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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Felian Alliance 15 Darkmoon Faire IconSmall Human Male Ui-charactercreate-classes paladin Paladin 70 Regiment of Stormwind Justicar
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

Felian Lightfire was born at the time of the end of the First War, in the kingdom of Lordaeron, in a farm belonged to his parents not far from the capital city, in the woods of Tirisfal Glades.


Fighter is born

Felian Lightfire

Felian outside the Cathedral Of Light in Stormwind.

When the Second War begun, Felian was eager to fight against the Horde alongside the army of Lordaeron but he was too young to join the army, only sixteen years old. Unfortunately during the war his parents were murdered by orcish raiders who were attacking the nearby farmlands, Felian was not present there as he was training himself in the art of combat far from his home deep into the woods, thus he was spared the bloodshed.

Upon returning from his daily training he found his house ruined and bodies were laying everywhere, women, men, children, guards, he walked into what was his house and found his parents bodies on the bloodstained floor, soaked in their own blood. after he mourned his parents death for long time which seemed like an eternity to him, he realized he was the only survivor from his village, he ran to the capital city to tell the guards of the destruction of the village.

He was taken to live as an orphan inside Lordaeron and he continued to practice at the art of combat untill the end of the war. When the war was over Felian was finaly old enough to join the army, eighteen years old, so he was taken as a soldier in the front lines, all his training indeed paid off, he ventured with the unit of Prince Arthas to repel the renegade orcs who were still raiding villages in the kingdom, he helped Arthas to save the village of Strahnbrad, and afterward alongside Uther Lightbringer and Arthas to destroy the forces of the Blackrock Clan who were responsible for all the raids.

Light and Shadow

When the Plague of Undeath started to spread across Lordaeron, he went again along with Arthas to investigate the matter, he fought the Scourge alongside Arthas across the land, as they were investigating the matter of the plague. When Arthas, Jaina Proudmoore and Uther reached the city of Stratholme, Felian did not help Arthas to "purge" the city from the plagued citizens and returned with Uther and his forces back to Lordaeron.

21Felian Lightfire

Felian in the Eastern Plaguelands.

During his battles alongside Arthas and Uther, Felian saw how powerful they were, both paladins, and decided that he will start to follow their path. He spoke to Uther about training to become a paladin and Uther agreed to send him to train under the most skilled paladins of the Silver Hand, Felian was doing very well in his lessons so after he became a paladin he was granted a leadership over his own unit. He fought thogeter with them and the army against the undead for many days and nights.


Two years later, after the death of King Terenas and Lordaeron was completely destroyed by the undead legions, Felian was still fighting with whatever left of his unit from the bloody battles against the Scourge, and helped the army to hold the line between what's left of human tarritory and the undead tarritory, from where the undead sent their forces against the remaining humans.

The escape

Felian fought with valor and courage, now he was a strong paladin and been the first to charge into battle, with the Light alongside him, he slew many of the enemy's forces on the battlefield. But at the day Arthas returned all the sudden to the kingdom from his so long absence, and led the undead along with his lieutenants, Kel'thuzad and Sylvanas Windrunner against the remaining forces of Lordaeron and The Silver Hand, Seeing that the fight was hopeless, Felian's superiors ordered him to lead as many humans as he can through a recently hidden passageway located in the mountains, which leads exacly south, to the kingdom of Stormwind.

Felian mounted

Felian sit atop his trusted steed, named Valor. Behind him is his small darter dragon named Terro.

Under the attacks of the undead, Felian made it with few hundreds of people to the Kingdom of Stormwind, other paladins led many people too, as the rest of the human army stood to cover the escape of Felian and the other paladins. After Felian made it to Stormwind he was tasked to work for the Stormwind army and aid it in keeping the areas of the kingdom safe from all the threats that surrounded them. He did his job in loyalty, and visited the Cathedral of Light whenever he could to proceed in his training as a paladin, not long time afterwards he was recruited to the Royal Knights and became a general in their order.

Felian was engaged in battle with the villians around Stormwind known as the Defias Brotherhood, and even fought once again against the Blackrock Clan in the Redridge Mountains. He also been to Kalimdor and in Darnassus, in Darkshore he met a group of Night Elf priests and druids, he helped them and the other night elves there in the long work of cleansin the area from it's misterious corruption.

Home sweet home, the vision of the Lich King, and the Scarlet Crusade

After he returned to Azeroth back to Stormwind, he decided to return to Lordaeron to see what's left of his once beloved homeland, when he returned he found Lordaeron in a worse condition then the last time he been there, he also hoped to find the mysterious organization he heard about in Stormwind known as the Scarlet Crusade, he heard of their goal and wanted to join them and retake Lordaeron from the undead.

Felian Death Knight

Felian's shadowy figure as a Death Knight in the vision of The Lich King, holding a dark runeblade.

As he ventured through the woods of Tirisfal Glades, where he once practiced in combat as a boy, he felt a strange cold feeling inside him, and then he started to hear whispers, a dark cold voice within his mind. The voice said how well he know Felian and how well Felian know him, then he told Felian who he was. It turned out to be none other then the Lich King himself, he told Felian he knew that he will return to Lordaeron, and offered him to join the Scourge, as one of his Death Knights.

Felian yelled at the Lich King to leave him alone, but the Lich King presented Felian a vision of himself, where he was a Death Knight and led the Undead Scourge against the kingdom of Stormwind, slaying anything in his way, before the vision faded, Felian could see the tall imposing figure of the Lich King (after merging with Arthas) standing upon the Frozen Throne. Felian could not hold himself up and he fainted. When he woke up, he remembered everything, and decided that he will never submit to the Lich King, he made his way to the Scarlet Monastery and offered his help in a request to join the Scarlet Crusade and retake Lordaeron, for he was one of it's citizens and in it's army, and even one of the commander paladins of the Silver Hand.

Felian The Crusader

Felian inside the Scarlet Monastery.

He was accepted to the crusade and proved his mattle by fighting the undead around the capital city, as well as fighting against the Forsaken around Brill and Deathknell and becuase he was so powerful as a paladin as well as a fighter and showed how well he know how to organize and command over units, he was given the rank of a field commander in the Scarlet Crusade ranks.

However, he found out that the crusade were gone mad by their goal long ago, so mad that they killed many innocent humans who were not wearing the scarlet tabard, therefor Felian decided to fake his loyalty to the crusade instead of leaving their order right away as he still wanted to have his homeland back, and the Scarlet Crusade are his only hope...

