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Description Edit

Mortothiar Selviar Lightblade is a Blood elf Paladin, who is currently of the Blood Knight order. however, he learned the powers of the light from his former training in priesthood making him a true practitioner of the Light. He is surprisingly more muscled than any blood elf should be, and even under his armor it shows, the sheer weight of his armor if not his weapon is enough to be amazed of. He currently deals justice on behest of the blood knights and fights for justice, though stays strict to code of his own and of the blood knight's design. Viewed by some as pure, by some as fanatical. He used to be of the noble house of Lightblade, but the house crumbled in the Third War from war and the utter destruction leaving nearly nothing.

Biography Edit

Mortothiar was once a priest training under his father. Keltheon Lightblade who was one of the first priests of the high elves after the human had spread their influences to Quel'thalas. One day during training he saw a high elf about to be sacrificed by some of the AmaniTrolls and saved her. She revealed herself to be "Liara Mistwalker." Someone who Mortothiar would become infatuated with. Ever since the troll encounter he realized the priest's flaw with frontal combat and worked his body to its limits to make himself not so much of easy prey for a closer ranged target. After 4 years accepted a job by the Lordaeron Alliance to deliver elven armaments to what is now the Eastern Plaguelands.

He and his father went and delivered them to Darrowmere Stevens, but before they could even call his attention, Mortenthiar darted on horseback to Quel'thalas with Darrowmere following behind looking like he is trying to stop him. Mortothiar and his father rode on their hawkstriders in attempt to find out what is going on.

After getting halfway to Silvermoon city, Mortothiar was attacked by some undead and separated from his father as he fell into a river, Hawkstrider and all. Being carried downstream by the heavy current. His father left to defend himself against the undead, inevitably he fell and was raised as an undead himself.

Mortothiar came out of the river and was close enough to his house in what is now the ruins of Silvermoon but when he got there he found his mother dead and his father Keltheon now an undead aberration with his mother's blood covering his claws, in a flurry of pain and fear he and his father fought tooth and nail fighting to see who would kill who. Mortothiar eventually with pain killed his father with a blow to the Head cracking his head open. He then proceeded to bury them, he later got news of his race's casualties and heard alot of them didn't make it. And on top of it, his brother was killed and his lover was pronounced. M.I.A Mortothiar assumed the worst. Saddened by these turns of events went into emotional trauma before he regained his senses and chose to make a code he swore by oath not to shatter and if he did he swore he would take his own life. That he would become a paladin and would not fall prey to such emotions as love again. And with his family's weapon in hand. "Alah'Zeram." Meaning "Lightblade." In thalassian He joined the blood knights as one of the first members when it arose.

Mortothiar Today Edit

Today Mortothiar looks upon his past honoring his parents graves once in a while and hoping to defeat evil wherever it might arise, he keeps his ancient sword with him at nearly all times and has gotten into the hobby of Engineering. He's shown a big distrust of Undead and especially Death Knights, and the demons that helped started his pain in the first place.

Mortothiar Lightblade

Personality Edit

He is known to be very harsh towards undead and a bit uneasy around them, he also detests being flirted with and usually is silent, only talking occasionally when something need be said. He stays true to code, and usually tries to stay as calm as he can but can get infuriated with the slightest of words.

Additional Information Edit

Mortothiar is an RP character from the Server: Steamwheedle Cartel

His sword OOC shares the same model as Armageddon And when it shifts form. Cataclysm's Edge

Mortothiar's blade has bindings on it that absorb energy when struck when they are removed and put into the hilt it becomes transformed which is not possible until it absorbs a certain amount of energy and is unlocked with the Draconic word "Belaros!"

Approximate age 126 (26 years of age in thalassian years.)and this is shared age with his brother.

Screenshots Edit

Mortothiar battle

Mortothiar in battle wielding transformed Alah'Zeram

Morto battle2

Mortothiar wielding Alah'zeram normal

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