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The Crimson Ring is an underground circuit of illegal gladiatorial combats across Kalimdor. Everyone from Aristocrats, Merchants, to peasants is involved in here. It is also here the world's largest gambling association has most of it's gambling houses there. This is the story of a group gladiators who are trying to escape to their freedom. Only, no gladiator has ever run away, and lived...

The Main Characters


The Crimson Ring is a underground arena who's members range from the poorest peasant with only a silver to gamble with, to the richest Noble. They travel to make sure they are not caught, and to circulate their "customers". The Crimson Ring members are neutral, which allows them to travel to every arena, from Moondglade, to Tanaris. These battles are usually held at night so they aren't intruded on. It is also no surprise to the members the gladiators are extremely mistreated, and only kept alive enough to kill their opponents. However, some owners do treat their gladiators nice, but most treat them as average slaves. Also, a gladiator can buy his freedom, but first he must gain favor of the crowd, so he can receive payment. The most famous and powerful are even treated well, and with respect. Many have tried to escape, but none have succeeded...

Arena Floor

One of their Arenas.

The Merchant Coast, near Ratchet

Sand, a horrible thing. It fills the deserts, the beaches, everywhere. However it saved 2 people's life once...

A caravan could be seen crossing the desert. Kodos, horses, tallstriders all burdened with gear were struggling in the heat. Twelve peons were chained to a wagon and were toiling to pull their cargo; slaves. Two horsemn were on either of side of the wagon, making sure none were to leave it. A lavished kodo was carrying two goblins in an ornate box and in the front two ogres were pulling a private carriage with an unknown entity inside. A brown hand stuck out from the darkness within the rickshaw and in a grunt voice commanded... Grol and Grunt to "STOP!!!".

He had seen them...


There they were, nestled in the sand, unconscious, maybe dead.

The carriage rider commanded the two horsemen to go and retrieve the two men. The elf in the water was slowly dying from drowning. The second horsemen knelt down to pick the elf up out of the water when whoosh, the elf leapt into the air and spun the guard around, putting him in a full-nelson. The second guard jumped from his horse and went for the elf with his spear. Not expecting the gnome to wake up, he foolishly ignored him, only to be dragged onto the beach sand and have his head pounded onto it. At this the carriage rider instructed the two ogres pulling his vehicle to pull up to the shore. At this the figure came through the curtained doors and calmly went up to the two. BOOM. His huge hand backhanded the elf, leaving him unconscious. The gnome let the security guard go to help his comrade when the manager cracked his cane against the poor gnome's head. Both were silent.

"It seems we've found us some new meat" The Mag'har chuckled.

One of the goblins on the kodo began to speak... "Ey boss, for liability purposes, don't ya think we shouldn't enslave these guys? Thrall'll have our heads if he finds out."

"Who? You mean these two former Alliance soldiers who came from Theramore to pillage our humble towns?"

"Good thinkin' boss." The other goblin said.

At this the two shaken mercenaries dragged the two unconscious men into a cage, and the caravan started back up again.


The elf woke up to see him and his friend unconscious next to him. Sunlight was streaming through onto him through the walls. He was in a cage. He noticed riding next to him was another elf he called out to him in Thalassian

"What's going on? Where are we? Why am I in a cage?"

"Because the owner of the cage found you, enslaved you, and plans to have you killed in gladiatorial combat."

"This means I am now a gladiator? Just property!?"

"Yes. Now be quiet, my friend next to you doesn't like you."

At this he sulked back into the corner he slumped upon for awhile till he started to see the city they were approaching. "Airiph, wake up!!!!" The gnome did and looked around in shock. Apparently he did not remember his last ordeal.

"Wha, wha what's goin' on here!? Why are we in here!?"

"Because we got caught. I was talking to that guy on the horse over there, and he said were going to become gladiators!"

"You've got to be serious! The only thing I hate more then seeing a poor slave is being one!"

"Just pretend we died back at the beach after the fight and maybe they'll dispose of us"

"What fight??"

"Tell ya later, just do it!"

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