Light turns to Shadow

Felian been to Stormwind many times after he joined to the Scarlet Crusade, in one of his visits he met a beautiful girl named Chamilla VanCleef which offered him to buy a shield that bares the crest of Lordaeron, surely a rare masterpiece of collection. When he saw her he was amazed by her beauty and decided he likes her, he brought the shield from her and bid her farewell, promising they will see each other again.

Few months have passed, and Felian was fighting almost daily against the undead around Lordaeron, he felt as if he's living the past once again, just this time as a crusader. One day, on a high council meeting, Felian was presented to discuss the further plans of the Scarlet Crusade for the kingdom of Lordaeron, he did a reaserch on the crusade and found out that their numbers are more then enough to retake the capital city if they were to launch a full strike attack with all of their forces.

He offered several plans of attack but they were all declined, Felian was filled with anger on the Scarlet Crusade by taking him lightly, and he left their order, but he found out he was being chased by scarlet assasins, he managed to escape them and hide in Tirisfal Glades for some time before he set back to Stormwind.

Ever since Felian returned to Stormwind, it seemed that his life returned to normal. He met many times with Chamilla, and the two became very close friends, it was only a matter of time before Felian understood that he fell in love with her.

Unfortinately, Chamilla has changed, and not for good. Felian met her one night in Goldshire and they talked. She told him that she was devouring magical energy from mana users, espicaly mages by killing them, and that way she was increasing her powers, she was addicted to magic, just like the Blood Elves. Felian was shocked, and told her to abandon her new powers, but she quickly ran into the surrounding forest without saying a word.

One night Felian decided to climb to a secret spot he knew in Elwynn Forest that was overwatching entire Westfall and had a long river which ended in a beautifull waterfall. Felian was very sad becuase of Chamilla and her rude attitude to him, he decided to sit by the waterfall and get drunk so that he will forget his pain a little while.

Felian became very drunk, and he noticed that beside him there was a young human girl, she stood and looked down to the rocks under the waterfall and attempted to jump down and suicide upon them. Felian asked her why she want to jump and end her life. The girl told him that some time ago she lost her beloved guy in an ambush of a Defias gang, she made it and escaped.

Felian told her she shouldn't jump down, he said he was sure that her friend did not want her to end her life like that. The girl smiled a bit, and they talked some more, Felian explained her his problem with Chamilla. The girl wanted to say something but they heard footsteps, Felian thought they were spyied and quickly hid himself behind a big rock.

But it turned out that the steps were belonged to none other then Chamilla herself. Felian stepped forward and gazed at Chamilla with anger, he asked her why she was spying on him and demanded her to leave him alone. Chamilla thought that Felian was betraying her with the girl, and asked Felian what he was doing with her.

Felian wanted to answer but before he could, the girl jumped down the waterfall. He quickly jumped after her in an attempt to cast a holy shield on her and save her, but it was too late, before landing Felian shielded himself and landed safety. He quickly concetraited and ressurected the girl, he told her to run away as fast as she could. After a few seconds Chamilla was standing down on the rocks staring at him.

Felian turned around and demanded answers from Chamilla, she did answer some of his questions, but then she revealed her true face to him. She claimed she was serving the Lich King, and was collecting more power to slaughter in his name. Felian wanted to say something back but he turned around to see one of his close Friends, Roxane, a priestess follower of the Light standing close to the rocks of the waterfall, she told him she came to find him becuase she sensed he was in danger.

Chamilla quickly took the oppertunity and casted a magic draining spell on Roxane, which began to transform her mana slowly to Chamilla. Felian tryied to stop Chamilla but he couldn't becuase she was protected by a divine shield while casting her spell, Roxane made it and resisted Chamilla's spell in time before she fainted. Felian quickly summoned his armor and weapon and challenged Chamilla to a duel.

The two fought an epic battle against each other but Felian defeated Chamilla. He was so angry on her, his drunken mind filled with hatred to the Lich King, that for a moment he saw Chamilla's kneeling image transforming into the Lich King himself kneeling before him. Felian spet on Chamilla, thinking for a moment she was the Lich King, as he came to his senses out of the alchohol gasp, he realized he spet on his beloved girl. Chamilla cursed him and demanded him to finish her off, Felian lifted his sword above his head, his eyes full of tears, he realized he could not do this to the girl he love.

He told Chamilla she will live on with the mark of defeat, Chamilla told him he would regrat his foolishness and ran off to the forest. Felian turned around, his heart was speeding and he felt as if he hates himself more then anything else in the world, with the help of Roxane and her brother, Velenor, he made it to Goldshire to rest...


The threat of the Scarlet Inquisitors

Long time have passed since that day, Felian did not saw Chamilla ever since that horrible night at the waterfall. He was very depressed that Chamilla has betrayed him like this and used him all the time, probably to spy after him for her master, the Lich King. He never wished her harm becuase he felt he loved her, but then he decided that it is time for him to forget, and to live on.

Felian's mind was pretty distracted becuase of Chamilla for some time untill he could get over her, and he decided to serve in the Stormwind army as a captain, so that he might be able to change something in the slow weakening kingdom of Stormwind. Most of his time he served by watching after the army in Elwynn and repeling Defias forces who were trying to raid and rub the people.

Because of his new job he didn't had much time to see with his friends, whenever he had time he was hanging out mostly with his closest ones, Roxane and her younger brother Velenor, but espically with Roxane. They liked to sometimes go and sit in a bar and discuss on many matters or simply just talk.

Unfortinately, Stormwind was being threaten from within by another being, it was a small group from the Scarlet Crusade who called themselves the Scarlet Inquisitors, they were recruiting people to their order by claiming that they have come to cleanse Stormwind from the corruption of the undead, they had many supporters, but also many rivals, they were racists as the rest of the scarlets and were beating people in the streets of the city if they did not agree with what they believed was right.

Felian and Roxane decided to try and stop them from taking over Stormwind before it would be too late, they sneaked into the chambers of the Inquisitors beneth the Cathedral of Light, and found out many suspecting objects, which were seemed a part of something that resembled a dark ritual, Roxane led Felian to the Slaughtered Lamb, and there deep beneth the tavern floor, there was an underground tomb, at the end of it they found the same symbol which they saw at the Inquisitors chamber.

