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Orthac Fordring , proud son of Tirion Fordring , was the highly considered to be one of the most experienced paladins in Azeroth, besides his father. During Tirion Fordrings absence Orthac led the Knights of the Silver Hand in consecutive victories throughout Naxxramas. When Naxxramas relocated so did Orthac, taking the surviving population of the Silver Hand to Valiance Keep , Northrend. During the battle for Angrathar the Wrathgate Tirion Fordring reluctantly allowed his brave son to enter the battle, with a lust for vengeance against the Lich King. Orthac foolishly charged Arthas, who stabbed Orthac through the heart with Frostmourne.

The list of abilities seen used by Othac Fordring in the battle for Angrathar the Wrathgate are the following.

  * Shield Wall
  * Cleave
  * Heroic Strike
  * Holy Light
  * Redoubt

Which probably proves that he is indeed a warrior/paladin class.

Orthac starts the following quests:


Orthac: "You will pay for the souls of a thousand innocent dead Arthas!"

The Lich King: "Fordring..."

Orthac: "Arthas.....what have you done?"

The Lich King: "Returning the favor, Fordring."

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