I am a level 80 Blood Elf PvE Fire Mage from the Epic Guild. My character's name is: Ragnaar. High level bosses I've helped kill are Prince Malchezaar, Gruul, Krosh Firehand as a Mage Tank, Magtheridon, The Lurker Below, Solarian, Rage Winterchill and the The Void Reaver. WotLK kills include on 25, Putricide, Blood Queen, Blood Council as a Mage Tank, Sindragosa, and Halion. On 10, my Mage is a Kingslayer.

My alternate characters are Oxragnar, a Tauren Protection Warrior in the Epic guild, a Kingslayer on 10, and Jastin, a Holy Pally, also on the Fenris server.

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