The mark of destruction

It was worse then they thought, the symbol on the floor was a seal that was spreading dark energy, which both Felian and Roxane could feel. This was bigger then they thought, Roxane and Felian went to the Royal Librery of Stormwind along with Velenor to check for some books and see if there is anything written about this, they didn't find much. Felian was called again to his duty as a captain, before he left he told Roxane to speak with General Marcus Jonathan and warn him of the seal.

However instead of doing something about the matter, he arrested Roxane and sent her to the Stockade. Felian returned later at that day and spoke to Velenor which told him Roxane was no longer at Stormwind, he took Felian to Roxane's hideout, she said to Felian what happend after she warned the general, and how she made it out of the stockade. Felian was enraged but there was nothing he could do, Roxane was now a wanted at Stormwind.

But Felian and Roxane did not gave up, they went to many places to search for any information that could help them, they have been to the librery at Ironforge, to Shadowfang Keep, and others... From the books they gathered, Roxane found out what was the seal. It seemed that some warlocks made it there so that it would release demons in the not too far future into the city to bring chaos and destruction!

Roxane spent some time with Defias troops by fooling them she was there to help them, she even been to the Deadmines themselves, and there she learned some skills which would help her get into Stormwind without being seen. Felian went with her to the seal and thogeter they attempted to close it once and for all, but they couldn't becuase anything they tried didn't seem to affect it.

Felian's true love, a chapter comes to an end

Felian and Roxane decided to leave the matter of the seal for a bit, Roxane did go around the streets of Stormwind, however her head was covered by a hood which didn't reveal her face, Felian told Roxane that one day she won't have to hide any longer, he promised that if need he will do what he can to redeem her. One night they were sitting at Roxane's house in Stormwind they talked about how they could close the seal before it's too late, after a long coversation they were looking at each other, Roxane smiled at Felian and told him she wanted to tell him something for some time now, she said she love him.

Felian smiled excited and told her he felt the same, they were so happy and kissed with each other, they were both so excited and happy. Felian told Roxane that he wanted to tell her the same but he didn't know how and when, with the matter of the seal which kept them so busy, At that night they went to sleep with a smile on their faces.

After a few days Roxane told Felian she was free to walk in the city for a short time by serving the Alliance and going to war, at Warsong Gulch to aid the Silverwing Sentinels. When Felian heard this he was enraged on the Stormwind army, He didn't wanted Roxane to risk her life in such a conflict, but there was no way for her to escape this duty. With each day that passed Roxane sent Felian letters from the battlefield, she told him of many horrors she saw and Felian was pleased to at least know she was okay.

When Roxane returned she was free once more, Felian was so happy to see her again, he didn't felt such a relief in years, his love has returned. Finaly they could again tend to the matter of the seal, Roxane decided to return to the Inquisitors chambers for more clues, she found something, a big black diamond, she took it and at her next meeting with Felian she told him she found it at the Inquisitors chambers, she told him she read about such a diamond in the books and that it had connection to the seal, it was just wierd that they didn't find it at the first time as if someone placed it there just the other night or so.

Roxane found a way to use the diamond on the seal, after a short ritual she told Felian the seal was finaly shut. But at the night of that day, demons appeared in Goldshire, and attacked without warning. They weren't too strong and were slain by the local guards and advanturers in the area. Roxane heard of this and asked Felian to come with her to check with the seal, the seal was looking diffrent now, as if he is fading from the floor, it seemed that somehow the demons broke through before it was shut, Felian and Roxane went out of the Slaughtered Lamb to the Cathedral of Light to take one last look at the chambers of the Inquisitors and see if nothing has changed.

Luckly the chambers were empty, Felian and Roxane went down but it seemed that nothing has changed since the last time they have been there, they quickly went out and sneaked out of the Cathedral. Now that they finaly managed to stop the dark threat of the seal they could return to their daily lives.

Loosing the Chains

Many days have passed and with each day Felian's love for Roxane only grew. One evening, at the crowded streets of Stormwind, Felian Roxane and Velenor were talking with some of their friends, Felian said something and then saw, out of the was Chamilla. Felian's face showed a wierd facial expression for a short moment, was she looking at him? he didn't pay much attention, he didn't wanted to, he was to travel at that night to the lost city of Stratholme, a group was assembled with a few brave advanturers.

He fought against the forces of the Scourge that infested the city and also broke into the Scarlet Bastion and fought the Crimson Legion. When Felian returned to Stormwind, weary and exausted but excited to see Roxane once again, he began to stride over to her house, he knocked on the door, expecting Roxane to open it and smile at him. But it wasn't Roxane who opened the door, but one of her friends, named Michel.

Michel explained to Felian that a terrible thing has happend during his absence. Roxane was attacked in Elwynn forest by some misterious Lich, she was corrupted by the Lich and fainted, she was left near the same waterfall Felian fought Chamilla to die, when Michel arrived there it was too late, he only saw the Lich leaving deep into the forest.

Felian couldn't believe to what he is hearing, it could not be true. He asked Michel where is Roxane now, Michel took Felian to the Cathedral of Light where Roxane was, as what it seemed, trapped inside a deep slumber, Michel explained that the priests and paladins did what they could but none of them could cure her and awake her. Felian closed his eyes tightly, is it realy happening to him? he couldn't efford himself to lose Roxane, he loved her with all of his heart, he won't last if she will die.

Michel didn't knew what to say, and decided to leave Felian alone with Roxane. Felian was sitting there at the small room in front of Roxane's bed, he begged her to wake up, tears began to appear in his eyes, he spoke, said how much strong his love is, that he could not go on without her. And then, he could hear Roxane's voice in his mind, she spoke words, Felian did not know the meaning of them, and then her voice told him to go to Northshire Abbey, then it went silent.

Felian called for one of the priests to watch over Roxane while he is gone, he climbed on his mount and rided swiftly to the abbey, he step inside it, and at the middle he saw the shadows moving, as if they danced, from them, a vision which looked like a ghostly woman appeared in front of him, she told Felian that Roxane's soul is safe, she will soon wake up she said, but she will not remember Felian nor any of her friends, as well as important events in her life. In order to save her Felian must track down and destroy the Lich which corrupted Roxane.

The vision mormured a few words quitely and then told Felian that at the day after, he would be able to sense the Lich, and find where he is, she warned Felian to be ready for the unexpected, and then vanished.

