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== General info ==
== General info ==
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|{{User lore}}
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My real life name is Martin and I'm bit addicted to World of Warcraft.
My real life name is Martin and I'm bit addicted to World of Warcraft.

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General info

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My real life name is Martin and I'm bit addicted to World of Warcraft.

I started editing the WoWWiki somewhere in March 2006 when I found a spammer and started to clear it up. I have been on and off here ever since.

I mostly use the wiki for finding information about boss encounters and reading lore.

Some general info:

  • Age: 27 (and counting)
  • Locale: The Netherlands
  • Main realm: Al'Akir EU



One of the things that annoyed me when I started editing here was the Category:Quests, a lot of quests were listed under the 'Q' because of wrong use of the Category tags. After about a day and a half I had fixed the whole Category:Quests.

I also started the work on the Molten Core quest line ending with Quest:A Hero's Reward.

To Do

Playing World of Warcraft


Al'Akir EU


Montronax was my first World of Warcraft character I ever created.

For those wondering how I came by the name Montronax, I wanted a name with a 'x' on the end of the name.


Inv sword 39

Vilianda is my second World of Warcraft character created. At this moment she is my main on Al'Akir, and a proud owner of a Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker.

Vilianda was originally a name I used in Diablo 2 for an Amazon.


Xandaria is actually the fourth character I created on Al'Akir, I created a another character that still exists but is not actively played.

Xandaria was created to provide my Blacksmith Vilianda and my Engineer Montronax with raw materials like Ores and Leather.

Xandaria is a name I 'stole' from my sister because I like to so much.

Other characters

I have a large number of other characters, mostly these characters are not actively played at the moment.

These characters include:

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