Short Bio

Caleb 'Pride' Carroll is an Independent Film Producer, Shoutcaster, Podcaster, Amatuer Voice Actor, and Professional Gamer. Born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma he was raised on a 66 acre ranch in Edmond, Oklahoma where (despite his outward appearance) was a talented and award winning Junior Bull and Bronco Rider. At around the age of 14 he got his first computer and picked up the game "Warcraft 3" as a testament to his love of history, he immediately fell in love with the story of Warcraft and has followed it from that day forward. His favorite story to tell is the first time he met Chris Metzen in person. Pride is currently Gaming for The Imperial Guards (C1G) in the Warcraft III : TFT, XboxLive, and Heroes of Newerth Division.

Current Projects

Currently Pride is producing and hosting (along with Snapplemonkey)the second season of "But Wait! There's Lore!" On WoW Radio. Pride will also be starring in an upcoming untitled radio play. He will be voicing the Character Major Rogrs.

Past Projects

The first season of But Wait! There's Lore! "The Scourge Ventrilo Chat" - Pride was the voice of Sargeras

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