Felian rided back to Stromwind and at the Valley of Heroes, he saw Roxane walking the way to the city's gates. Felian stoped his horse and went over to her, asking her if she's ok, she immidiately kneeled before him. Felian didn't know why is she doing that and asked her to rise, she called him noble lord and asked if there is anything she could do for him, as if they never met before.

Felian then understood that Roxane woke up and forgot him, as the vision warned him, but Felian could not bear it, and he fell to his knees. Roxane saw him and ran to him offering her aid, Felian told her there's nothing she can do, he was full of despair and lost his will to get up, Roxane tryied to heal him and talk to him but nothing helped.

It looked as if Felian has fainted, then in an incredible speed he was standing on his feet, his face are covered behind his long blond hair, he threw his hair behind to reveal blue glowing eyes, he grinned wickedly at Roxane, lifted his right hand above his head, and closed his fist tightly, then, a skeleton covered with armor which held a sword appeared next to him, Felian drew his blade and pointed it at Roxane, "Slay her!" he ordered at the undead warrior, Roxane tryied to run over to the guards but the skeleton grabbed her hand with force, Felian stepped close to her and said:"you cannot escape the wrath of the Lich King, no one can!" as he noded at the skeleton to lend the killing blow on Roxane, he then placed his both hands on his head and dropped to his knees as if he was fighting a telepathic battle with an unknown being.

Apperantly it was the Lich King who broke into Felian's mind while he was mentaly weak, it was the perfect oppertunity indeed, but Felian broke out of his gasp in time, the skeleton then collapsed to the ground before doing any harm to Roxane, Felian screamed and then collapsed to the ground. After a short time he was escorted to the inn at Stormwind's trade district by Roxane and one of his friends Aerithe which passed by the gates and saw Felian lying on the ground and Roxane kneeling beside him.

The Lich's identity

At the day after Felian woke up with renewed strenght, the night sleep did good to him, as he went out of the inn into the streets of the city he sensed dark aura outside of the city, he followed it, untill he arrived at Goldshire, he went inside the Lion's Pride Inn, and down to the basement, there he saw a kneeling image of a woman seems as if she was trying to hide from him behind the barrels, as he approached her she quickly stood and ran, but Felian was quicker, and stood at the doorway of the kitchen, blocking the way out.

The girl was wearing a hood and only her eyes were visible, Felian peered into her eyes, and then he felt a chill in all of his bones, could it be..? He demanded the girl to take off her hood and show her face to him, she wasn't willing to, but she had no choice as Felian said he will take it off with force if she will not do as he asks. She turned around and took it off, then slowly turned back to face Felian.

It was Chamilla, as he thought, but unlike he ever saw her, her face were covered with scars and wierd wounds, and dark aura englufed her being. Felian asked her what she did to Roxane. Chamilla said she helped her and fend off the Lich but couldn't cure her from it's corruption, Felian stared at her with no emotion and said he doesn't believe her. He said he knows she was the one who hurt Roxane and that she was actually the "Lich", Chamilla looked surprised a bit, Felian's face then turned angry, he sent his hand over to Chamilla's neck and held it tight, ready to squeeze it. He told her he grew tired of her lies and the sorrow she brought him, he pushed her backwards and with a swift arch of his blade he cut her in her stomach.

Chamilla fell to the ground, staring at Felian with agony, and then smiled and said: "Th..thank you, Felian", she then closed her eyes, the silence in the little kitchen was disturbing, Felian turned around and left the inn, smiling, he said quitely to himself "it is done now, you are free of the curse Chamilla..." Felian hoped that he destroyed the dark being inside of Chamilla's body now, the one that truely made her to corrupt Roxane, He knew that he hit exacly at the spot where the Lich's spirit was homing inside of her body, she will be fine...

Felian went back to Stormwind and ran over to Roxane's house, he knocked on the door and there she stood, smiling at him, Roxane's memories returned to her, but she didn't forgot where her soul rested while she was in her slumber.

.Felian's Wedding

After their wedding, Felian and Roxane Lightfire are being escorted by their guests to Goldshire.

A few quite weeks later Felian invited Roxane to a romantic dinner at the same spot above the so known waterfall, there he asked her to marry him, she have agreed. The wedding took place three weeks later, at the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind, everyone were happy and celebrated untill the last hour of night, then Roxane and Felian were escorted to Goldshire where they used their Hearthstone's to get to Darnassus to celebrate their honeymoon...

The Lightfire Vanguard

Felian and Roxane were very happy thogeter, and since their marriage, they did their best to pass the time thogeter quitely and without interruption of any kind. Time passed, Felian and Roxane have returned to Stormwind from their honeymoon, their love is strong. They were ready to stand versus anything that comes in their way thogeter.

As the days passed, Felian realized his presence in the Royal Knights was losing it's purpose. Seeing that the Royal Knights goals were becoming different then his, he decided to leave them before he would regrat it. He left them at the rank of their Champion. After he left, Felian has decided that it's time to assemble a new order, one that will fight for truth, and justice, an order that will stand ready to aid where it is needed. Felian has decided to call upon his side those who will heed his call, and many came...

Felian Lightfire named the order, the Lightfire Vanguard. This Vanguard has sworn loyalty to Felian and to his goals to fight in the name of the Alliance where their help is needed, the Vanguard has done much since it was formed, mainly aiding the forces of the Night Watch and the The People's Militia, which were cut off of Stormwind's assistance. Felian as well led his Vanguard to missions over the far reaches of Azeroth and Kalimdor, to continue spread their name among the Alliance, as well as their holy cause.

The secret of Lady Silversnake, danger in the canals

The Lightfire Vanguard, led by Felian, has faced and removed many kind of threats during the first few months of it's foundation. One of Felian's most close friends in the Vanguard, named Lady Silversnake, has been acting pretty wierd and unusual for some time, mostly talking and arguing with herself. Felian didn't knew what is the cause of this, nor did his wife Roxane, which was also a close friend to Silversnake. Silversnake had the entire Vanguard worried about her condition, but mostly Felian.

One day, Felian decided to follow her in Stormwind and see of her doings. He went with another respected member in the Vanguard, named Felisha. They were walking after Silversnake from a distance, without being seen, they saw Silversnake stop by the small ridge at the entrance to the Park in the city, she was staring down into the waters of the canals. Felian and Felisha decided to go and talk with her thogeter, as they began to approach to her, she immidately jumped down into the waters of the canals. Felian ran and quickly jumped down after her, inside of the water, he saw something moving in Silversnake's direction.

