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Mortenthiar Lightblade Edit

Mortenthiar is a Blood elf by culture and died a High elf and is currently a Death Knight from Quel'thalas

Background Edit

Mortenthiar was a Paladin-in-training Who wanted to aspire to one of the few High Elven Paladins But when his homeland was under attack, he foolishly chose to try to save it,his mentor found this foolish and chased after his fleeing disciple. Darrowmere Stevens.He inevitably fell with Mortenthiar to the Scourge when Mortenthiar fled and Darrowmere tried to stop him knowing his attempt to be futile at best. The scourge raised him as a death knight and made him slaughter his people, he then left with Arthas and several others, Darrowmere was spared the fate of a death knight by a late assault from the Farstrider reinforcements. With that Darrowmere was buried in Quel'thalas. Mortenthiar was revived as a death knight. When he refused to answer to The Lich King's will he was tortured by what he did, his will not his own. His will was difficult to keep under control and as a precaution The cult of the damned infused the soul of a fallen death knight into his body. One Damion Deathrot, later on among his undeath and freedom from the Lich King He visited his mentor's grave in Quel'thalas, and whether out of guilt or sadness or loneliness rose his master from the grave to accompany him around and guard his student even after initial death.

Personality Edit

Mortenthiar still believes in the Light, forced to suffer the inability to wield it and watching others doing it, he regards paladins who he observes does good with utmost respect. And usually is courteous and kind to those who show equal respect but is normally unforgiving of dark actions unless someone redeems themselves in his eyes. He tries to help characters of good as best he can alongside his risen mentor Darrowmere He helps who he can and hopes one day to become mortal again alongside Darrowmere. He seems afraid of Spiders and Nerubians alike.

Family Edit

Mortenthiar's parents were Keltheon Lightblade And Ariel Lightblade, Ariel was a mage, Keltheon was a priest among Church of Light which spread its influence to Silvermoon. His brother was also a priest, one Mortothiar Lightblade who later on became a paladin with The Blood Knights in the future, his father wanted Mortenthiar to try whatever he wished and after seeing a paladin in Stratholme He had his mind made up, and trained under Darrowmere Stevens to become a paladin. Before the church spread its faith across Quel'thalas they were a family of mages.

Trivia Edit

  • Mortenthiar is considered a high elf by race but a blood elf by culture
  • The reason the lich king had an interest in him was his ability to wield light including his ability to shoot light from the ground at enemies around him using only his feet and his spells. And he might've thought if he was talented in the light very well then in death surely he would be a prodigy of the dark and he uses the same attack like he did in life with necrotic powers, and has learned to make due with his powers calling them. "The tainted light."

Further InformationEdit

Mortenthiar alive

Mortenthiar (Alive)

Mortenthiar when he was alive had a lighter blond than Mortothiar his brother, though they were twins, however his mother had white hair, so it could be that some of the white mixed in with his hair pigment and made it lighter with slight streaks of white, he had blue high elven eyes.

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