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Fact List

Tequila with a Dulcimer

Name: Tequila Mockinbird ((game name - Mockinbird))

Race: Forsaken ((was Human))

Age: 25

Home Server: Server:Steamwheedle_Cartel_US

Class: Bard ((Priest))

Brief Physical Description:

Well, look ->

Brief Personality Description:

Once a confident and famous musician, Tequila is now frequently depressed that no one remembers him, recognizes him. He is frequently depressed with his current situation. This has affected his ability to create, though he will sometimes still play when alone.

Goals and motivators:

Depression has gotten to the point where he really no longer has any goals, nor hope of ever obtaining the fame and fortune he thought he once had.

He travels through the world, a nomad... He helps when he can, then usually slips back into the shadows of his own self-pity.

He longs for the days of past, the days of fame, the days of fortune. He searches for that which will affect him, as the drugs no longer have the same kick, the alcohol no longer has the same taste, the women no longer give him the same drive... He has lost his (pitiful) reasons for existing, and now wanders around aimlessly...

Passionate about the war:

Make love, not war...



Allies and Enemies

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