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Name: Dorcia Brambleberry

Race: Dwarf

Class: Hunter

Guild: The Boomstick Gang

Realm: Feathermoon


Bookworm Dorcia Brambleberry is most often found these days in the quiet dusty stacks of the Explorers' League. Though once a stalwart explorer for the League, a mishap (or should we say "misbite"?) on an archeology dig between Dorcia's pet turtle, Pineapple, and a head archaeologist found her back in Ironforge, cooling her heels. Always up for a bit of adventure with her comrades in The Boomstick Gang, Dorcia nevertheless now has ample time for drinks at Bruuk's and fishing trips with Pineapple. After the recent death of Pineapple's father, who still suffered from his wounds from the Second War when he was pressed into service under the goblins as one of their turtle submarines, Pineapple's mother decided to send a younger sister, Tidbit, to Ironforge for training as well. The two turtles rarely leave Dorcia's side.

The product of a torrid but brief love affair between her father, Hamlin Brambleberry, and a wandering mercenary, Clotilde, Dorcia's personal history is grounded in Kharanos, where she grew up. By the time he met Clotilde, Hamlin had long since retired from his post in the Fourth Ironforge Mountaineers, and was working as a brewmaster at the Thunderbrew Distillery. Clotilde only stayed in Kharanos a few weeks, just long enough to tend to the festering wolf bite on her ankle. About ten months later, one of her traveling companions, another mercenary by the name of Dagomar, delivered the baby Dorcia to Hamlin. As was his gentle nature, he took her in without question, and as she grew he became certain that she was indeed his daughter. Though she had the height and deep black hair of her Wildhammer mother, she was in all other ways her father’s daughter: she had his resolve, and his stubbornness, and his quick wit.

Dorcia grew up sitting about the fire of the Kharanos Inn, hearing the tales of the trappers and warriors who wandered through. Hamlin, recognizing her infatuation with hunting, and—as she had just entered her teen years—with a particular dashing young hunter named Meinke, decided to send her to live with her Aunt Eadaion, his older sister, in Ironforge. There, she was apprenticed to a bumbling scholar who was trying to organize some of the old texts on dwarven origins. As this was before the war, the dwarves did not regard the myths of the Titans as anything but that, and her mentor was thought by most an eccentric, if not simply mad. By the time the Third War began, and the dwarves realized that neutrality was no longer an option, Dorcia had been living in Ironforge for almost a decade. She attended university, in the fashion of dwarves, which is to drink a lot and debate arcane points into the wee hours of the mornings, and had continued to read the old texts. She thirsted for explorations of her own, and when her father was called back to act as general of his old unit, she saw her chance. Though he did not want to take Dorcia with him, under her constant needling he finally relented. It was in those challenging times that Dorcia met Walden, and the two recognized in one another not only their love of wandering and the hunt, but also compatible scholarly (again, in the dwarven fashion) interests. After the war’s end, Hamlin returned to quiet Kharanos, where he lives still (though he has grown too old to be a brewmaster any longer), and Dorcia and Walden undertook employ with the Explorers' League.

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