As he was swimming closer to Silversnake, he saw what was the thing that moved inside the water, it was a Sewer Beast, a huge crocolisk like creature with six legs, it was moving in Silversnake's direction and was about to tear her body to shreds! Felian draw his blade and impaled the creature in it's tail, attempting to draw it's attention towards him from Silversnake. It did work and the beast turned around and quickly rushed over to Felian, and thus Felian found himself fighting for his life underwater.

Felisha, yelling Felian's name and seeing he does not respond, has jumped down into the water after him, drawing two sharpened knives and began to slice through the creature's body. Felian saw Felisha, and knowing her as a person who would hate even to talk about battles weapons or killing, was shocked to see the way Felisha was acting, he tryied to wonder how could this be, but he didn't had much time. Before landing the final blow upon the vile beast, it bited Felian hard in his stomach, almost entirely spliting it open. Felian blinked in the pain and gave the final strike upon the sewer beast, killing it.

Silversnake began to swim over Felian's direction, helping Felisha carry him to the small dock out of the water. Felian could barely talk and he felt pain which he never realized would exist, using her special powers, Silversnake contacted Roxane and informed her of the recent event. Felisha remained with Silversnake to look after Felian untill Roxane came, and then she and Silversnake carried Felian on Roxane's horse back to her house, how did Felisha had the courage to do what she did remains an unknown secret. They laid Felian to rest on the bed at the upper floor, while they were sitting downstairs and talked. Silversnake decided it is time to reveal things, she told Roxane that recently she discovered that she is sharing the same body with another being, the Silversnake that lived before being corrupted by Sharian, the demonic being which made Silversnake walk down the path of Darkness since childhood.

As the days passed, Felian was slowly healing, but too slow, he could talk properly however and he got to talk with the "former" Silversnake, which seemed to have a crush on Felian, telling him she would have scored him right away if he was not married with Roxane. Felian felt pretty special by that time and he thanked both sides of Silversnake for their support.

Felian's recovery and the coming of the Draenei

Since the day Felian was lying in the bed and was unable to actully do anything and act for the Vanguard, he gave leadership to Tzuriel Vernal, his old friend since the days of the third war. The druid council of the Lightfire Vanguard, led by Ulua Nocturnus, has decided to help speed the process of Felian's recovery by calling upon the powers of nature. A wise night elf druid named Talmanes has volunteered to help and nurse Felian back to shape. Felian was able to walk those days but barely, and Talmanes offered him to walk thogeter to the Park at Stormwind, to the Moonwell located there. As they arrived, Talmanes spoke to the local druids and asked of their permission to perform his work, they agreed and he immidiately began. Talmanes asked of Felian to go into the moonwell and swim to it's center, having trained hard for this in the ways of Restoration, Talmanes shapeshifted into a Treant and performed some healing spells upon Felian's body, having doing this for some time, Felian's wound has entirely closed and healed.

Thanking deeply to Talmanes, Felian gave him the rank of a Lightfire Elite among the members of the Vanguard, and Talmanes had the honor to be the first to posses this rank in the Lightfire Vanguard. After Felian returned to his old shape he felt that his holy powers were slightly increased, and he felt great and better then ever, he returned to lead the Vanguard to it's glory.

Having heard of the crash of the Exodar in distant Kalimdor, Felian traveled along with his advisor, Ulua and his Lieutenant Tzuriel, as well as the druids Valtiel and Ryaeon, they went to the Exodar to get an audiance with Prophet Velen, leader of the Draenei on Azeroth, and asked for his permission to recruit the Draenei into the ranks of the Vanguard, in return for aiding his people and helping them around the Isles of Azuremyst and Bloodmyst. Velen agreed, and the recruitment has begun. Many of the draenei were willing to join into the ranks of the Lightfire Vanguard and in that day, it became as twice stronger then it was. The most gifted ones of the draenei to join the ranks of the Vanguard were called Eredarei and Dranient.

The vision is coming true

Felian was very happy with the accomplishments that his Vanguard has achieved, he got to know better of his new allies, the draenei and thanks to Eredarei, the Vanguard became closer then ever. She came up with great idea of getting the members of the Lightfire Vanguard closer to each other, and declaired of a special fishing trip to The Barrens, having fishing at the Lushwater Oasis and the Stagnant Oasis. The fishing trip was a success, and Felian agreed to keep going to fishing trips once a week.

As time passed, Felian found himself too busy with his work and with the Vanguard and barely had time to spend with his wife Roxane, Dranient spoke to Felian a lot in Stormwind about his love matters and Felian shared a little of his with him. One day, Dranient told Felian to expect a very special mail to arrive for him during the day. Felian went to the mailbox at the afternoon and found a letter from Ulua. He opened it and was shocked to read of it's contents, Felian didn't knew that since the first time they have met, Ulua fel in love with him. Ulua was afraid of Felian's responding to her letter and asked for his forgiveness at the end of it. Felian was not angry at all, but was very surprised to know of this, he went to talk to Ulua later that evening and told her he was not angry at all only surprised of this.

Some time before Ulua sent Felian her letter, they were hanging out thogeter a lot in Outland, working thogeter and helping those in need. By that, they became very close to each other and that made Felian's feeling grow over Ulua, considering the fact he didn't knew of Roxane's doings and did not had a clue of her whereabouts. Felian told Ulua that he felt close to her as well and wanted some time to think of his feelings.

He wanted to go talk to Roxane about this matter at the next evening, but when he saw her, he could not get himself to tell her of the recent events. He told her that he began to feel close to Ulua, but couldn't get himself to speak more of this, he didn't wanted to do something he will regrat about. While conversing with Roxane, Aerithe walked into the small house Roxane and Felian were sitting and said hi, but Felian only wanted to be alone, he didn't like to see Aerithe at that moment, as he wouldn't like to see anyone else there, and she went away, sad. Felian told Roxane that he will see her later, and he began to walk towards Stormwind.

Felian the Death Knight

Felian the Death Knight.

As Felian was walking the road, he could hear the cold familier voice he wanted to forget so long ago, the Lich King managed to get into Felian's mind, he spoke words of sorrow to him, as Felian was already losing his sanity slowly. At a moment Felian lost will and his Dark Side took over his body, this Dark Side was growing inside of Felian's body since the day he discovered the death of his parents. With each sad event in Felian's life his Dark Side grew stronger and stronger, untill it was released that evening by the Lich King, Felian became a Death Knight, and the Lich King's vision became reality.

