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How different WoW characters screw in light bulbs:

Warrior: Builds up adrenaline, switches to battle stance, uses "pick up bulb", switches to berserker stance, uses "twist" several times until the bulb is in.

Rogue: Does not bother, Rogues prefer to work in the dark.

Hunter: Uses the melee skill "Bulb twist", useable after dodging the fallen light bulb, and is uninterruptible.

Paladin: For allied sockets, casts "blessing of glowing light" on the socket, which gives holy light and flash of light a secondary effect of turning the light on. For enemy sockets, judging "seal of glowing light" will cause all attacks to cause the light to turn on.

Shaman: Casts "light bulb totem", a fire totem that lights up sockets in the area for 2 seconds, while pulsing every 2 seconds.

Druid: Light bulbs are artificial things, druids prefer to use the natural light of the moon and stars.

Priest: Casts "appearence of light" on all people in the room, causing it to appear that there is a bulb in the socket.

Warlock: Uses their voidwalker to comsume al shadows in the room, with no shadows ot create darkness, the room ends up being perfectly lit.

Mage: Uses fire skills to cause the room to burn, lightning it up, or casts "arcane light" on the socket, causing any nearby light bulb to float over and jam themselves in the socket. Frost mages are out of luck on this one.

Gnomes: Use some sort of complicated mechanical gadget to replace the bulb when it dims. As a side effect of the process, any dust in the room is converted into copper bolts and spider ichor.

Blood Elves: Physical tasks involving light bults are for lesser races, we will study magic instead.

Goblins: Jury rig a light bulb lighting method involving exposed wiring, flammable materials in comtact with the wires, and a rickety support that does not involve screwing the bulb in. They are also willing to sell bulb replacement services to the highest bidder.

Humans: Stormwind does not care about the lightning needs of its citizens, screwng bulbs in is left to the militia.

Dwarves: After enough beer, light bulb issues are quickly forgotten.

Eredar: Steal the magical energy of the bulb to further the burning legion's power.

Instance end bosses: Use the power of the missing light bulb to further their plans for world domination, until a small group of heroes comes along and kills them, looting the bulb for a quest.

PvP server characters: Use the downed bulb as a place to gank low level players.

Warcraft 3 players: Click on the bulb several times to make it explode.

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