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Lore regarding Plaguekiller

Characters of Plaguekiller's lore

Summary about the Plaguekiller

The Plaguekiller, also known as Keen'lai Swiftbow before the events of the Cataclysm, was a troll hunter, marksman and beastmaster who was making a bestial funeral for his greatest pet, Shiftslasher, who was the leader of the raptors in the Barrens, before he was eaten by the deadly earthquakes and survived with barely any limbs or troll characteristics, and had a portion of his arms' flesh burned. In life, he was a troll of great deeds; he saved the Crossroads from an attack of angry mercenaries, was marked The Champion of Orgrimmar, put the Sandfury era to an end in Tanaris and conquered Zul'Farrak, and some more greater deeds such as leading the hunter portion of the forces against Malygos the Spellweaver and Kel'Thuzad. He had also been popular with the Mag'har for freeing Sunspring Post and vanquishing the Warmaul clan of ogres. His other conquests in Outland included eliminating the Burning Legion forge camps in Nagrand and vanquishing all the sons of Gruul the Dragonkiller throughout Outland. He also participated in the defeats of Lord Marrowgar, Lady Deathwhisper, Professor Putricide, Blood-Queen Lana'thel and Sindragosa. He has interrupted The Black Knight's plans numerous times and vanquished him in all of his forms. He has also interrupted the final attempt to re-resurrect him by defeating Deathspeaker Kharos and eliminating his camp, and has defeated all of the kvaldir warlords warring the Sunreaver and Silver Covenant ships nearby, earning the title of High Crusader in the Argent Crusade, surpassing High Crusader Adelard. He was marked by Vol'jin as the true hero of the Darkspear tribe, and an entity known as the Awaited One. Keen'lai commanded the Darkspear tribe's branch instead of Vol'jin in the battle against the Lich King, Naxxramas's various menaces, Malygos, Onyxia and Sartharion the Onyx Guardian and his three twilight drakes.


Keen'lai as the Plaguekiller.

As for battles, he has been a veteran of the Wrathgate, the Battle for the Undercity (in which he was placed along the high command of Thrall, Vol'jin and Lady Sylvanas Windrunner), the Plains of Nasam, the Icecrown Gunship Battle and has been Sylvanas's right hand in vanquishing the menaces of The Frozen Halls, as well as the personal freedom bringer to Gorkun Ironskull. Along with a small squad supporting Sylvanas, he had the ability to escape the Lich King. He has also been a veteran of various rounds and power shifts in Alterac Valley and Warsong Gulch, and has earned favorable status within the Horde Forces.

"I had fought in Ulduar along Brann, and vanquished both Loken and Sjonnir the Ironshaper, but my deeds were small. Soon, I became a champion of the Sons of Hodir, and went to serve in The Siege of Ulduar. I served well enough, they told me, and I reached Hodir along a band of many heroes. I defeated this titanic watcher, he and Thorim, but along many of my friends and my comrades. I soon left to pay my services for the respective Highlord Fordring. I am in debt for this righteous man for all he has done to me. They said of tales about an old god in Ulduar, and that they have vanquished him. I was speechless, but I was more concerned about the Lich King. - Keen'lai Swiftbow, memorizing of his "unimportant battle", he says, in Ulduar. He thinks that he has failed his comrades in continuing until the end. Keen'lai is also noted for his high sense of linguistic expertise. Keen'lai speaks Common, Orcish and Zandali well without the need of words as "mon" and "whatcha be doin'". Mon.

At his final mission before the bestial funeral for Shiftslasher, his legendary pet, Keen'lai was sent by Warchief Thrall along with most of the Horde's significant new heroes, such as Khan the Arcanist, Deathwolf, Koltira Deathweaver, Keen'lai's brother Ji'tro, who was a prominent champion of the Horde Forces, and many other champions, in a battle against the being known as Icecrown's Core, whom the Lich King based a lot of his powers on. Icecrown's Core was originally Yogg-Saron's servant being tasked to control the lands. Instead of vanquishing the Lich King, Yogg-Saron enjoyed Lich King's reign of death, and thus made Icecrown's Core serve him. The core, known as Rafghalis the Core, was the main obsession behind Saronite and all of its miners. Many have encountered the Faceless One city underneath Icecrown Citadel, but the true threat was Rafghalis. Leading the forces against Rafghalis, Keen'lai pitted himself in a great battle against Rafghalis, soon afterwards losing Shiftslasher to death, but finally vanquishing the last being of evil and direction amongst the Scourge. Linked to his "spirit brothers", as referred to by the spirit of his long-lost brother, Dal'jin, he found Khan's youngest brother, Ardinard Justicedawn, and a druid of Pandaren (drunken) culture all around him, Rumrocks he called himself. He and his spirit brothers made the raptors acknowledge that Shiftslasher was dead for a noble case, and thus buried him and contacted the raptors. At a last resort, a powerful Blood Elven warlock known as Szarunym chased Keen'lai to assassinate him, claiming that he was a champion that Kil'jaeden wanted dead. Although Keen'lai didn't understand Szarunym's far connection to the Deceiver, he fought him valiantly and killed him, but later he was eaten by the earthquakes of the Cataclysm, as Rumrocks and Ardinard escaped the scene using Ardinard's paladin abilities and Rumrocks's flight form, leaving Keen'lai to "die", unwillingly.


Keen'lai Swiftbow in life.

After the events occurred and the events calmed for a while, a burned troll, thought of as a Forsaken, entered Undercity, begging Lady Sylvanas Windrunner to kill him so he can become one of the Forsaken. After he was risen as a Forsaken, he claimed he was named Keen'lai Swiftbow, and Sylvanas acknowledged him. He became so close to her that some referred to him as the Dark Groom. He returned to his former "glory", but now in undeath. He named himself the Plaguekiller, a tribute for his deeds against the Lich King, and Rafghalis, the one behind the Plague of Undeath's power. Plaguekiller is bent on destroying Deathwing for his revenge. Plaguekiller claims that he could avenge what happened to him only by destroying the Destroyer himself. His vengeance is yet to be seen.

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Portrait Name Level Professions Secondaries Talent Builds Guild Mounts Server Location Status
Hunter-troll-m-80 Keen'lai Swiftbow
Vol'jin's Most Trusted Apprentice
80 Skinning 450
Leatherworking 450
Cooking 325
First Aid N/A
Fishing N/A
Epix Moadz IconSmall Raptor Swift Orange Raptor Nagrand EU Icecrown forever Crusader Champion of the Horde
Paladin-bloodelf-m-60 Ardinard Justicedawn
Champion Paladin of the Blackened Woods
80 Inscription
First Aid
Epix Moadz IconSmall Charger Thalassian Charger Nagrand EU Dragonblight Training
Druid-tauren-m-70 Chieftain Rumrocks the Drunken Druid 22 Bear-Ass
Guildless.. without a reason IconSmall Kodo Any Kodo Medivh EU Kalimdor Training and Getting Drunk
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