Felian reached Stormwind as a different man, he was not himself any longer, his soul trapped in an unknown realm, his Dark Side took over the body and planned to tear the Alliance apart in the name of the Scourge. Felian was acting rude and selfish upon the members of the Lightfire Vanguard, and told them he was no longer the man they thought he is, this has deeply hurted Ulua, she was deeply hurt by knowing the change Felian has been through, as well as Roxane once she heard the news. Felian rided quickly into the heart of the Plaguelands and there, he picked up his new runeblade and armor, taking the lead upon the local undead he began to spread havoc in the name of the Lich King.

Felian wanted to strike at Stormwind, and destroy it. He bagan to amass an army of undead inside of deep northern Elwynn, and had his necromencers to continue and animate more undead for his army. Felian decided to settle deep inside of the Catacombs at Raven Hill in Duskwood, he took control over the undead roaming the area and prepared for his attack, he decided to take over Goldshire as a first step.

One night when Felian was scouting around Goldshire to see and note how it's defense is build he came across his old friend, Canzes Caprio. Canzes knew of Felian's corruption and attemped to stop him, Felian and Canzes engaged in combat... They fought each other for some time, but Felian overcame Canzes, he approached to him and raised his runeblade above Canzes head. Felian offered Canzes to join him in his mission to destroy Stormwind, but Canzes refused, so Felian took over his mind by force. Channeling dark energy into Canzes mind through his blade, Canzes became a minion of Felian, completely loyal to his command.

Nevertheless, none knew about the horrifaic plans Felian had in his mind, he prepared the assault on the town of Goldshire. The Lightfire Vanguard was scouting for Felian in an attempt to stop him and convince him to return. Ulua, Eredarei and Dranient went out thogeter to track Felian down, and tracked him they did, they met him near the Lion's Pride inn, sitting atop his horse. Ulua approached Felian and asked him why is he doing those horrible deeds. Felian stared at her down and mocked her, demanding her to get off of his sight. Ulua, deeply offended decided to face Felian in a duel and stop him once and for all. Felian accepted Ulua's challenge and they fought each other, during the battle Felian called forth his undead minions and sent them over to kill Eredarei and Dranient. The draenei pair did manage to beat the undead warriors but Eredarei ended up wounded by one of them, as Dranient took care of her Felian and Ulua were in the middle of their epic fight, Slowly, Felian was breaking through Ulua's defeses and she was weakening by each second.

Eventually, she failed to stop him. Felian, being ready to lend the final blow upon Ulua's defeated body, could not bear himself doing so, for a reason. He told Ulua to go away, warning her that next time they will meet with each other it would end up with Ulua's death. The three members of the Lightfire Vanguard had to retreat, facing a great defeat by the hands of their fallen leader.

Not just that, Tzuriel was on a scouting mission at Felian's whereabouts but he was detected by him. Felian has charged him and sliced him deep within his chest, leaving him in the forest to die. Tzuriel barely made it dying to Stormwind's Cathedral with the help of a few guards, he told the Vanguard of what has happend to him. Eredarei was the most angry of the people in the Vanguard and vowed to defeat Felian at all costs, one evening later the Lightfire Vanguard went to it's weekly fishing trip, sadly without Felian this time. During the trip, everyone has decided that it's time to stop Felian before he will cause true harm to the Alliance.

Facing the dead

Following their defeat at the hands of Felian, Ulua and her friends ralied up the Vanguard and prepared to attack Felian with full force. Roxane, informed of her husnand's betreyal, has ralied up a number of guilds to face Felian and aid the Lightfire Vanguard in the final battle. Felian's army was growing very fast and he decided to attack Stormwind within a week time, but his plans had been through a great change. One night, before he could realize what's going on, the alliance of the guilds attacked his bastion. Felian was enraged and the great battle has began.

The undead forces were coming in great waves against the brave heroes but they fought valiantly and put a fair match to Felian's army. The battle sounds could have been heard all the way to Darkshire itself. During the battle Felian made it and corrupted a few of the people that were fighting him, such as the leader of The Synderesis Council, Ayandrea, has been enslaved for a short time by Felian's powers. The Synderesis Council were supposed to form an alliance with the Lightfire Vanguard, but now after their leader has been under Felian's control the future didn't seem very bright for any of the guilds.

Unfortinately for Felian, the combined forces of the guilds were slowly overcoming his undead army, and he decided to flee to the Stranglethorn Vale. There, in the Gurubashi Arena, Felian has been waiting for the guilds with a few surprises, summoning more of his minions to attack the almost entirely exausted people, he made it and killed many of them, but at the end of things, Felian has been overcame by the heroes, and could not stand for long in the battlefield on his own, he fell down to the earth under the might of the combined guilds. Felian was slowly dying on the ground, Ulua, willing to sacrifice anything in order to return Felian to his old self, has done a forbidden thing.

Some time before going into the big battle, she went into the Caverns of Time to Old Hillsbrad seven years in the past. There she met with Felian, but the one from the period the Royal Knights were basking in their former glory, he went to scout the past for the Keepers of Time and ran into Ulua. Ulua, being disguised as a human female, spoke to Felian inside the inn at old Southshore and she did not realize he was the old Felian from another timeline which went to a mission in the past of his own past. After Ulua stepped into the gateway of Old Hillsbrad she was looking like a human since Night Elves were not yet allied with the Alliance during that period, this made her to forget of her past and making her believe she was living in Southshore since birth.

She spoke to the old Felian and asked him of his doing at town, Felian, who did not wish to mess up the history has been hiding his true goals from Ulua and said he has been a traveler which has stoped by town for a few days of rest, Ulua talked about how beautiful were life at the small town and said she really love to go outside walk to the shore and look at the stars. Felian offered to go and do that with her and she agreed, they made it to the shore and stared to the night sky. In the timeline from where this Felian came from, he only knew Roxane for a short time and they were not married. As both Ulua the human and the old Felian looked to the stars, they smiles at each other for a moment, it was very romantic, and they could not stop each other from kissing, becuase of that kiss Ulua has slowly started to get her memory back.

