Icedock is a boardwalk and small village designated by the citizens of Valgarde and the diplomats of Undermine to be a strictly neutral port for travelers to reach Northrend through. In the troubling times of late and the Lich King’s blight extending further over the continent, Valgarde and other settlements in Northrend need reinforcements coming in fast. The executive decision of the Valgarde Court was that even Horde members were help against the Lich King’s icy grasp. Upon the shores of Daggercap Bay, the Steamwheedle Cartel alone has been given the honor of executing this treaty. Between Icedock and Booty Bay now runs a ship to carry passengers to the remote ice continent. Icedock Bruisers patrol the wharf for any cross-faction violence and goblin merchants sell their wares in the tiny hovel of buildings nearby. Even some representatives of the Eye of Nerub and the Fallen can be found here to start your reputation journey with their faction. Roads also lead to this small port. Two go to the north, one advised only for Alliance travelers, to Valgarde, and another that winds around to the Grizzly Hills. To the east, one leads to the Horde controlled Daggermist Outpost at an abandoned Nerubian tower. To the west, one leads down to another Nerubian tower called Fjordlook Tower currently controlled by Nerubians from the Eye of Nerub, and then continues down the Frozen Coast to the Dragonblight.

The Eye of Nerub


At the center on ancient Kalimdor was a large lake of iridescent energies known as the Well of Eternity. From this ether the Silithid emerged. When the Old God C’thun noticed their incline, he changed some into a race called the Aqir. Due to persistence by their neighboring Troll enemies of Zul’Aman and Zul’Gurub, the empire of Azj’Aqir fractured in two. To the south, the Aqir founded the kingdom of Ahn’Qiraj, and to the north, they founded the kingdom of Azjol’Nerub. In their new home beneath the frozen wastes of the north, the Aqir began to change. As a result of this, the Nerubians were born. The wisest of the eldest of females became the actual Queen of Azjol’Nerub and the others became just Queens. Ruling over small portions of the massive kingdom, the Queens made it easier for their ruler, the Queen of Azjol’Nerub to rule the empire. Passed from the Queen of Azjol’Nerub to her oldest daughter in arcane memory, the position continued like this for many thousands of years until the coming of the Lich King. Thrown into space by his wicked master Kil’Jaeden, the tormented spirit of Ner’zhul crashed into the world’s largest glacier, Icecrown. Using his massive mind powers on a local human village, he turned them all into undead bent to serve him. This soon appeared to happen all over the continent, and the Nerubians wished to rebel. Under control of the Queens, Spider Lords marched their armies of Nerubians into hit and run attacks against the Lich King’s armies. Greatly threatened by the dark empire which would not succumb to his plague or mind powers, the Lich King had only one choice left. He commanded his Undead armies and his Dreadlord guardians upon the kingdom, he collapsed much of it on top of the Spider Lords’ heads. Raising their corpses into vile Crypt Fiends and Crypt Lords, half of the Nerubian population was under his control with a metaphoric flick of a finger. Though the Spider King (leader of the Spider Lords) Anub’arak was slain and resurrected by the enemy, a few, including the Queen of Anub’arak, remained. Promoting a responsible Spider Lord named Tak’Jima to the King position, the Queen of Azjol’Nerub, Nefe’Herat, resumed repopulating the race at the head of the “pure” Nerubians. Now, Nefe’herat and her Nerubians have decided to give up their old ways and open up to travelers, who they see as aid against the Lich King and more urgently, Anub’arak.


Howling Fjord

  • Fjordlook Tower - Town

-A retaken Nerubian Outpost from the Third War.

  • Icedock (At least one)

-A Goblin port connected to Booty Bay.

Grizzly Hills

  • Shimmerweb Cave - Outpost

-A small cave in a valley infested by Spiders.



The Dragonblight

  • Wyrm’s Maw (At least one)

-A cave created by a dragon skeleton, which’s open jaw is the entrance, inhabited by many different races as a outpost in the Dragonblight.

Borean Tundra

Riplash Outpost - Outpost -A small group of rebuilt ruins near the Riplash Ruins.

The Coldarra


Sholazar Basin

  • Azj - Town

-The Sholazar Basin’s climate allows the Nerubians to maintain a large above-ground town.

Crystalsong Forest

  • Dreamweb Vale - Town

-A small town near the Great Tree of Crystalsong Forest.

The Storm Peaks

  • Azjol Passage - Town

-A steep downward sloping passage lined with Nerubian buildings that leads to the Old Kingdom.

Icecrown Glacier


Upper Kingdom (Azjol’Nerub)

  • Darkened Outpost - Outpost

-A small Nerubian outpost near the Darkened Tunnel leading down to the Old Kingdom.

  • Hidden Circle - Town

-A well hidden (at least to the Scourge) circular town that serves as a main staging point for Nerubian battle.

Old Kingdom (Azjol’Nerub)

  • Forgotten Tomb Outpost - Outpost

-A small staging point for the Nerubians near the Lair of the Forgotten One.

  • Middle Nerub - Town

-The main base of operations of the Nerubians in the Old Kingdom. A great military presence is sensed here, and Phar’arath, Tak’Jima’s right hand can be found here.

Inner Kingdom

  • The Eye of Nerub - Town

-The de facto capital of all “pure” Nerubians, this very large town serves as the seat of Nefe’herat and Tak’jima, as well as a focal point of Nerubian trade and culture.

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