Hi, I'm Pike. I have been playing WoW since May 2007 although I've been a StarCraft fan for years and I also later enjoyed WarCraft III (Specifically the DotA variant)

I have characters on many servers but currently you can mainly find me on Silver Hand (US) (mostly Alliance-side) and The Venture Co. (US) (Horde-side).

The point of this game, to me, is to have fun and explore this fun interesting virtual universe through the eyes of my characters. I don't do a lot of roleplaying but I do come up with stories and personalities for each of my characters. That probably makes me more of a "casual" than "hardcore" player, although I am logged on an awful lot... XD

Hunter is my favorite class in the game and I play them nearly to the exclusion of the other classes. What can I say, I'm obsessed! I am the author of the blog Aspect of the Hare, dedicated to the hunter class and to teaching newer hunters how to play.

That's about it!

Oh, and I run WoW exclusively in Linux thanks to WINE. ^_^

Ui-charactercreate-classes hunter This user has a fanatical and very likely unhealthy obsession with Hunters.
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