point of insanity from her reckless use of magic, agreed to let the Daemon Lord and his demonic army enter Azeroth. Even the Highborne agreed to worship Sargeras as their God. The Highborne opened up a magical portal within the depths of the Well. Through the well, the Burning Legion was loosed upon the unsuspecting denizens of Kalimdor. It fell upon the shoulders of Malfurion Stormrage to defend Kalimdor.

Malfurion formed the army known as the Kaldorei Resistance, recruiting many of his fellow druids. Meneleas, being as close as he was to Malfurion, was chosen to be one of Malfurion's battle commanders. However, as the completion of the army neared, Malfurion, Tyrande, and Cenarius realized that they didn't have enough warriors to combat the Burning Legion. Cenarius suggested the recruitment of the ancient dragonflights. Meneleas agreed to go along, for he had an idea. Meeting the five aspects and their flights in the settlement of Loreth'Aran, they agreed to fight with the Kaldorei Resistance to defend Azeroth. It was here that Meneleas gathered a force of Kaldorei warriors and dragons from each of the five flights and formed an alliance known as the Dragon Riders of Loreth'Aran. Meneleas paired with the bronze drake Anachronos, who would become a great companion of his.

The War of the Ancients dragged on for many months. Meneleas led his Dragon Riders wherever he could when needed, and his benevolant leadership was choice on the battlefields. However, there were stalemates more often than victories or defeats.

As the War entered its final months, the Dragon Aspects themselves began to enter the battles themsselves. But one day, in particular, the Dragon Riders were finally dissipated, but not by the Legion. In an event known as the "Battle of the Shattered Sun", Meneleas led the the Riders as usual against similar Dark Riders from the Legion, when the Aspect of the Earth, Neltharion, joined the fellow Aspects in battle. When it seemed that they had won, Neltharion began to rip apart as flame and shadow erupted from his dark hide. Renaming himself Deathwing, his entire flight was corrupted by his betrayal. In his madness, Deathwing drove the Dragon Riders and the remaining dragonflights from the battle. Meneleas and Anachronos was blasted down by Deathwing himself.

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