Having using her powers, she realized who she really was. And she told Felian what has became of him in her own timeline, and of his future. She also revealed her feelings to Felian and told him that in her timeline, she was too late since Felian was married to Roxane. He was amazed to hear of that, and since that Felian knew Ulua for some time in his timeline, he told her he felt the same way she feels for him. Ulua was so happy to get the love she so deperately hoped to have. After they had a long talk about Felian the death knight, they knew it was time for each one of them to return to it's own time. Felian told Ulua that once he will see her when he's back, he will tell her of his feelings to her, that made her very happy to hear this from Felian's mouth, and she kissed him one last time. Felian encouraged Ulua not to lose hope and blessed her with the Light. Ulua has sworn she will not give up and that she will make it and save him.

Felian thanked Ulua and went back to his own time. Before Ulua left back to her time, she went into the inn of Southshore one more time. There, she saw the future leaders of the Scarlet Crusade speaking of the Scourge and the Plague, and soon after of the Ashbringer as well. Ulua saw Highlord Mograine reveal the small crystal shard from which the Ashbringer would be forged. Realizing it's healing potents she made it and took a small piece of it without being noticed by the Scarlet leaders, and then she went back to her timeline.

And now she knew, it was the right time to use her secret weapon to save Felian from death. Using a Star of Elune she had in her bag, she channeled the small piece of shard energies into the gem's core, and placed it on Felian's chest, she then walked backwards. The effect of the shard began to work quickly and Felian opened his eyes, his Dark Side banished by the great power of the holy shard, unfortinately Ulua had to pay a great price for that, she was punished by her father and lost her vision, for messing with the timelines between the worlds. Felian was laying on the ground, barely breathing and could not move, but alive and back to his old self. Silversnake was corrupted by a spirit of a deadly demon which called herself Demon Silversnake, and that demon offered her loyalty to him during the days he was terrorizing Goldshire. Now at his defeat, the demon had no choice but to surrender and aid Silversnake in her doings.

All those who were corrupted by Felian's dark powers were released from the dark magic once Felian's Dark Side has been banished from his body. After Felian got back to his full health and shape he returned with the Lightfire Vanguard back to Stormwind.

The broken Vangaurd

Felian was very sad for a time becuase the Lightfire Vanguard had a great lose, Dranient, still freshly married to Eredarei has lost his life in battle. This has greatly affected everyone and espically Eredarei his wife, but there was a slightly improvement in things, as the Vanguard accepted two new trusted members into it's ranks, Athrun the warlock and Christoph the paladin, they have helped Felian Eredarei and Ulua to raid the Dark Iron Dwarves at Blackrock Depths more then once and Felian was satisfied by testing their mettle and seeing that they have much of it and are worthy to remain in the Vanguard. A few weeks laters, The Synderesis Council arrenged a Ball and invited a few guilds to celebrate with them, the Ball took place in Dun Garok. The Lightfire Vanguard was invited as well, as part of the celebration of the new forged alliance with the Council. Everyone were having a good time and enjoyed the party, however someone which seemed pretty unconnected to the rest of the people has been walking around the party and seemed to be looking after someone.

Felian looked at him a few times during the night but didn't really paid any serious attention to his presence there. Felian was having a very good time at the Ball, espically after all that happend to him and the Vanguard not too long ago. During the night, as Felian was raising a drink in the honour of the alliance between the Vanguard and the Council, Eredarei asked him to quickly find her since she needed to speak to him and it was very urgent. Felian went to meet her, she told him that there is someone in the Ball which was sent to get her becuase of the children she carried in her womb ((For more information regarding Eredarei's children, read in her character page)). Felian immidiately saw the image of the wierd unconnected man he saw more then once during the party forming in his mind, telling to Eredarei, she has confirmed this to be him.

She was in great panic and was trying to hide every time the man, which his name came to be known as Sephirock, passed by. Sephirock appeared to be belonged to an organization named the Warriors Inquisition, which was connected to the Stormwind Army. Felian did not like the idea at all and encouraged Eredarei to remain calm, promising nothing will happen to her nor to her children. The party went on and several kind of contests took place, one example is the drinking contest, which Felian was sure Tyroll would win at, but Felian did not took part in it as he had another thing in mind, keeping his eyes open and make sure nothing happen to Eredarei or anyone else from the Lightfire Vanguard. Seeing that things remained calm for quite a while, Felian went down to grab a drink and relax. He finishd his drink and then began to make his way back upstairs to where the others were. To his surprise, he saw Eredarei hiding behind a wall, motioning him quickly with her hand to come to her.

She placed a finger on her lips and pointed over yonder behind the wall they were hiding. As Felian looked, he saw Ulua and Athrun blocking the way of the misterious Sephirock which has attemped to walk over towards Felian and Eredarei's direction. Eredarei became panic again but managed to remain quite, Felian has decided to walk over to where the three were standing and check what's really going on. He walked over to Sephirock and saw Ulua threating his life if he would dare to go close to Eredarei, Felian was waiting for Ulua to finish her words and then asked Sephirock what was it that he wanted from Eredarei, but Sephirock completely ignored him and went to the other side of the fortress. Felian was angry but remained calm, asking Ulua and Athrun what has just happened. They told him that Sephirock was looking to arrest Eredarei becuase of carrying the offspring of Herod the Scarlet Champion.

After making sure it is safe outside, Eredarei stepped out of the fortress. Eventually, Sephirock found her and went to her telling her to come with him. Athrun did not agree with this and stood in Sephirock way to Eredarei, he fought Sephirock but could not defeat him and Sephirock stepped forward to claim his reward. Athrun quickly got to his feet and attempted to stop Sephirock in any cost, however somehow, Sephirock blinked and Athrun fel down to the ground, Felian could not see exacly what happend but he rushed over to Sephirock, demanding to know what is the meaning of his doings, however once again, Felian has been ignored...

((From here the events cannot be described well since the god-emoter ignored everything I did or said, I don't know why the others have even continue to RP with him but he caused to something terrible becuase of this as you will read now))

Eredarei decided to walk with Sephirock, telling Felian she will yell if anything gets bad. Sephirock told Ulua he was only following orders and if they have a problem they should contact his benefectors. Felian could not bear this any longer, he wanted to stop Eredarei and tell her that she shouldn't go but she and Sephirock were already striding on the road away from them. Felian looked around him, the others did not try to do anything to stop Sephirock from taking Eredarei away, nor did Eredarei herself, she did not ask if she has any rights to rally on or really stand her ground as a proud member of the Lightfire Vanguard, that's how Felian saw things, and he was ashamed. His Vanguard which he has been leading for so long with great pride was being made a joke by a single man. Felian shook his head, and began to walk over to the shore, distracted by the thoughts of the recent events.

