This was originally a short thread on the EU warrior forum where a set of spreadsheets to model warrior threat at level 60 was developed. This is a summary.

Actual warrior threat at level 60 & 70 Edit

As a theorycrafting experiment I created a series of spreadsheets detailing how warrior threat in different raid tanking situations actually turned out.

It originally was intended to investigate whether or not Devastate "was worth it" both in terms of rage (efficiency) and global cooldown (effectiveness).

The investigation started prior to patch 2.0.3 and was subsequently updated and now with values for patch 2.1.0. The overall conclusions has remained almost the same all along:

  • Threat per rage: revenge > shield slam > devastate 5 > improved sunder > sunder > devastate 0
  • Threat per sec: shield slam > revenge > devastate 5 > improved sunder = sunder > devastate 0
  • Rage dump: heroic strike

Furthermore, in contrast to popular forum opinion, these relationships hold for all levels of gear and all speeds of weapons. (Only one exception is that improved sunder armor is more rage efficient than devastate when you're equipped with 8/8 tier 1 (set bonus) but this is largely irrelevant.)

Work on level 70 values is still in progress and might be buggy. The conclusions found so far confirm the original relationship with a slight modification:

The final rank of Heroic Strike has been buffed a lot, so now it looks like a tie in rage efficiency between Heroic Strike and Sunder Armor on fully debuffed bosses when using a very fast weapon (1.6 speed, like the King's Defender). If you pick the Improved Heroic Strike or Improved Sunder Armor talents this choice will tip the scales in the favor of that skill.

Watch out for the caveat though. This only applies to fully sundered/debuffed bosses (ie. damage mitigation near 19%) and only applies with a very fast tanking weapon (1.6 speed used in the calculations).

In any case it definately looks like a fast weapon is still the best choice for a main tanking weapon overall (since you don't have to add that many heroic strikes to gain what devastate would have gotten from a slow weapon), but it's still useful to have a very slow, high threat weapon handy if you're not MT but rather OT / backup aggro.


  • Include Thunderclap in threat cycle (in case of Improved Thunderclap).
  • Make sheets for tier 5 and tier 6.
  • Validate and sanity check the values and formulas.

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