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Fact List


Name: Knat (real name not known)

Race: Orc

Class: Hunter

Professions: Soldier/Scout/Archer

Home: Orgrimmar

Home Server: Server:Steamwheedle_Cartel_US

Age: 18 (not exactly an adult yet)

Brief Physical Description:

Knat is young looking, clean-cut, and fairly scar-free for an Orc.

Brief Personality Description:

Knat has two sides of him. One is his child-like nature. Part of Knat never grew up. He still keeps a stuffed TeddyBear with him at all times, and can act quite child-like. He is never sure of himself, nor how to act in most given situations.

Yet, Knat is quite skilled. He is a dead-shot with a bow, and quite adept with an axe. When enraged, Knat forgets his lack of self-esteem, and becomes quite a force to deal with. Course, when the rage subsides, he is back to his low self-esteemed, child-like self...

Goals and motivators:

Seems that the only thing Knat really cares for is his TeddyBear.

Passionate about the war:

His teacher believes Knat would make a superb archer in the military, but Knat is having problems coping with the strains of adulthood vs. his controlling inner-childlike mannerisms.


Knat doesn't remember his history, nor does it seem anyone else does. As long as he remembers, he has lived and grown up at the Orgrimmar orphanage.

Knat one day noticed a Tauren walk past the orphanage. He was so intrigued, he followed the Tauren everywhere that day, despite the Tauren's best attempts at shooing the kid away. That Tauren has since taken Knat under his wing, and has taught Knat the ways of the Bow, of the Hunt, and of the Scout. He sees natural talent in Knat, even if Knat can't see it in himself.


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