He lost all his desire of enjoying the rest of the party for the night, as he stood and watched, he saw Sephirock teleporting himself out of the area, he could hear his raspy laugh fading into the forests surrounding Dun Garok. As Felian was sitting at the shore staring to the sea, while Ulua and the others enjoyed the water, he looked behind as he heard Eredarei approach, she looked scared and weak, probably came back afer talking with Sephirock or who knows, not Felian, he didn't knew, nor cared any longer. Eredarei said she is tired and went away quickly. Felian felt sick, and he bid good night to everyone and went to bed himself.

During the few days after the Ball, Felian was not acting as himself. He seemed not to care when people came by and went away in the Vanguard, his mind still had the image of Sephirock, ignoring Felian and spinning the Lightfire Vanguard around his small finger without even blinking. Sephirock... Felian was disguised by that man, how could a single idiot such as he make a joke of a great organization such as the Lightfire Vanguard? The Vanguard is an organization which is bound to no one, and yet, Sephirock was using the rules he claimed he is performing as his backup, and nobody cared besides Felian. So Felian did not care of the Vanguard's fate anymore.

Why continue living in the lie that his Vanguard worth something if it could not overcome a single man? Felian felt as if he hates everyone around him, he was acting selfishly and decided it is time for him to start anew, stronger... He has contacted the Lich King himself this time, as he has gathered the remains of his broken runeblade, the Lich King with his unknown power, has teleported Felian to Northrend. Felian began to make his journy to Icecrown Glacier in an attempt to reforge his broken runeblade, as the Lich King told him. As Felian made his way to the glacier, he stoped to rest at Valgarde, hiding the true purpose of his journy to the "Roof of the World". Felian made it to Icecrown a few days later, and reforged his runeblade, he has made a dark pact with the Lich King.

As he returned to Azeroth, the people of the Vanguard felt as Felian acting almost the same as the days he have been a death knight, however Felian was not a death knight, but a Dark Paladin, forcefully commanding the Light. Felian also corrupted his new Naaru friend, named K'eno, therby granting Felian incredible powers and made him invulnerable to any physical attacks or wounds. The cold new Felian spoke to his people, telling them no hope is left in the Lightfire Vanguard. A few days after, the people started to break, leaving one after another, during that time the Vanguard suffered terrible lose of over 80% of it's membres, including Ulua and Eredarei, Felian's most trusted Lieutenants. Felian knew only anger, he felt betrayed, and he lost his faith with the Vanguard.

Felian was wondering if he should leave for good, he felt pain every day as the Lich King took his price from their dark pact. The Dark Paladin Felian could bear it no longer, convinced by a former Scarlet Crusader girl named Exiisa, he made a meeting with Ulua, as he heard she was wandering Azeroth aimlessly and mourning of the terrible departure of the Vanguard, as well as Felian's dark fate. Unfortinately when Felian tryied to talk to Ulua she did not paid heed to his words becuase she was deeply offended by him. Felian did not knew what to do and was considering of disbanding the Vanguard entirely, but did not do that because of the wise old draenei mage named Ominous, which insisted to remain in the Vanguard.

Felian accepted the advice of Ominous who knew Ulua was greatly offended by Felian and he told Felian to approach to her in a more soft way of talking. Felian didn't knew what he did wrong, shruged his shoulders and began to wrote her a letter, asking to meet with her... Ulua responded to Felian, and told him if they could meet later on that evening, she had great news for him, Felian wrote her back that they will meet. When the time has come, Felian traveled to Darnassus and met with Ulua and Eredarei, unfortinately Eredarei was not in a very happy mood, she was sad, and that has made Felian feel sadness inside of him as well, thinking about what she has been through, and he dare not mention the name of Sephirock. Eredarei said she will go and speak to her father for a while, Felian noded at her and went to sit with Ulua. She has cooked a dinner for both of them so they could talk, Felian told Ulua he has broke the dark pact between he and the Lich King, and is now free and back to himself, however his life were in extremely danger after daring to break his pact with the Lich King.

Ulua was more then glad to hear of Felian's decision, giving Felian a hug, she said she was very proud at what he did, and she vowed to protect Felian with her own life to make sure he will be able to travel safety to the Light. She also said that her father gave her at long last her lost precious eyes, so now she could see again. she told Felian she would love to rejoin the Vanguard and return it to it's old glory, Felian was very happy for Ulua, but did not knew if he really wanted to continue and lead the Vanguard, but Ulua has made it and convinced him to do that, she has sworn word of allegiance once again to Felian Lightfire and the Lightfire Vanguard. Felian thanked Ulua once again for her friendship, After they finished their meal, they started to make their way to the Cenarion Enclave to meet with Ulua's father the Arch Druid Fandral Staghelm. When they arrived, Ulua spoke to her father a little bit and smilled at Felian, Fandral appolegized before Felian about all the trouble and for mistrusting him and the Vanguard, as well as doubting Ulua's loyalty to Felian. Felian said he understand, and bowed, at that moment Eredarei came into the room, she said hello to everyone and seemed a little bit less sad then before.

The Blessing of Elune upon Felian

Felian is being blessed by Ulua, Eredarei, and Fandral Staghelm.

Ulua asked her father if he could help her to bless Felian with the blessings of Elune before he would make his journy to the Light. Fandral agreed and so did Eredarei, giving Felian her own blessings from the elements, and the Naaru. Felian felt great and those blesssings gave him new strenght and hope. He thanked everyone once again for their kindness towards him, after they were done, the three stepped out of Fandral quarters and looked into the distance of Darnassus. Felian hoped that everyone would remember him for good, and not for bad as he did not want to leave a mark of darnkess before leaving Azeroth for a very long time, but wanted the people to remember him for good, perhaps it would be that way, and if it would, Felian will forever be grateful.

Felian has departed from the world of Azeroth and travelled to the Realm of the Light, escorted by his Naaru friend, K'eno. He went to the location where his home town was once located, along with Roxane and Ulua. He burried his great sword at the place where he has burried his old training wooden sword, so long ago. Both were the weapons that began and ended his career, for now...

He shall never forget his friends, and he shall always be with them.

To be continued...

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