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Profile Edit

Name: Mizaru
Nicknames: Miz
Current Occupation: Taxi-Cab and patroller of the Twisting Nether
Professions: Making exciting underwear.
Race: Human
Age: I carry the ages of the demons...
Class: Warlock
Sex: Female
Skin: Pale
Hair: Black as the depths

Personality Edit

Mizaru finds herself battling to resist the forces of evil, often taming the creatures she summons from the Twisting Nether, and forcing them to do her bidding. She doesn't always triumph in this battle, and occassionally finds herself enjoying her demonic roots a little too much.

History Edit

Mizaru originated in the mysterious Kul Tiras, where she spent most of her younger days, battling along side the brave warriors of the Carebear Militia. As soon as she was old enough, she ventured out and found a home among the kind natives of the Steamwheedle Cartel and the Thunderbrew Guard, and finally, her path has lead her to the kind folk of Conviction

Allies Edit

Mizaru is nearly always followed by a shady character...

Pizkol is her oldest, dearest friend. Though small, jumpy, and often disobedient, he raises her spirits and her health. He spends his time attacking dragons and standing near Chelali (their relationship is yet to be determined).

Charvhug is her large blue friend, who's fun to be with. Charvhug is very protective of his summoner, assuring that as few beasts and people attack her as possible.

Nazna is well known throughout Conviction for her seductive skills and her history of bondage. Though little is known about her past, there is rumor of her spending time in Goldshire.

Always hungry, Bruuthun finds himself eating spells being cast and harmful spells against his caretaker.

Heriteon is also a mysterious character, short, dark, and unusually fragile for a dwarf. Not much is known of him, or his alliance with Mizaru, but there has been rumor of forbidden romance...

Gossip Edit

Mizaru needs to know who to send her minions to attack...please post your lies here!

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