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Name: Walden Deepwinter

Race: Dwarf

Class: Hunter

Guild: The Boomstick Gang

Realm: Feathermoon


Walden Deepwinter, a member of the Dwarven Army during the Third War and an adventurer for the Explorers' League after that, rarely ventures out of Ironforge. He and his golden lion are enjoying a dwarven retirement of tinkering, drinking, and lounging about in front of the fireplace in longjohns. He and his companion, Dorcia Brambleberry, occupy a snug little home directly across from the Explorers' League, and occasionally spend weekends at their cottage in the Hinterlands, fishing and knocking off the odd troll.


For more information on Walden Deepwinter, please see his self-introduction on The Boomstick Gang website: [[1]]

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