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Sproggle Husefagg

Sproggle Husefagg and his sister Daida where seperated from their parents when the Troggs invaded Gnomeregan. As Daida tried herself first with ways of the holy light without success (The only thing she was able to cast was the Holy Fire spell...) her Brother immediatly started with the high art of gnomish engineering and trained his skills as a fire mage. The more his siter failed, the more Sproggle succeded. Encuraged by him, she abandoned her posts and begann as a high-ranking manager with Husefagg Engineering Ltd wich was struggeling for survive at this time. Together their brains produced more and more products of excellent gnomish engineering so that the problems of the company vanished very quickly. Yet still is Sproggle the major character, as the inventions are mostly his, only improved by his sister. Also, every cruical aspect of Husefagg Engineering Ltd is his domain and he respects only his and maybe his sisters opinion.
He is very excentric and a typical example of a gnome. His most obvious problems are his absolute bafflement, his paranoia and a certain degree of schizophrenia - nothing a man of his intellect can't handle. At several times he tried to take various auction houses as hostage, but he did never succeed. The reasons for this are different, one time the bomb he threw as a demonstration did not go off and several times he was simply overlooked.
One year ago he came up with the plans for a robot, that should be a carrier for his new designed GAAIDIG (Gyromechanical Attempt of a artificial Intelligence designed by intelligent gnomes). The as the production lines where to small for the full version, it was scaled down to a size that did not even stand in competition to the one of gnomes and therefore Sproggle gave it the name "Henry" and said as he joke his son was born. Due to his mental illnesses he now believes that Henry is indeed his son and not even Daida is capable of talking this one out of him. Henry's intelligence is currently radically degenerating due to rust in the core systems and a own department at Husefagg Engineering Ltd was created by Daida in order to keep the little thing running, as she fears that if it failes completely Sproggle might have another mental breakdown and the company might suffer extremely from that. And besides she knows that Henry is still a major breakthrough in gnomish engineering and should be kept intact for further studies. Henry never had human (or rather gnomish) intelligence or character developement it still was able to think independently for a certain amount of time.
A series of bombers that he designed to start at Ironforge, fly over the great sea and burn Darnassus down did never reach the airfield, when a horde of enraged Night Elves destroyed them on their way out of the Husefagg Engineering Complex. He then started an investigation how the Elves found out about the plan, when he discovered that one of the elven slaves escaped and told his brethren about it. The slave was never found and until now Sproggle does not have the resources to attempt his plan a second time.

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