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  • ... Moved to in October 2010 along with many other wowwiki contributors. So long and thanks for the fish!


My images

I've done quite a few illustrations and WoW model collages around the wiki. Unfortunately, I never remember to put in licensing info when I upload them. All images that are 100% by me are placed in the Public Domain unless stated otherwise (hasn't happened yet, but ..). However, the majority of them include WoW models, and the copyright of the models obviously belongs to Blizzard. My work with them is still free however, so if you would use them for something that Blizzard would allow, you don't have to worry about me.

Things I've been poking around with on the wiki

Mostly just so you know who to scream at if I've managed to foul up :-)

  • Rewrote all voting related templates (with some very clever input from Schmidt)
  • Turned quite a few policy pages inside out and put them back together again. Without starting votes. Hopefully I just made them more readable and didn't end up changing WoWWiki policy :-)
  • I've been contributing to quite a few of the pages that new visitors are likely to stumble over. My first few visits here as a contributor were far from friction free so I'm trying to save others from that experience. This mainly means things linked to from WoWWiki:Community Portal, but .. hrm.. when I think about it, I've probably had my fingers in all but a handful of the pages under "WoWWiki:". I've also brushed up and rewritten some of the "Help:" pages.   Things that are entirely my fault include WoWWiki:How to edit a page, WoWWiki:How to edit API pages, Help:Editing quickref and the Things to do category.
  • Take the huge unwieldy blob known as Category:World of Warcraft API apart and create a whole bunch of new categories for things that really didn't belong there in the first place.
  • When I'm on a graphical streak, I try to harmonize layouts and palettes here at WoWWiki. It may all be a hobby project, but it doesn't need to look like My First HTML Page from 1994 :-)   I'll mostly be going over commonly-used page elements.
  • Got rid of a couple dozen of SilverSide's "Stub/Needed" pages that have been linked to from all over the place for the first half of 2006.
  • Remade Events (API) + subpages. Got a script running for keeping categorized sub pages up-to-date.
  • I've got Mikkbot keeping a couple of things up-to-date.
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