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General Edit

Name: Suweela Howlmourne

Age: 23

Birthplace: Unknown

Height: 7'4

Weight: 176lbs

Class: Priest(Holy)

Professions: Alchemy & Herbalism

Suweela is a tall and somewhat thin woman. Her skin is a typical blue like a Troll, and her hair is an odd shade of purple. Her face is that of a typical Troll, and not of the pretty Trolls you commonly see. Around her neck, is a faint glowing pink shard. She also smells of herbs, and carries various tribal things, ranging from skulls to fish. She is free from scars and talks with a very heavy Troll accent. She is also very kind, but can be aloof if needed. She tends to be shy and quiet except when around friends. She hates Scorpids.

Titles Edit

  • High Priestess of Lukou
  • Battle Medic Howlmourne
  • Skamp(From Bom'bay)
  • Lover
  • Priestess
  • Rosey

Insight on Suweela's Past Edit

Though very few know about Suweela's past, it is one that is very active, and goes up there with the best of them. Her original parents were killed by peasents, trying to drive them out of town. Before slaughtered, the Troll parents tucked the child in the shrubs, hoping to come back. Soon after, a friendly old, but chubby woman came and found her. The woman adored her, and started teaching her common. She named the young Troll girl Rosey, and raised her for four years. The woman's husband, not able to take it anymore, sold the girl to a Dalaran Mage by the name of Argonis for various experiments. Though Argonis wasn't interested in her because of her age, he made her his little slave. He also named her Suweela because he thought it would be fitting for the Troll to have a Troll name, and thought she didn't deserve the name Rosey.

Over a period of time, the child grew and befriended the noble Paladin Selthius of the Silver Hand, and Selthius would often sneak treats for the young girl. Selthius taught Suweela many things over a period of time, such as to be true to your faith, to follow the Light, for it is powerful, and he also taught her how to read. Suweela adored Selthius like the brother she never had, and even though Argonis may have spanked her often, Selthius would always make her feel better. One day, Selthius, unable to stand seeing the Troll girl, now of the age of ten, being abused and without her past, took her from the mage, and traveled all the way south to Booty Bay, then, a small harbor. As Selthius teared up putting the Troll on the boat, he handed her his Coat of Arms, a silver shield with a Gryphon choking a snake. The boat then took off to the coast city of Ratchet. There, Suweela wandered around lost and griefed untill a Goblin sailor there decided to take her to the village of Sen'Jin.

Suweela quickly was loved by the people in Sen'Jin, as Master Gadrin considers her, along with many, one of his daughters, and Bom'bay a sister, as the two grew up together. This though, did not lead to her actual study of the Loas as she is known for today. One day, at the age of twenty, a strong and fierce Troll woman by the name of Jesza convienced Suweela to leave Darkspear tribe and to join her own tribe, the Nightblades. The Nightblades, without an actual priestess, informed Suweela the ways of the Loas. Jesza, being Suweela's teacher at the time, taught her what needed to be known about her race's faith. Suweela took to it naturally, and became strong with the particular Loa known as Lukou, who taught her ever since then about the Loas. Suweela did many things for the Nightblade Tribe, keeping them strong, and happy. Many tried to win Suweela's heart, and many fought bravely for her. The Troll tribe though eventually fell to the power of Ula-Tek, by the hands of the then powerful priest, Zulazan. Zulazan often fought with Suweela, and though Suweela won numerous times by the power of Lukou, too many were corrupted by Zulazan's twisted powers. Jesza turned on Suweela and Suweela, fleeing with her apprentice, and her love at the time, Jundiya, ran far away.

Many things happened to Suweela during this time, many things that made her strong, and many things that made her seem weak. She lost her love, and defeated many great villians, notably, the upcoming and corrupted mage, Eviam Valentine. She has also suffered many pains such as becoming one with Ula-Tek and causing great chaos, but now has found happiness and hopefully peace at last with her current lover, Bruteclaw and her old friends, and her still strong goddes, Lukou.

Friends Edit

  • Bruteclaw- Bruteclaw is her lover, and they started off strong as Suweela, hopelessly lost, ended up in the Seekers of Alexstrasza. The two quickly became close to each other, each being able to feel for each others emotions. Suweela would do anything for him, and will one day marry him.
  • Jundiya-Suweela's old lover. Though heart broken, the two have decided to move on. Suweela at the time thought Jundiya was dead when in fact she was just traveling. The two are now best friends, and work strongly with each other. Jundiya was also Suweela's bodyguard in the Nightblade Tribe.
  • Hikora-Though Suweela may come off as she hates Hikora, she fears what she will do to her newfound happiness. Suweela has twice saved Hikora's life.
  • Kodar-Kodar is one of Suweela's great friends, in her eyes. She trusts Kodar immensely because of how close of a friendship her lover, Bruteclaw, has with him. Though, she may come off cold from time to time as she speaks with Kodar, it is only because she too, knows what it is like to be both hated and loved. Though she does worry about his Viperian ways as Ula-Tek deals with Vipers and Snakes, she still cares for him.
  • Selthius-Though the dead Paladin has returned corrupted, Suweela still holds a hidden love for him. She adores him still and to this day seeks a cure for his insanity.
  • Navras- Suweela adores Navras beyond all. Navras, in her eyes, is her son, and though he is older then her, she loves on him like a mother would to her child. She would do anything to make him smile and hopes one day to adopt him just as Bruteclaw adopted Hikora.
  • Lukou- The Troll Loa of healing and respite, Suweela has followed her since she was young and naive about Loas. Lukou looks after Suweela and her love, and grants her amazing powers, though only for brief periods of time.

Enemies Edit

  • Juralek- Though Suweela is mostly neutral to Juralek, because she feels that he is just a "Child who wishes to act bigger then he really is." She does not tolerate the fact he would do anything to kill her husband, or her adored friend, Kodar.
  • Jezsa- Though this Troll woman could be dead for all she knows, Suweela will never forget the pains of being betrayed so harshly.
  • Zulazan- Lukou will still strike against the minions of Ula-Tek and though no side won and no side lost, revenge may one day be granted.
  • Ula-Tek- Suweela will strike against this Loa for lies she was told, and having her mind taken by the Snake Queen. Ula-Tek still to this day is furious for what Bruteclaw has done to her, and will find a way to do what she can to have her revenge against Suweela's attack against Zulazan, Bruteclaw, and whoever stands in the way.
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