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Nightfox Darkwatcher, Hunter Headmaster

Gender: Male

Age: Roughly 10,100 Years

Race: Night Elf

Character Class: Hunter

Affiliation: Kaldorei

Occupation: Adventurer, Previously Hunter Headmaster

Status: Alive

Relatives: Jandia (Spouse)


Early Life

Nightfox was born exactly one-hundred years before the War of the Ancients. In his early life, Nightfox picked up the art of tracking from his granfather, who was his greatest rolemodel. He slowly worked up in the ranks, finally getting the privelage to get his first pet. He chose a young Nightsaber which he named Ser'kau. He and Ser'kau became best friends, and throughout this time, they fought many a foe, Nightfox became a master at his art at a very young age, twenty-six. At the mere age of fourty he became the Headmaster of all the hunters of the Kaldorei. He fell in love with a young priestess, Jandia, she was actually not much younger than he, only five years. They were madly in love, if anything threatened Jandia, Nightfox made sure it never came to be. After being together for two years, they were married. They lived together in Suramar, and befriended Malfurion and Tyrande.

The War of the Ancients

When the war started Nightfox (Although not mentioned) Helped Malfurion and Tyrande in the freeing of Broxigar and followed them, joining the host. He was put in command of a large group of hunters and was fighting the Legion brutally, using his large Polearm to wreak havoc upon demons that got too close to his students. He was a fierce fighter, but was blasted by Archmondie in a battle a few days before the flight to Zin'Azhara. He was taken back and healed by Jandia and Tyrande. He lived to continue to fight, but prefering to use his bow now (Although he used it before) but he used it even in melee range, or drove exploding arrows with his hands instead of his bow. He flew on one of the bronze dragons during the flight to the Well of Eternity and he himself near the end plummited into the dark bowls of the well, behind brox. He had fallen from the back of the dragon while in fierce combat. His friends were stunned to see him fall to his doom, but it did not stop them from closing the portal. The demons wished to slay him, and so did the shadow bat riders, but he had other plans, he would not abandon his wife and friends. He grabbed ahold of one of the bats, and slew its rider with his polearm. He took control of the bat and got out of the gaping mouth of the well just in time. He knew what was happening and began beating the beast into submission. He flew towards Mt. Hyjal and his bat's demonic form was drawn into the mouth of the storm, he used what little druidic magics Malfurion had taught him to escape and be swung away at the base of the mountain. When the host got to the mountain, he went to find Jandia, Malfurion, and Tyrande. To tell them he was not dead. He found them mourning his passing in a small clearing. They were needless to say overjoyed to see him. He was at the events of the world tree, Jandia never letting him go the whole time. He settled into a small home near the base of the mountain.

Aftermath of the War of the Ancients

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The Third War

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The Reopening of the Dark Portal

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