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Life Facts

Name: Amaroq "Bruteclaw" Wassa

Race: Orc

Age: 32

Home Server: Steamwheedle Cartel US

Class: Warrior

Professions: Herbalist & Miner


Guild: Warmonger of Shades of War

Physical Description: Bruteclaw stands at 7'. He weighs at about 320 lbs but moves briskly even when he has his armor on. He is usually lost in thought with a expresion showing no emotion. He has a nicely kept stubble and his face is relatively clean of scars. Through growing up as a warrior he has always maintained a muscled frame and still holds it today. He keeps a red strip of cloth tied around his right bicep to serve as a reminder of his Clan, the (Warsong Clan)

Titles Given to Bruteclaw

  • Wassa ((Surname) Given to him by his Wife,Suweela. Means Ocean in Troll)
  • Protector
  • Bruteclaw
  • Flirt


Bruteclaw treats all with Honor and Respect unless they have wronged him in some way . He, unlike other Orcs, does not hate the Alliance. He, in fact, holds some in the Alliance as those he would count as friends and respects many others. He may appear angry at first but in actuallity, he is a very easy going, that is of course if family matters allow him to be. He recognizes Thrall as the right Warchief and has the utmost respect for him. He also holds certian leaders of the Alliance with respect such as Jaina Proudmoore,Tyrande Whisperwind, and Malfurion Stormrage. Valuing one's word most, he hardly lies unless extremely needed and holds distrust for those who betray their word. He is particularly kind to all women, earning him the title of a flirt.

Friends and Enemies


  • Suweela- His Troll Wife, he loves her with all that he can muster and treats her unlike anyone else he has ever met. He met her during his time in the Seekers and their friendship sooned became love. He would do anything for her, and would fight and die for her.
  • Hikora - His adoptive daughter, he cares for Hikora as much as he does Suweela. He adopted her after becoming her Teacher during thier time in the Seekers. Though she puts him through many tough times involuntarily he loves her as though nothng ever happened.
  • Mordread the Ever-Seeking- One of Bruteclaw's closest friends. He followed Mordread during their time in the Seekers. He holds him in high regard and can trust his words as if they were his own.
  • Navras - Former son-in-law, trusts him as he would one of his clansmen and knows that no matter what he does, he tries to better the whole rather then himself.
  • Panthera- One of Bruteclaw's greatest rivals. He holds deep respect for her and her fighting capabilities. He has developed a friendship with her and trusts her greatly. He is proud to have such an honorable and respectful friend and foe.
  • Jundiya- His daughter's lover, Bruteclaw recognizes her as a strong woman and one not to be trifled with. Though he trusts her he still does not know very much about her.
  • Kaiko- Bruteclaw's ex-wife. Once his lover he left her a while after meeting Suweela. He still keeps in contact with her and still maintain a close friendship.
  • Jhullienne Treyakan - The two first met on a foray into Razorfen Kraul, where Jhullienne and her friend Krom found themselves overwhelmed by the Quillboars' rabid defense of their home. Hearing their struggles within, Bruteclaw fought his way to their side and assisted them with their escape. Since then, Bruteclaw and Jhullienne have had a playful relationship, often teasing one another with witty banter. Their most recent interaction was at Bruteclaw's wedding, where, due to the lack of a priest to perform the ceremony, Jhullienne forcibly summoned Zamboozle to the proceedings and guilt-tripped the Medic into officiating the ritual.


  • Juralek- Contains a seething hatred for him due for what he see's as trying to dismantle his family and the New Horde. Would gladly kill him if offered the chance.
  • Agrus - Hates him for what he had done to the Seekers and his family. Would gladly take the chance to kill him off, even if it meant his death.
  • Ula-tek- Despise the Troll God for what she had tried to do to Suweela and himself. Would do anything if it meant that she would leave Bruteclaw and his family alone.
  • Kodar- Once a very close friend of Brute. But recent events, have led Brute to lose all respect for his once friend. He now despises him for what he had done to the Duskrider Tribe
  • Black Dragonflight- Despises them for what they had done to the other Dragonflights.
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